The Historical truths behind the Israel – Palestine conflict

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SAN DIEGO, August 27, 2014 — For many years now the world at large has taken interest in Israel, a tiny little piece of real estate no bigger than the state of New Jersey. Somehow the idea of Jews having their own homeland is viewed as a threat to world peace.

Protests against the Israeli bombing of Gaza have been going on in capitals all over the world, including London, Istanbul and Berlin. On Saturday, thousands of protesters got together in central London calling for the discontinuation of Israeli military activity. One day before, police removed 25 protesters with banners saying “Stop arming Israel.” In Istanbul, stones were thrown at  the Israeli consulate. In Ankara, Palestinian flags were draped on the ambassador’s housing.

In Berlin on Thursday, some protesters staged a pro-Palestinian demonstration and then chanted slogans such as “Jew, Jew, cowardly pig, come on out and fight.” Of course, Germany is quite practiced in making such colorful comments about the Jews. Perhaps they should take a second look at their penitent Holocaust memorials and spend a little time remembering the earlier anti-Jewish activity that eventually saw fruition in the Final Solution.

The lie that Israel stole this land from others and persecutes those around them is a lie that sells. A much harder sell, is the truth.

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It’s true that Palestinian civilians in the Gaza strip have been killed as a result of this latest conflict. It is also true that Israel does what it can to warn civilians to vacate targeted areas while the terrorist organization Hamas does everything it can to make sure civilians are around their military instillations in the hopes that Israel will continue to lose world opinion by killing innocent people.

Their hatred of Israel is stronger than their concern about the very people they claim to defend. This conflict was also  initiated by Hamas when they began firing rockets into Israel. Actually, these rockets are nothing new even though there is a greater recent escalation.

Rockets have been firing into Israel since 2005, as a gesture of thanks when Israel abandoned the Gaza strip turning it entirely over to the Palestinians. Those who feel that all hostilities will cease if Israel simply gives back “all occupied territory” should keep the example of Gaza in mind. Hamas does not recognize Israel’s right to exist. Neither does the Palestinian charter. The return of land makes no difference whatsoever. Very few people today seem to understand this strange phenomenon between the Israelis and Palestinians.

Perhaps a brief history lesson is in order, one that can answer some rather basic and important questions:

“Do the Jews even have a right to be in the Middle East at all? Wasn’t there a group of indigenous people called the Palestinians, living there since the beginning of measured history? Didn’t Jews arrive after World War Two and conquer land that did not belong to them?”

This is utterly and completely false! The Jews lived in that land since the time of Moses and despite some upsets from the Assyrians and Babylonians, remained in the land for many centuries until the Romans displaced them. Prince Titus destroyed the temple in 70 AD. Then in the second century, Emperor Hadrian crushed a new Jewish rebellion. This time, many of the Jews were banished and others were made slaves of the Romans.

A small number of Jews did stay in the land and remained there right up through the twentieth century. However, the name of the land at this time was changed because Hadrian wanted to destroy Jewish identity. He renamed the land “Syria-Palestinia.” Palestinia was a Latin version of the word Philistine, an ancient enemy of the Jews who were now extinct as a people.

Hadrian was deliberately insulting the Jews.

There has never been a country called Palestine. This was a nickname for the Holy Land under the Romans. The people who today call themselves Palestinians are Arabs and they referred to themselves as Arabs for centuries until they were dubbed “Palestinians” as a publicity ploy by the terrorist and founder of the PLO, Yassir Arafat, who himself did not use the title “Palestinian” until after the year 1964.

“Even if this is true, well then, OK. These Arabs lived in the land for centuries.”

In ancient times Arabs could be found in many places but they did not occupy the Holy Land in any significant number until after the time of Mohammad and the spread of Islam. Muslims conquered the land from the Byzantine Church (remnants of the converted, Roman Empire.)

Through the years, with Crusades and other wars, the land switched ownership back and forth between the Catholic Church and the Muslims. Eventually it fell into the hands of another Muslim empire, the Ottomans. After defeating the Ottomans in World War One, the Middle East found itself under the domain of Great Britain. Even though the Middle East became a prize of the British Empire, England had neither the desire nor ability to run that region of the world forever.

