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Good Friday through Easter Sunday, Christians need to return to Church

Written By | Apr 10, 2020

LOS ANGELES, April 10, 2020 — Let a New York Jew in Los Angeles celebrating Passover be the first to deliver a Good Friday message, to all Christians who cling to their bibles and guns: Thank you, and God bless you always. Also, if your pastor, minister or priest says the church is open, Go!

Be smart, and follow guidelines.  Yes, the number of people must be limited, or the space increased.  Services can be held outside where social distancing and fresh air can keep us safe.  If you cannot go outside for service, open the windows wide and let the spring air, even if chilly, inside.

For those with health issues – from age, very young or old, to diabetes to those recovering from other illnesses, churches should live-stream their services.  It is not hard.  A teenager in the front pew can do that over Facebook live.

If people can fill a supermarket, or walk through the local park, while managing social distancing, they can certainly do so in a church.

The day feeding our souls becomes less important than feeding our bodies, civilization is done. Jews in Los Angeles have been denied the right to attend synagogue because they were all closed. If your church is open, show up.

20 For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. – Matthew 18:20 King James Version (KJV)
Church, Good Friday, Christians, Easter

Photo by Alem Sánchez from Pexels

What are law enforcement officials going to do, arrest every parishioner?

Even blue state governors do not want that public relations nightmare. That said, do not flaunt your local laws.  Let your church present their plan for services to the local government.

Our Founding Fathers fought for the right for us to be free. They were Christians, and if they were alive today they would absolutely be in church.

A Good Friday visit to the mysterious Garden Tomb of Golgotha

Whether your denomination is a Presbyterian, an Episcopalian, a Unitarian or a Rastafarian (Just kidding. Most Rastas are Jewish). When done properly, religion is the greatest force for good the world has ever known.

Christianity is about “love thy neighbor.”  Even though you hugging your neighbor is unadvised for a while, at least you can see them and smile at them. Offer a wave, a prayer a sign of peace.  Even if it is the Vulcan salute.

It feels silly for a Jew to be emphatic about Christians going to church, but it is vital that Christians do so.

Christianity is what allows Jews to be safe in America as Jews. The demon scourge of the Coronavirus pandemic is no match for a God squad led by Christian America. Christianity is going to get the United States back on track.

May we all find meaning in God’s words
Church, Good Friday, Christians, Easter

Photo by Tabitha Mort from Pexels

Americans answer to God first.

Politicians represent the government. It is priests, ministers, pastors and rabbis who connect us with God during this holiest of weeks. If they say attendance is safe, it is safe.

If any Jew knows an open synagogue with plenty of open space on Passover, keep social distancing without keeping your distance from your local holy temple. Avoid unnecessary contact – handshakes and hugs at the top of the list.

God bless you all, and may Good Friday and Easter Sunday be meaningful to Christians everywhere. With God’s help, may that be in your church.

Photo by Alem Sánchez from Pexels
Photo by Tabitha Mort from Pexels

Eric Golub

Brooklyn born, Long Island raised and now living in Los Angeles, Eric Golub is a politically conservative columnist, blogger, author, public speaker, satirist and comedian. Read more from Eric at his TYGRRRR EXPRESS blog. Eric is the author of the book trilogy “Ideological Bigotry, “Ideological Violence,” and “Ideological Idiocy.”