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History, histrionics, public education all leading to a mess of mendacity

Written By | Oct 11, 2021

“Divorce usually isn’t a good idea, and that’s especially true of a nearly 250-year-old continental nation.” Rich Lowry, National Review. This sort of pseudo-historical gibberish is the kind of nonsense that finds its way into the public schooling system with its unschooled “educators.” It is one reason there is rising a wave of dissent against the public education of children, and by extension, of the family.

It is not just the CRT nonsense, but thoroughly inaccurate history that brings on things like CRT. National Divorce a Stupid Idea Despite Political Divisions | National Review

This national state was crafted by socialist-style colonial secession deniers and supported by the usual suspects at the “Fox Follies.” And as often as not, it is a Tory-Lincolnite-nationalist like Rich Lowry, a typical conservative poser, who worships the national state.

The Nationalist state gibberish.

On October 9, 2021, on Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show (Fox), investigative reporter Lara Logan began remarks in response to a question from the Judge with the following: –FOX Broadcasting Company | Full Episodes, Shows, Schedule

 “You know, Judge, it’s simple as this. There is a constitution that has guided us since 1776….”

It is the same lame bilge that has alleged historian Eric Foner et al. has been promoting for years. It often takes its roots from Lincoln’s greatly heralded (though more histrionically bloviated) Gettysburg Address.  Mencken on Abraham Lincoln | National Vanguard

From Mencken’s remarks:

“What was the practical effect of the battle of Gettysburg? What else than the destruction of the old sovereignty of the States, i. e., of the people of the States?” HL Menchen

Logan, who is South African by birth, seems a capable and decent sort of lady. That is, she is generally believable and seems to feel honest about that which she speaks. And she looks, for the most part, intelligent and well-read.

Sadly, on the point of American history, she read the bilge-speak of guys like Foner and some of the pseudo-historians at Fox or The National Review. At least Logan is not well-read of the MSNBCNN babbling buzz. – Scratching Fleas: American Historians and Their History – Abbeville Institute

However, there was no Constitution in 1776.

There were not even Articles of Confederation until 1781. The colonies in 1776 seceded, separately, from the sovereignty of Great Britain.

They ultimately settled on a constitution of union– a national confederation– in 1787. There was no nation, except in the deceptive mind of the specious Alexander Hamilton and his “nationalists.”

Hamilton said one thing at the Philadelphia convention and another in New York (his adopted home state—he was not US-born)  How Alexander Hamilton Screwed Up America – Abbeville Institute.

This monstrously untrue pronouncement of our United States as a single “united state,” so-formed on July 4, 1776, is a perpetual political hallucination.

The people who continuously promote it are as demented as Joe Biden, or two, as dishonest as Adam Schiff.

It stems from the same temperament that Abraham Lincoln and his Hamiltonian statist bankers and industrialists used to invade the independent Southern states who had previously been in “UNION” for 73 years with the Northern states and in a Confederation for six years before that.

The Declaration of Independence was not a founding document.

The declaration of independence signed by 13 colonies was a document whereby the 13 declared their status as being free from the rule, and taxes, of  Great Britain. And now they set themselves as “individual independent states” of the world (the very words of the document). So it is a secession statement.

This July 4 declaration was a supplement to previously signed declarations of independence by New Hampshire, 12-75, South Carolina, 3-76, Rhode Island, 5-76, Virginia, 6-76, and New Jersey 7-76, two days before July 4, 1776.

The dates are dates of the establishment of their sovereign governments.

July 4, 1776, was simply a notification to the British that in the current war (April 1775), uniting the independent states militias to fight the British.

Including the eight states who joined the document signing on July 4.  But, there was no nation, and those founders did not want one. So, they did not create one!

They were willing to shed their blood for their state, in union with others committed to doing likewise.

The Continental Congress was a voluntary body and had only suggestive powers.

There was not even a governing body among the new states. Not until t781 was a formal confederation formed–much like a NATO treaty agreement. And even that required unanimity of the new states to alter or support anything. Yes. A unanimous vote. Articles of Confederation

History has carried through this Lowry-Foner-styled propaganda of a single national state even to the present among many. However, for many others who pursue primary sources, the truth prevails.