For this reason, they began working to create a series of new states in which the Arabs (who had helped them defeat the Ottoman Empire) could administer their own affairs. Although the term “Arabia” was already a general description for a large part of this area, many of the Middle East countries we know of today did not officially become independent nations until the British occupation and subsequent withdrawal from this turbulent region of the world.

While working to create new, multiple states, Great Britain (with the cooperation of the League of Nations, an early prototype of the United Nations) decided they would also offer an opportunity for Jews all over the world to return to their homeland. This invitation was called the Balfour Declaration. Needless to say, grateful Jews responded with terrific enthusiasm.

Indeed, many children of Abraham did migrate from Russia, Western Europe, and other corners of the globe where they had lived for some two thousand years in ghettos at the mercy of pogroms or harsh policies of Ant-Semitic governments. A homeland of their own had been a hopeful vision to the Jews for two millennia. The most familiar Jewish toast (common at Passover celebrations) said “Next year in Jerusalem.”

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But few thought they were reciting much more than a pipe dream. Now they could really, truly return to Jerusalem! Just imagine how this must have felt!  The Jews were going to sojourn to a country of their own, and not just any country; the very land of their ancestors, a land where a remnant of Jews had remained since ancient times, living side by side with Muslims and Christians who also had interests in Palestine and who viewed it as their Holy Land too.

“What exactly was offered to the Hebrew immigrants by the League of Nations?”

Everything we would today call Israel, everything we would today call Jordan and most of what we would today call “the occupied territories.” When the Jews arrived, many of them purchased land from Arab lords.

In time, a terrain that had been little more than a desolate, flee bitten combination of swamp and desert, swiftly turned green with farmland and transplanted trees. The economy also boomed, transforming this area in such an amazing way, that the term metamorphosis barely does justice. New jobs were created, resulting in an influx of Arabs from other regions who now saw Palestine as a land of opportunity and employment made possible by Jewish farmers and businessmen recently arrived from Europe.

“What was the proportion of Arab and Jew in Palestine prior to the Balfour Declaration? ”

More Arabs than Jews inhabited the land at this time (resulting from previous Muslim expansion) but the truth is, there was really only a handful of each people group, because again, the swamp like conditions limited the kind of life one could realistically enjoy in the Holy Land.

The famous author, Mark Twain wrote as much after his own personal visit. He was surprised how desolate the Holy Land looked, how little was going on there and how few people inhabited the area. All of this changed when the League of Nations invited Jews to resettle their ancient home.

Ironically, it was after Jewish business created a surplus of jobs that Arabs flooded into the territory in mass, creating a situation where the Arabs greatly outnumbered the Jews. In paradoxical fashion, the British, after inviting the Jews to return, sold over 75 percent of Palestine to the Arabs, creating a new country called Trans-Jordan.

This is an extremely important and seldom taught fact.

Please catch this: 75 percent of what had been offered to the Jews was sold behind their backs to the Arabs instead!

Not only were the Arabs offered a “separate Palestinian state,” long ago, but they have been living in one since the early part of the Twentieth Century. It’s called Jordan, a country three times the size of what remained for the Jews. The Jews accepted this betrayal, only because they had no choice.

After, all a sliver of the promise was better than no land at all.

But the Arabs didn’t want the Jews to have even a sliver and fresh controversy broke out over what to do with the remaining 25 percent. To appease the Arabs, the United Nations voted to divvy up the remaining 25 percent between the Jews and the Arabs. The Jews accepted this partition. The Arabs did not.

After the partition vote from the United Nations, Israel declared its Independence on May 14, 1948. One day later, five Arab armies invaded Israel from Egypt, Tran Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq. Important Note: This war had nothing to do with allowing a two state solution. Indeed, the Arabs waged war because they were rejecting a two state solution. Their stated goal was the complete extermination of Israel!

From Abid Saud King of Saudi Arabia 1947:

“There are fifty million Arabs. What does it matter if we lose ten million people to kill all of the Jews. The price is worth it.”

From Azam Pasha, Secretary General of the Arabs League 1947:

“This will be a war of extermination and momentous massacre, which will be spoken of like the Mongolian Massacres.”

From Haj Amin El Hussein Mufti of Jerusalem 1947

“I declare a holy war my Moslem brothers. Murder the Jews! Murder them all!”

