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A world on the edge: When all news is bad news

Written By | Oct 10, 2017

MISSOURI, October 10, 2017 – It seems to me that every day I wake up there is more bad news. I hate waking up to bad news.

Most recently, there was first the disaster of Hurricane Harvey in Texas with lives and property being destroyed. This storm carried over into Louisiana. The response of the first responders and the people were amazing.

Now without taking another breath, Irma hit Florida, tearing up the sunshine state. Again, responders and the people rise to the occasion.

Then it was Puerto Rico, an island already in a state of bankruptcy. Due to its status as an island, it made it difficult for the responders to respond. The President and FEMA sent ships and helicopters to try to save lives. All reports are that those efforts were widely successful.

These disasters and the aftermath will be felt for decades. From rebuilding the economic structures and business communities to the effect of the illnesses caused by the flood waters. Thinking about the psychological problems resulting from the loss of loved one, the loss of one’s history and possessions, the devastation people have seen and we can’t know how long the healing from these natural disasters will take.

Now on the other side of the bad news ledger is North Korea and the threat of war, of the devastation of nuclear war. And Afghanistan where our soldiers are still being killed. And then there is Iran with its power and threat to wipe out Israel. And Syria, where war continues with tensions between Russia and the United States seemingly escalating.

Most recently, the Las Vegas shooting – the worst killing spree in our countries history. As of this writing, the question is still why? This disaster showed the American spirit in that there were many heroes.

The investigations will take time due to lack of evidence.

On a far less deadly playing field, we have spoiled football players that won’t stand for the flag insulting those that died defending that flag and those that cherish that flag.

As a former Navy man, when I hear the Navy anthem, Anchors Aweigh, I still get goosebumps, which is a physical manifestation of my emotional feelings of patriotism.

Adding to the bigger bad news stories is the increasing hate spewing out of our media, social media, late night talk show hosts, Hollywood glitterati and politicians. The hate, not just disagreement with policy, toward the president, is seeping into the very fabric of our lives and affecting our national mental health.

I hate to wake up to bad news but it seems that only thing to be done is pray – pray for America, pray for Americans, pray for our politicians, pray for those whose hearts and mouths are filled with hate, and pray for our President. If we all seek God’s intervention, it may be that we can truly make America the great country that I, with my decades of life, remembers.

However, that’s a place and time I am from-

Charles Vandegriff, Sr.

Charles spent a fifty-four-year career in technology, retiring at the director level from three major corporations. Followed by three-plus years as a freelance columnist, he has published three books, made over three hundred speeches to senior organizations, and been involved in numerous radio interviews and one television commercial. He has been married for sixty-five years, and has four children, seven grandchildren and thirteen great-grand children. Charles is also a Navy veteran.