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Begin anew with some spring cleaning

Written By | Mar 11, 2019

SAN DIEGO:  Jumpstart the season with some spring cleaning. Rejuvenation, rebirth and new beginnings are the attributes of a spring day. Few can deny the experience of pure joy created by seeing melting snow, blossoming leaves, or blooming flowers. Or hearing the sound of nature’s melody created by birdsong, croaking frogs, or the wind in the trees.

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Starting fresh

Spring’s warmer days with its brighter sunlight come with the anticipation of new possibilities for enjoying more of everyday life. According to Dr. John Sharp, in The Emotional Calendar, there is an increase in metabolism and turnover of the neurotransmitters of the brain during spring. This provides the basis for spring fever and an increase in energy.

Spring Cleaning

Get rid of the clutter

It is very healthy to remove the clutter from personal space, but it can be even more powerful if clutter is removed from within the psyche.

Clutter is an over-accumulation of a variety of items and possessions which were acquired with the perception that they held special value and meaning.

The greater the amount of physical clutter, the greater the emotional clutter.

Possessing the willingness to remove clutter from the environment may seem daunting, but it is imperative to establish sound priorities to determine what is truly useful and what is no longer serving any real purpose.

Spring forward by cleaning out your kitchen

By determining priorities and characterizing items as either absolutely necessary or no longer necessary, one item at a time.

The contrast in perceived importance will help to determine which items remain, and which items are ready to be donated to charity.

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In The 5 Hidden Benefits of Spring Cleaning , writer Debbie Mandell, suggests that clutter may be a barrier to fully experiencing life and love, and recommends the following strategies to begin the decluttering process:

  • -Toss out the toxins of your life. Physical and mental clutter can spoil your life.
  • Look for a pattern which is creating clutter. If too much of the same item is purchased, for example, or dating the same type of person resembling an ex-spouse becomes a pattern, find out why negative behaviors are repeating themselves.
  • Learn to be selective. Designate what is truly treasured and what is not. Choose to engage in what creates personal compassion and happiness.
  • Liberate your true identity. Realize the value of humanity from within, and that it is far greater than any possessions.
  • Make room for hidden talents to emerge. Reorganizing the environment, while actively creating space, provides both the place and opportunity for inspiration to become an aspiration.

Dr. Sharp further suggests that people are conditioned by springtimes of the past. This means they may respond to the advent of each new spring by repeating old patterns of behavior.

Therefore, Dr. Sharp recommends undergoing “two spring spruce-ups, “transforming something in both the personal environment and in personal life, whether it is an attitude or a routine.

Spring Cleaning

Purposeful changes of any kind bring the opportunity for new and exciting results

Published in Psychology Today, Dr. Dorothy Furman asks some thought-provoking questions worth considering:

“Who will we be if we really clean out our inner room? Too often, we know ourselves by these very trappings: old stories, limited beliefs, scripts from childhood; old wounds; and outdated fears.”

As the sunlight shines brighter, and daffodils bright with color,  embrace the promise of spring. Nature’s own glorious rebirth may inspire personal choices which create a fulfilling life blessed with rejuvenation and joy!


Until next time, enjoy the ride in good health!

Laurie Edwards-Tate

Since 1984, Laurie Edwards-Tate has served as President and Founder of At Your Home Familycare, a non-medical Home Care Aide Organization, serving seniors, disabled, infirm and children. Laurie is Board of Director 2018 (elected), Palomar Health; Executive Board Member; Chair Board Human Resources Committee; Member of Audits & Compliance Committee; Community Relations Committee.