Jews pleaded with Palestinian Arabs to remain in their homes. Although many of the Arabs did flee or join the invading armies, a considerable portion of Arabs remained in Israel. This interesting fact is seldom discussed. About 300,000 Arabs fled Israel and about 160,000 remained. Today Israel still contains a vital Arab population and these Arabs have more rights in Israel than any other Arab in any Arab country. In fact, shortly before Yassir Arafat’s death, when there was talk (once again) under the Bush administration, of a “separate Palestinian state” the Arab citizens in Israel were asked if they wanted to move, renouncing their Israeli citizenship, and live in the Palestine sector.

Guess what they decided!

Some of them probably fell on the floor laughing before saying to the Israeli government, “Oh, I’m sorry. You were serious.”

In 1948, when Israel beat the odds and defeated five invading nations, the problem of refugees came up. We always hear about the Arab refugees from Israel. But they were not the only refugees. Hundreds of thousands of Jews were kicked out of Arab lands too. All of the Jewish refugees were welcomed into Israel where as Arabs who wanted to resettle in Arab countries were (for the most part) denied admission. Jordan was an exception but even in Jordan most of the refugees were confined to camps.

They lived in that condition all the way up to 1967, when Israel annexed Jordan’s West Bank.

Prior to 1967 there was no significant ongoing discussion amongst the countries of the world regarding Jordan’s treatment of the “poor Palestinians.”

On December 11, 1948, the United Nations drafted and ratified Resolution 194. This was a call for the Arab states and Israel to resolve the refugee/resettlement issues but the condition was that all returning citizens would agree to live in peace. Receiving no such guarantee from the Arabs, Israel decided to postpone repatriation until her neighbors would recognize her right to exist.

In 1967, nine different nations (Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Algeria, Kuwait, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq), declared war on Israel and promised to exterminate every Jew.

“Egypt is ready to plunge into a total war that will be the end of Israel” (Radio Cairo, May 17, 1967).

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Surprising the world with a preemptive strike, Israel defeated the Arabs in just six days. At that time, their territory was expanded to the West Bank, the Golan Heights, the Gaza strip, the Sinai, and the remainder of Jerusalem (half of which had been taken over by Jordan after the 1947 war.) This territory is frequently referred to as a part of Israel’s “illegal occupation.”

I hate that term and argue against it for the following reasons: When we think of occupying countries, what usually comes to mind is an aggressive empire seeking to conquer and expand, not a tiny little nation that expanded its borders only as a means of survival, to prevent her untrustworthy neighbors from attacking again. Most of this land had been legally offered to Israel in the Balfour Declaration anyway, before Great Britain sold it behind Israel’s back.

Historically, the land had been the home of the Jews for literally thousands of years.

The United Nations has become corrupt, raising questions about their standards to what is legal or illegal. This is not to say that Israel has not given back land or made peace treaties. The Sinai has been returned and other territories have been slowly transferred to the Palestinian authorities. But, when two nations make a peace treaty, there is supposed to be give and take on both sides.

Israel’s deal (brokered by the U.S) always goes like this. “You give the Palestinians back some land and here is what they will do: They’ll promise to stop killing you.”  That’s the deal.

Then, shortly after the deal, the promise is broken and missiles are fired into Israel from Gaza (where the Palestinians were finally offered their own autonomous rule) or a suicide bomber kills women and children on a bus. Nothing Israel does, no gesture, no concession, no discussion, will make a hill of beans of difference.

They can sign a peace treaty.

They can jump on board for a two state solution.

It doesn’t matter.  Hezbolah wants Israel dead. Al-Qaeda wants Israel dead. Hamas wants Israel dead. Muslim Brotherhood wants Israel dead. But it isn’t limited to the terrorist groups.

Palestine itself wants Israel dead. The surrounding Arab nations want Israel dead. The Persian nation of Iran wants Israel dead.

My advice to Israel: Just do what you have to do. Do what you need to do. Do what is right. The world will hate you no matter what action you take and the Arabs will try to kill you no matter how much flowery talk you participate in with our State Department. You may as well just do what’s right.

This is Bob Siegel, making the obvious, obvious.


NOTE: For a fuller, lengthier, documented look at the history of the Jews and the Palestinians, just clink this link and read a 12 part series by Bob Siegel: The Truth About Israel And Palestine Bob Siegel is a weekend radio talk show host on KCBQ and columnist. Details of his show can be found at Time Magazine contributed to the current news portion of this article.

