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2021 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring | Economy, style and power

Written By | Sep 24, 2021

By Duane Pemberton and Lauren Fix

Chattanooga, TN — The 2021 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring is essentially a carry-over from last year’s model. The only changes an 8-inch touch screen for its infotainment system, and has native support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. There’s a reason why the Accord continues to be a great seller for Honda. Here’s a recap of why.


Its 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine is mated to a pair of electric motors that produce a combined total of 212 horsepower with 232 lb-ft of torque. This is a significant performance factor when comparing it to the competition. Unfortunately, Honda continues to stick by the use of CVTs (continuously variable transmission). For those not experienced how a CVT differs over a traditional transmission, think of driving a small motorboat with no gears. While CVTs have made improvements over the years to try and behave more like what we’re used to, they have a long way to go.

Why is the Hybrid model so popular? Because it has an EPA rating of 44 miles per gallon in the city and up to 41 on the highway for a combined average of 43mpg. If you’re wondering why the rating is higher in the city, it’s because at the slower speeds of city driving, more of the electric motors are being used.


A few new touches to the interior include wood effect trim, wireless smartphone charging and dual-climate control. Other than that, it’s the same, well thought-out cabin space that has a 450-watt, 10-speaker audio system, a 12-way power-adjustable driver’s seat and a 4-way power-adjustable passenger’s seat. Why so many automakers don’t provide the front passenger the same level of seat adjustments, remains a mystery. Both front seats are heated and vented, while the rear seats are heated only. We look forward to a model refresh one day, as the buttons used here are starting to look dated.

Driver aids include adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, pedestrian alert, and collision mitigation.

On the road:

Driving the 2021 Accord Hybrid Touring is a predictable, yet solid experience. It’s quiet, even at freeway speeds, and the active damper suspension helps to keep things smooth. The 19-inch standard wheels are a nice touch and are outfitted with all-season tires.

Competes with:
– Toyota Camry
– Hyundai Sonata

Price as tested: $37,195

Points – 10 out of 10 points – top score 100

Performance: 9
Handling: 9
Safety: 9
Visibility: 8
Seating Comfort: 6
Technology: 8
Features: 9
Design: 9
Quality: 10
Value: 8

Car Coach Reports Total 85

Check out Lauren’s video review:



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