For this reason, we have today a “tri-partisan” as opposed to a “bi-partisan” political landscape. The triad of political persuasion being: One, Democrats (socialists, communists, anarchists), Two, Republicans (anti-republican nationalists, industrialist lobbyists, fake conservatives) and,

Three, Conservatives (those who conserve).

Those would be the same men who dedicated their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor on July 4, 1776, to independence for each state, not “the nation.” But, unfortunately, today, only the first two would be available for dedication among the Democrats and Republicans: their lives and fortunes.

The Democrats simply and at least openly push for totalitarian government control (amounting to ownership) of lives and property.  They lie by necessity and by free will.

The Republicans believe as Lincoln (and Marx, and the German Forty-Eighters) did in a single national state.

Which they erroneously (or just lie) claim is what happened, according to Lowry, “250 years ago.” Revised-History-Lincoln-the-Forty-Eighters.pdf

This group promotes foreign wars, unlimited immigration, and a massive central government-what they call a national democracy.  They necessarily call it such since it is not a republic. The typical irony, their party, is The Republican Party.

There would have been not one of the founders who would not have gagged at the thought of a “democracy.”

Thousands flow illegally across our borders, invading our land (private land, by the way), and nothing is done. 

The comments, usually by the Republicans, are always high-handed from a few who might have read the Constitution. But the comments fade…away and away.

With the longest southern border, Texas has two “Honest Abe Senators” and a Golly Gee “Honest Abe” Republican governor.

Nevertheless, “armies” of illegals march through while these democratic-Republicans do nothing but talk.

And the one man honorable enough to stand up and ask about the Republican/Democrat glorious Afghan war calamity was arrested and awaits trial on trumped-up charges. LT. Colonel Stuart Scheller.

Thus all of the July 4, 1776 “nation born” nonsense will carry with it the various problems. As well as those it will cause.

Bill of Rights violations by the government, local matters drawing federal police court intrusions into law instead of ruling on the law. And of course, there is that old news-friend, the ubiquitous charge of racism.

Ultimately it is the cause of the present Democrat/Republican blend of the so-called left and right. Left of what and right of what?

Lowry continues.

“The economic consequences could be severe. The United States of America is a continent-wide free-trade zone, creating a vast domestic market that makes us all better off. Exchanging that for a market Balkanized by state or region would be a major loss.”

Does he mean like Switzerland; or the Union of States up until 1861? Better off than these? Lowry has been peeking into the “mind” of Joe Biden for memories.

Or perhaps he means that the states would be totalitarian governments unless directed by a national government with its righteous and angelic FBI, CIA, NI. A.

Homeland Security, FISA is fatherly-protective of the Patriot Act. As well as its Pentagon Generals and Congressional Departments of everything from energy to transportation. And, of course, there is the (illegal) national bank  (Federal Reserve) which is free to print its own money whenever it desires—even to buy and change the climate of the world.

Like many who have gotten smacked by Eric Foner’s history, Lowry’s belief is of a nationalist and a part of number two, Republicans, including anti-republican nationalists, industrialist lobbyists, and fake conservatives.

He follows Eric Foner and his “expertise” in American history.

At the time of the fall of the Soviet Union, Professor Foner was organizing public statements urging Russian leaders to save the noble Communist.

An experiment by crushing the independence of the Baltic peoples with the same cruelty, as he put it, with which “Lincoln crushed the South.”

When the South was crushed, the republic of independent states was crushed. And as long as we accept such historical drivel and B-movie history as articles such as Rich Lowry’s, we’ll be conned into everybody voting and eternal forever wars.

Conservatives who are genuinely such (conservative) stand and salute “The Star-Spangled Banner,” not “The National Anthem.”

The flag’s stars were initially in a “circle” that depicted “union,” not some nonsensical nation formed 250 years ago.

If Switzerland wasn’t so small, those who believe in republicanism could go there for our republic.

As to those July 4, 1776, national believers, I would say keep your eyes wide open and your guns locked and loaded. But dang! Your federal government in Washington loves you—will protect you. So sleep soundly, and instead, just put your rifle in the attic. Your “nation” is your friend.

Nationalists, public “educators,” and of course, the national (misnomer-ed federal) government don’t care if you wear a mask. They are happy for you to wear a blindfold.


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