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Bob Siegel
A graduate of Denver Seminary and San Jose State University, Bob Siegel is a radio talk show host and popular guest speaker at churches and college campuses across the country, using a variety of media including, seminars, formal debates, outdoor open forums, and one man drama presentations. In addition to his own weekly radio show (KCBQ 1170, San Diego) Bob has been a guest on many other programs, including The 700 Club, Washington Times Radio's Inside the Story, The Rick Amato Show, KUSI Television's Good Morning San Diego, and the world popular Jonathan Parkradio drama series, for which Bob guest starred in two episodes and wrote one episode, The Clue From Ninevah. In addition to CDN, Bob is a regular contributor for San Diego Rostra. Bob does a good deal of playwriting as well (14 plays & 5 collaborations), including the award winning, Eternal Reach. Bob has also published books of both fiction and non-fiction including; I'd Like to Believe In Jesus, But...and a fantasy novel, The Dangerous Christmas Ornament.
  • Jesse Bernal


    • TruthEnglightensAndPrevails

      Thank you Allen West for presenting these facts in a beautiful easy way for everyone that is lost from the truth. The truth will set you free, and until everyone can recognize this and understand that Israel is here to stay and it will never be destroyed because G-d watches and protects it, every man will be lost and caught up in this war waging against the Jews. I believe all these facts, because there is a book that actually supports everything you have presented, its titled “the secret war against the Jews” and it actually puts everything into perspective and uses facts, history and hard evidence to support everything. God will always protect Israel, so no matter what army in the world, even the strongest empires, have proven time and time again that Israel is the promised land given to God’s chosen people (Jews). And which ever person tries to play with the hand of G-d, will eventually crumble and be destroyed as proven time and time again. G-d is watching everything and the time will come when every nation and people that conspired in killing Jews and trying to destroy Jews and Israel, will perish terribly and seek the hells of wrath and destruction.

      • Bob Siegel

        Allen West did not write this article but based on other things I have heard him say, I believe he would share many of these views

  • Jamal

    Jewish babble, with no facts. Canaanites were there before the Jews, and the Jews decided to wage war against them because they believed they had a stake to that land (which they don’t) Common sense will tell you that the ancient Jews were psychotic to think that God gave them the land. if anyone has claim to the land it is the Egyptians who have also been there long before the Jews as Egypt’s New Kingdom 1500B.C. The arrival of the Jews and Philistines came after at around 1100 BC with the presence of Assyrians/Babylonians. The land wasn’t even theirs. They stake a claim to the land through mythical Jewish ‘scripture’. They believe their God’s chosen, and have a claim to the land because someone wrote in the Torah saying so. The New Kingdom, Fatamids, Mamluks (All Egyptian) have been there long before and occupied that territory for thousands of years longer than any Jewish settlement.

    • Ari M. Eden

      So even if religion is all complete nonsense (and good luck convincing the many fervent believers of that anyway) and the Jews just laid claim to the lands on their own and backed up that stake, why do they have no right to the land? They’ve won wars for it fair and square, even as huge underdogs. How many countries throughout world history have been set up that way? It’s their land because they control it. Those are the basic facts. Whether that is just or not shouldn’t be solely applied to the Jews. Plus they were the ones who really built it back up after it’s rebirth and given their terrible treatment throughout human history, I’d say they deserve a homeland anyway. Europe and the other academic leftists should have thought about the Jews potential desire to return to Israel before trying to kill them all. I don’t think you can discount the divine link to the land fully either. Who knows? It’d be nice. So, they have a possible divine and historic link to the land, as well as a continued presence for 1000s of years. That’s more than can be said about many nationalities.

      • American Kristy

        The Jews, and Israel, have not really won a war “on their own”. The truth is, after WWII masses of Jewish people needed “a place to go”. So it was decided that they occupy the area now known as Israel. Now, if they had done just that I don’t believe we would see the horrors of war that we are today watching (from our very comfortable and safe living rooms, mind you). The people that claim to be of “Oh Israel” have continued to infringe upon their neighbors to the point where their “neighbors” are so crunched into an inescapable place that they – Palestinians – are rising to say “NO MORE!!n This was, and is, OUR land and home!” Hamas is likened to any other terrorist group – NOT mainstream. What if this was NY infringing upon PA? Or CA infringing upon WA??? Would be, as “Americans” stand for that?? NO we would not. So why does our uninformed government and *some* of its peoples side with Israel? I do not know. But Enough Already!! Innocent PEOPLE are being slaughtered by Israel. And we just sit by and say, wow glad it’s not me…. For shame USA!

