Ben Carson and Thomas Jefferson trump media elites

Recently, the mainstream media launched a major coordinated smear campaign to erase Dr. Benjamin Carson from those still in the hunt for the GOP nomination.


SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 25, 2015 –   Recently, the mainstream media launched a major coordinated smear campaign to erase Dr. Benjamin Carson from those still in the hunt for the GOP nomination. They attacked his honesty, his credibility and his integrity. Politico even made up part of its narrative to make sure to smear the good doctor so he would not recover.

Yet, without such barbarous media attacks, it was Bobby Jindal — not Carson — who dropped from the race just days ago. And now less than a year away from Election Day in 2016, Dr. Carson is not just in the race, he has been polling incredibly well – most responsible polls showing him in first, second, or third place.

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On Monday Fred Barbash of the Washington Post posted an article on Dr. Carson’s lack of understanding that Thomas Jefferson did not help in writing the Constitution. His title on Monday was: “Ben Carson, author of book about the Constitution, incorrectly states that Thomas Jefferson crafted it.”

Barbash was referring to an interview that Carson gave on C-Span Sunday. Dr. Carson had been asked the question of whom he considered one the most impressive of the Founding Fathers. Carson referred to Jefferson and explained that it was because he “tried to craft our Constitution in a way that it would control people’s natural tendencies and control the natural growth of the government.”

Bouncing off of Barbash’s own gaffe into his own, CNN’s Gregory Krieg posted a cute companion piece, “Carson flubs Thomas Jefferson’s role in the Constitution.”  The “professional journalists” seemed to be so proud of themselves for jumping on the bandwagon to trash Carson that they ignored an essential historical reality, which actually indicates how ignorant they are regarding American history. The influence that Jefferson played in the writing of the Constitution is well documented. It is amazing that he was indeed not present in Philadelphia, but he did influence James Madison from across the Atlantic.

Barbash in a rather smug and condescending manner presumed to know what he was writing about when he stated, “It’s a common misconception that Thomas Jefferson participated in drafting the U.S. Constitution in 1787.” Barbash, the current editor of “Morning Mix” for the Washington Post, is a former national editor and London bureau chief for the Washington Post, which explains the misplaced pseudo-intellectual arrogance. However, he is the one who should be embarrassed by his ignorance, and not Dr. Carson because Carson is correct. One may wonder how Barbash got such high profile positions at the Post; but actually, the Post already has a strong record of ignoring facts.

On the other hand, the article by CNN’s Gregory Krieg seemed like an appendage to help prop up the aberration in Washington Post. However, Krieg made a weak attempt at an intelligent challenge when he wrote: “Carson dismissed the mix-up in an interview with Fox News host Megyn Kelly on Monday night, saying that Jefferson had been in constant communication with the Constitution’s architects. Nevertheless, Krieg did provide good quotes from Ben Carson as he referred to Carson’s statements that ‘criticism of his reference to Jefferson drafting the Constitution comes from a media obsessed with saying ‘ah, gotcha.’ People spend too much time looking at little words and phrases without looking at the implications or the big picture.”

It is true, as most good students of the history of the United States could recall, that Thomas Jefferson was indeed serving as minister to France in 1787 during the time of the writing of the U.S. Constitution. However, in the big picture, one of the people Jefferson had been regularly corresponding with during and after the Constitutional Convention was James Madison. In fact, Jefferson seriously disagreed with Madison over the absence of a bill of rights. In a letter to Madison dated Dec. 20, 1787, Jefferson stated, “A bill of rights is what the people are entitled to against every government on earth, general or particular, and what no just government should refuse.”

Additionally, one year after writing the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson submitted his proposed bill for religious freedom in Virginia. His intent was to break the tyrannical hold the Church of England had over the religious convictions of his fellow Virginians. In essence, the Declaration of Independence was a political proclamation to separate from the British crown, while the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom was the equivalent proclamation for separation from the Church. The concepts outlined in the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom for all practical purposes formed the core of the First Amendment to the new Constitution, as the Bill of Rights were formulated by Madison.

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Ironically, Jefferson advocated that a bill of rights should include “freedom of religion,” as well as “freedom of the press” and other fundamental freedoms to protect the people. Today, if Thomas Jefferson could witness the lies that are manufactured and repeated to smear and destroy good people running for public office, he might not be so adamant about freedom for the press. In the end, Madison was influenced greatly by his colleague and fellow Virginian, Jefferson, and tried hard   to draft a strong and substantive document to ensure the survival of individual freedoms in a world filled with tyranny.

In the 2016 presidential race, Dr. Carson has emerged as one of the leading spokesmen for the preservation of traditional American values and a return to the fundamental founding principles that the Founding Fathers sought to imbed into the fabric of the U.S. culture. In an uncanny way, Dr. Carson addresses his current history critics in a previous book, “One Nation.” The good doctor expresses the importance of an accurate understanding of history:

Our nation’s founders felt very strongly that our system of government could only survive with a well-informed and educated populace. They understood that, if the populace reached the point of not being able to critically analyze information, it would easily fall prey to slick politicians and unethical news media. All citizens need to arm themselves with a basic knowledge of American history and stay abreast of current events, analyzing them with respect to history. Knowledge is power and at a time when the people are becoming increasingly impotent while government grows larger and larger and more powerful, it is vital that we arm ourselves with knowledge.

The reality is that this unethical news media is now trying spread disinformation around the nation regarding a sincere man who is concerned enough about his country that he will tolerate the lies and the smears against him in order to help end the corruption that exists at all levels in the American political system today. Those professional political pundits and “experts” on U.S. history who portray themselves as “protectors” of the American people from historical “inaccuracies” are not much more than self-centered hypocrites with personal or political agendas.

When the honest people of this country move past (and they need to move past) the lack of integrity and the intellectual dishonesty of the media elites, and move past the personality cults of the mainstream media “stars” basking in the limelight of public adoration, the honest people will see that those in the media do not serve to promote or protect people’s freedoms, they exist to promote their own egocentric agendas that prey upon the common people and are often destructive of America’s freedoms. This realm of modern media moguls serves no good purpose for the American people.

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Dennis Jamison reinvented his life after working for a multi-billion dollar division of Johnson & Johnson for several years. Now semi-retired, he is an adjunct faculty member at West Valley College in California. He currently writes a column on US history and one on American freedom for the Communities Digital News, as well as writing for other online publications. During the 2016 presidential primaries, he worked as the leader of a network of writers, bloggers, and editors who promoted the candidacy of Dr. Ben Carson. He founded the “We the People” Network of writers and the Citizen Sentinels Project to pro-actively promote the values and principles established at the founding of the United States, and to discover and support more morally centered citizen-candidates who sincerely seek election as public servants, not politicians.