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America’s foreign policy failures

Written By | Feb 25, 2015

MISSOURI, February 25, 2015 — The Obama Administration has failed in foreign policy at every level.

Can you name one foreign policy success for President Obama?

Start with Iraq and Syria, where we now have ISIS terrorists running wild. They have taken Christians, Jews and even other Muslims hostage, beheading them and burning them alive. Now they are holding 150 Assyrian Christians who they are threatening to kill.

In Afghanistan, the Administration said the war is over, but we still have Taliban terrorists killing Americans. And the Administration is thinking about slowing its withdrawal. Why would we do that if the war is over?

How about Yemen? Washington has sent military and intelligence advisors to help fight terrorism, and has even launched drone strikes against terrorist strongholds. The Administration declared Yemen as an example of success against terrorism. Now, however, terrorists have taken over the country.

Libya is now a failed state, with no real government and growing terrorist incursion.

Egypt was once our close ally, but now President al-Sisi distrusts the U.S. because of how we embraced former President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The U.S. is leading the negotiations with Iran. Iranians are not stupid as they know they can continue to stall without any repercussions from Washington. This buys them time to reach their goal of building a nuclear weapon. If they get this weapon, it will change the entire balance of power in the Middle East. Israel knows this, and it has strained relations with Washington because Obama does not seem to believe it.

TheA states very strongly they will not negotiate with terrorist.  However, what about the Bergdahl trade? The U.S. gave five terrorists in exchange for Bergdahl  and in May 2015, they can return to their fighting ways.

It is to the point where no one believes Washington. This makes our country vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

Is the Administration living in its own dream world? Is it all about Legacy? If so the words and actions in the future should show change, for example, instead of “I” how about “we” and don’t focus on actions to create a legacy but to attack our economic policies and develop a foreign policy with support of strategic plans. If this is done it is possible to have a positive legacy as a result of words with actions.

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it. – Albert Einstein

However, that’s from a time and place I am from.

Charles Vandegriff, Sr.

Charles spent a fifty-four-year career in technology, retiring at the director level from three major corporations. Followed by three-plus years as a freelance columnist, he has published three books, made over three hundred speeches to senior organizations, and been involved in numerous radio interviews and one television commercial. He has been married for sixty-five years, and has four children, seven grandchildren and thirteen great-grand children. Charles is also a Navy veteran.