        • Q Ball

          More Arabs live in Israel(not West Bank or gaza) itself than in Gaza… How is that possible if jews are arab-hating scum?

          • nowisthebest

            Q Ball, most Arabs do not live in Israel. You need to recheck the part of your brain you pulled your statistic from. There are approx 1.6 m Arabs in Israel (For source, which is from Israel, search: Vital Statistics:

            Latest Population Statistics for Israel), while there are 2.65 m in West Bank and Gaza. Shocking, isn’t it?

            And the Arabs living in Israel are living as a second class citizen and have been discriminated in almost every part of society. In their own land! Guess this may not be so much shocking to you depending on how you interpret the verifiable facts of Palestine.

            (Source 1, search: That is certainly no way to integrate Israeli Arabs into the workforce)

            (Source 2, search: Second Class: Discrimination Against Palestinian Arab Children in Israel’s Schools)

            By the way, these are not individual accounts be Arabs living in Israel, which although more powerful, may not succeed in satisfying you.

            Finally, if you have any rebuttal, please provide some real data and sources. Emotions, although very helpful, are not sufficient. We already have too much emotions, blame and “magical” facts about this conflict, which has not helped it. And remember the golden rule:

            “The person asserting an affirmative claim (or blame) has the burden of providing evidence for his claim.”

          • Q Ball

            It is well-known that the living conditions of Arabs, even when discriminated is much better in western countries and in Israel. There are no hungry Arabs in western countries and in Israel.

            Why is that? Because when muslims are left to their own devices, they will start infighting. Sunni vs Shiite etc. They need a peacekeeper, a common enemy, which is Israel, and the western countries, paradoxically.

          • nowisthebest

            First of all, I am talking specifically about Palestinians and Arabs in Israel. So your arguments with the use of “Arabs” as a whole population is a hasty generalization.

            “There are no hungry Arabs in western countries and in Israel.” – a blanket statement that does not stand any ground. “…one out of six Israelis above the age of 20 has given up on food at least once because of economic troubles over the past year.”, “The report claimed that 37 percent of Arabs were forced gave up on food as opposed to only 13 percent of Jews.” (Source, search: CBS: Sixteen percent of Israelis go hungry)

            Although I do not have data for Arabs in western world, anyone can see that your view that there are no hungry Arabs in western world is still naive.

            “It is well-known that the living conditions of Arabs, even when discriminated is much better in western countries and in Israel.” – Which Arabs are you talking about? Arabs include people who are a lot richer than you, and many of them would not want to live in the western world or in Israel. Talking specifically about Palestinians and Arabs in Israel, if their land hadn’t been taken away from them in 1948 (Read “The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem” by Benny Morris, an Israeli historian) to make way for a Jew nation through Zionism, they wouldn’t have been discriminated in the first place. Suffering and poverty just does not arise by itself. I am sure you’d agree that the suffering of the Jews did not arise on its own. I am pretty sure you wouldn’t say “It is well-known that the living conditions of Jews, even when discriminated was much better in 1915 Russia than during the Nazi Germany” and stay satisfied right? If you feel empathy for the suffering of the millions of Jews who were murdered and discriminated, I am sure you have the capacity to empathize with the millions of Palestinians and Arabs in Israel who are suffering through discrimination.

            Regarding Shi’a and Suuni issue, in medieval times, there were sectarian fighting, just like the Protestants fighting the Catholics and Christianity’s hostility toward Jews and Judaism (Source, search: Jewish Christian Relationship and Antisemitism); however, they had been living relatively in peace and cooperation from the early 1900s to around 1970s. To understand why the modern Shiite and Sunni conflict started and why they have a common enemy, among many other reasons, you also have to look at the role of the British Empire in establishing Iraq (Source, search: The real roots of Iraq’s Sunni-Shia conflict), the role of CIA in removing a democratically elected PM in Iran in 1953, the subsequent Islamic Revolution in Iran and the change in Shiite-Sunni dynamics and the role of US in supporting Saudi Arabia, creating Islamic fighters, and staying mum during Saddam Hussein’s oppression of Shiite majority. It is this meddling in the internal politics of countries in middle east, the support of authoritarian regimes for personal benefit and the blind support of Israel in its occupation beyond the 1967 borders that they have a common enemy. By the way, although some western countries are peacekeepers, the US and Israel are not peacekeepers! How can peacekeepers oppress people and kill thousands of people, eh?

