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Cute & Cuter

Written By | Jun 13, 2013

SILVER SPRING, Md, June 13,2013 –  It’s Janie Jane’s birthday, and her parents get her what every little kid wants at some point, a puppy! The puppy is the cutest thing she has ever seen, and she names him Sir Yips-a-lot. She loves him and takes him everywhere until her next birthday. As a gift her parents give a new cat. Janie Jane names the new cat Lady Meow-meow and starts doing everything she did with Sir Yips-a-lot with the new arrival. Suddenly, Sir Yips-a-lot finds himself replaced in Janie Jane’s affection as he is no longer included in all the things he used to enjoy doing with the little girl.

To regain his place in Janie’s affections, Sir Yips-a-lot concocts a plan to get rid of Lady Meow-meow. Finally, he catches his competition and pushes the cat outside through the mail slot. But Janie Jane realizes her cat is gone and becomes hysterically upset once she has looked throughout the house and cannot find the feline. Sir Yips-a-lot feels bad and goes outside to find Lady Meow-meow. After searching the neighborhood, he finds his competition stuck in a trash can. He helps her out. Sir Yips-a-lot returns Lady Meow-meow to the house and plans to leave since he no longer feels loved, but Lady Meow-meow has fallen in love with the dog who rescued her. She chases him out of the house and tackles him on the sidewalk.

Photo by Robynlou Kavanagh.


Janie Jane runs out after her pets and decides that the cat and dog cuddling each other is the cutest thing ever. From that point on the three of them do everything together.

The art works is reminiscent of some of the Japanese illustrations that use simple outlines with over-the-top facial expressions. Michael Townsend is the author of six other children’s books that all use the same style of illustration.

The little girl in this story and her propensity to call everything cute may a little too sweet for some and may have some parents cringing, while others may recognize the behavior of their own little girls.

This is a good book for children who are experiencing jealousy issues due to a new arrival to the family. While not directly addressing a new baby, it deals with the same types of problems an older child may have upon the arrival of a new sibling.

Photo by J. Aaron Farr. Click to enlarge.


Cute & Cuter by Michael Townsend (ISBN: 9780375857188) was published by Random House Children’s Books on June 11, 2013. It is available as a hardcover or ebook.

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