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In the face of hatred, Christian love will prevail

Written By | Jul 11, 2015

WASHINGTON, July 11, 2015 — Since the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, media and legal attacks on Christians in this country have accelerated.

Christians have been called “intolerant filth that insists on lingering in the ranks of our armed forces” by Mikey Weinstein, activist president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation who evidently has no tolerance for religious freedom. Todd Starnes from Fox says that the “fundamental norms that Christians have long depended on no longer exists” and that the Court may impose notions viewed shared by elites on the rest of us.

There are many out there who think that Christians and churches that oppose same-sex marriage should be punished — socially, legally and economically. Christianity may have been the driving force behind Western civilization for two thousand years, and it may have been a force against slavery and for civil rights, but all that matters to its enemies is gays and marriage: Embrace gay marriage or be sued, lose your tax exemption, be forced out of business.

Christianity teaches, “Hate the sin, but love the sinner.” This implies that those of differing opinions can disagree but still love one another. The Bible teaches respect for others, for the family, and for the social norms by which we must live.

Many attacks are aimed at making the church irrelevant; if you disagree with the correct position, you are homophobic and out of touch with today’s world. When the media express hatred of all that is religious, it is difficult to expect anyone to argue that Christianity is foundational to our culture.

The anti-religionists distort and pillory the faith traditions that nurtured our culture and the ideas that built America. They argue that the founding principles of this country were not specifically Christian, and they are correct, but Christian principles nevertheless had a profound impact on the Founding Fathers and their idea of America. Islamic or Buddhist culture could never have given birth to America.

Christians sin, and the Founding Fathers were often far from perfect exemplars of the principles they endorsed, but they were still Christians. No Christian claims to be perfect, but that does not negate the principles he espouses. It is through God’s grace and mercy that we grow, and ascend to a rightful place with God.

Call me a hater, call me a homophobe, and I don’t care. I believe what I believe, just as you do. If I believe that gay sex is a sin, will you claim a constitutional right to my approval? That would be absurd, yet it is thirst for approval, I think, that provokes those who rage at religion to such fury. They have never changed a true Christian’s mind, and are angry when a Chrisitian stays the course of his faith, a course that is a repudiation of all the atheist or same-sex marital activist holds dear.

Pat Buchanan said in a speech at the RNC in 1992 that a cultural and religious war was under way in the country, a war for the soul of America. Many think the war is over, Christianity defeated. Libertine sophisticates expect Christians to quietly crawl into oblivion and leave their betters to live their self-centered lives uncriticized. It fills their desperate need for approval to force their brand of tolerance on others in the name of equality and to play the forever victim to the words of God.

Christianity was an easy target; attack those who believe, and they meekly take it, and those who don’t can be written off as “haters.” But an attack machine, once built, needs a constant stream of victims and grievances; the machine that gave us gay marriage is now looking further, to pedophilia and polygamy. It is amusing to see the gay lobby squirm uncomfortably, saying “ no, that isn’t right” and arguing to deny pedophiles and polygamists the same rights they fought for.

There are other incongruities. The same anti-religion crowd that goes after Christians is uncomfortable with Islam. Christians tend to retire before attacks; Muslims will behead you. Christ in a jar of Urine, or a Pope made of condoms will draw angry op-eds, but pictures of Mohammed will draw gunfire.

Christians are harder to offend, and no one cares if they are offended. Muslims, though, as non-European victims of hated Zionists and wicked imperialists are immune to criticism for their homophobia and misogyny. Where is the liberal outrage over gays stoned to death for their orientation — not by ISIS, but in villages across the Islamic world — for women butchered for being raped, for children whipped for not fasting during Ramadan? Where is the feminist outrage over female genital mutilation (clitorectomy) to ensure that Muslim women won’t enjoy sex?

Jewish men whose wives and daughters can vote, drive, serve in the military, and lead the country are hated enemies of liberals who chant with Muslim men, “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” Those are the same Muslim men whose wives and daughters can do none of those things and will be publicly flogged if they try.

And yet, Christianity grows — in Africa, in the Indian subcontinent, and in the Philippines, it grows. A Christian revival is enveloping the globe. Look at the Pope’s visit to South America this week. Millions have come out to see him, some from hundreds of miles away have walked in bare feet to see him. It is this love of their faith that drives and lifts these people, the belief that the Lord will help them and help others to assist them. And it will be other Christians who help them, without fanfare, without public acclaim, who will lift them spiritually and materially.

Yet activists who claim to support these same people say they want socialism. But look carefully at what socialism does before you praise it. I have helped people living under a socialist system and have learned firsthand from them what it means. Homosexuality? Banned. The environment? People are dying of poisoned water. Labor Unions? Crushed.

These activists want the disruption of the status quo so that they can take power for themselves. That power would be stripped from them if genuine socialists ever took control. These activists — useful idiots — would be the first to go.

Culture warriors on the left want a world where sin, morality and Christian teachings are no longer valid. Morality is a tool of oppression, and sin cannot exist where man is the measure of all things.

Do these culture warriors mourn the deaths of Christians abroad, at the hands of ISIS, for instance? Can they at least admit that ISIS is evil, its behavior immoral, its crimes an odious sin?

If they recognize sin, they see it only in Christian teachings against homosexuality. They’d rather strip away the tax exempt status of churches under the #LOVEWINS hashtag than think about criticizing mosques.

The bullying by academics has failed, and will continue to fail. New York Times columnist Frank Bruni says that Christian churches “must be convinced or coerced to change their teachings on sexual morality and an ossified doctrinal teaching that sex outside of heterosexual marriage is immoral.” Good luck with that. Do he and others like him think that the teachings of Christianity will changed on their whim? It is unsurprising that Hillary Clinton says the same thing. It appears this has become part of the Democratic Party principles.

From the time of the Romans, mobs have ridiculed and denigrated people of faith. Our church is based on the grace and mercy of our Lord. It offers us an eternity which we can never earn on our own. Intellectuals and elites hate a faith that says, “you’re wrong, your life is a disgrace, your idols of wealth and power are false and corrupt.” They hated it at the time of Christ, they hate it now, and they’ll hate it as long as they draw breath.

The world is in a battle of good and evil. Christians will always side with God, and with God they will be victorious. Maybe that is what makes the anti-religionists so angry and fills their hearts with hate. But love will win, and justice will reign.

John Velisek

John C. Velisek is a retired Navy Veteran, entrepreneur, write, and lives in Apple Valley California with his wife. Working since he was 14, he has recently retired to write full time, about a terrorism, racial issues, the economy and government on a personal level.