            Please read and research for yourself, and question everything that you hear or read, including things I have said. More than anything, we need people who can think independently and question the status quo. Sometimes, the status quo is the best, but in this case, it is not. And one more thing, the history of the Palestine-Israel relation goes way past the present conflict.

            I hope you have a great day and a peaceful life.

          • Q Ball

            Muslims are like children. Once they are allowed to rule over eachother it becomes like lord of the flies. Soon sharia will be invoked and all human rights go out the window. That why you need adults, like jews or whites to mediate and rule over these children.

            A good example is Israel. For all the billions that the oil muslims have, they still dont have the human rights situation of israel

            An anecdote by an arab in israel:

            According to Ishmael Khaldi, an Arab citizen of Israel and the nation’s first high-ranking Muslim in the Israeli foreign service, while Israeli society is far from perfect, minorities in Israel fare far better than any other country in the Middle East. He wrote:[208]
            I am a proud Israeli – along with many other non-Jewish Israelis such as Druze, Bahai, Bedouin, Christians and Muslims, who live in one of the most culturally diversified societies and the only true democracy in the Middle East. Like America, Israeli society is far from perfect, but let us deal honestly. By any yardstick you choose – educational opportunity, economic development, women and gay’s rights, freedom of speech and assembly, legislative representation – Israel’s minorities fare far better than any other country in the Middle East.

            Also telling is that more Arabs in Israel have been killed by other angry Arabs in terror attacks then by angry Israeli in terror attacks.

            Islam is currently had a few going through its violent phase. Only after reformation, which Christianity had a few centuries ago, should muslims be able to govern themselves.

          • Belle

            I have long thought that the lack of a Reformation of Islam (akin to the Christian Reformation) is the root cause of the majority of its problems. Yet the chances of this happening are likened to “a snowball’s chance in hell”. From my friendship with a devout Muslim (who teaches at an Islamic Academy) I have learned that the idea of an Islamic Reformation is utter blasphemy and should never happen……nothing should change according to the hadiths of Mohammed. And If we look at what is currently happening with ISIS in Iraq, it is evident that it is going in the opposite direction i.e. back to “fundamentalist Islam” and its accompanying extremes.

          • Cherie Greco

            “Muslims are like children”? Generalizations like that may be convenient. but deliberately insulting and disrespectful. And Jews and Christians are like ____? I think many on your list would beg to differ, especially the Bedouin.

          • ty

            Please, hasn’t political correctness become a caricature of itself? He’s right, Muslims do seem to behave like children. They (meaning Islamic extremists and terrorists) are dishonest, easily frightened, don’t hold themselves accountable for the mess they are in. The fact that there are (were) vast deposits of oil has created wealth (for a greedy few) is almost impossible to fathom. With unlimited wealth, what would a child do? Maybe create a snow-skiing facility in the hottest place on the planet? Or vending machines where you can purchase solid gold bars! Basically, whatever a child wants, the child tries to go and get and when you have lots of money, it’s possible.

          • Getalife

            Even after reading documented history of what is factually correct, you still think the Palestinians had their land taken away from them… you’re clearly have not taken a class in middle east political history.

            As for the rich Arabs that you refer to are only Rich because they claim ownership over their countries Assets, while the rest of the population live in poverty…Take away oil and they won’t be driving their Matted out Bugattis with UAE number plates for much longer….nor buying super-yachts and hideously garish planes.

            Israel/Jews on the motherland pretty much pioneer everything technological cutting edge that is available today…Google, Facebook, Tesla, pretty much the whole medical industry, blah blah…need we go on…all the Islamic world pioneers is intolerance of others, misogyny and civil war.

            While I feel empathy for the Palestinians suffering in Gaza, they are being oppressed by Hamas – their own elected leaders ( sure the election would have been questionable at best…but that’s par for the course for any Muslim country).

            Why dont we compare how many hungry, violated or better yet, murdered Arabs there have been in the Muslim world in the last month in comparison to the west…? I’m sure the numbers will be 100s if not 1000s to one in favour of the west.

          • Belle


          • stanley

            You’re a proper Philistine! …As Christian Lebanese person, I would rather live in Israel than any other Islamic country on earth. The reality is Islam does not mix with any other religion…if this weren’t the case, my ancestry wouldn’t have had to flee Lebanon.

            Israel is one of the most technologically advance countries on earth, their people pioneer most of the technology we use. War completely jeopardizes their ( and any western countries) economic stability and livelihood and because of that, there is no way on this earth they are perpetuating war.

          • GymMom66

            I don’t know where you get your “sources”, but they are clearly mistaken.

            Last I checked, Arab Israelis get to vote, own land, hold public office, attend and graduate from some of the most prestigious universities in the country, work at any profession for which they are qualified, marry whom they choose, speak openly and freely (even against their government), practice their faith, etc.

            I won’t deny that there are some people in Israel who discriminate against Arabs, just as there are some people in the US, or Canada, or European countries, who discriminate against people based on the color of their skin, or their religion, or the way they dress, or their sexual orientation.

            But individual acts are different from SYSTEMIC discrimination. Arabs in Israel are equal under the law, and are treated equally by most of the society. I can’t say the same for Jews or Christians or Gays in Arab countries, or under the PA or Hamas.

          • nelfri

            Actually, that’s false. There are 1.6 million arabs in Israel and 1.7+ million in gaza. if arabs want social security they have to sign a discriminatory document stating that Israel is a jewish statement. arabs are often evicted from homes (which are subsequently given to jews) that their families have lived in for decades in Israel because Israeli authorities claim they weren’t bought properly. many arabs who live in Jerusalem are aware that if they leave the city, Israeli authorities will not allow them to return. they are only offered permits.

        • Dennis

          Ok, so they were given the land. Then 5 nations waged war on them and got their arses handed to them. At that point, they earned it. Countries have tried to knock them off the hill, but Israel keeps winning, so, yeah, it’s their land now. Deal with it. And sweetie, Hamas is a terrorist group. Innocent people are being slaughtered by Hamas…and then they hide behind innocent people as Israel fires back. It’s surprising to see an American eat up Hamas’s propaganda so easily. You’re a liberal arts major aren’t you?

          • AceTrace

            Hamas is a death cult. Apparently Kristy is quite comfortable with that.

          • Jesse James


            Trying to argue with one of them is like begging a terroist captor not to cut your head off.It will just make for more fun for all of their “peace loving” muslim children to make their favorite video later.

          • nelfri

            Illegally taking someone’s land and then beating the hell out of them when they fight to take it back does not mean that the invader ‘earned it’. Israel wins solely with support from the USA. Hamas is a terrorist group according to, ironically, the biggest terrorist group in the world, that is, the US administration. Please enlighten us all with your wisdom as to how you would fight a war of defence when your oppressor has squashed you into to an area the size of 3 London boroughs with a population of almost 2 million, one of the most overpopulated areas globally.

          • ty

            You say, “Illegally taking someone’s land and then beating the hell out of them when they fight to take it back does not mean that the invader ‘earned it’.”
            Actually, it kind of does. Also, you claim the US to be a terrorist organization. Of course this is ridiculous. Despite the obvious ease with which the US armed forces defeats its enemies, you have to realize that it does so even while it has one arm tied behind its back.
            The US, far more than any other country in the history of the human race, has continuously strived for weapons and policies that support the idea of avoiding collateral damage. These policies often put our brave young soldiers in a more dangerous situation.
            Our enemy knows that we have rules of engagement that we must follow and has developed despicable tactics in an attempt to gain an advantage. They have no qualms about staging attacks from churches or schools, using their own children as a human shield that they know we will not try to breach.
            There is no doubt that in our quest to limit the damage we do to the civilian population we have suffered increased casualties than we otherwise would have. In spite of this, for every US soldier the enemy kills, they lose well over 1000 of their own solders. This is why the OP claim of the US being the largest terrorist organization is ridiculous. Terrorism is the bastion of the coward and the last hope of a defeated enemy. Terrorism is the deliberate targeting of non-combatant, civilian populations specifically for the purpose of creating fear and terror.
            There is not even a sliver of hope that our enemies will be able to go toe to toe with the US military. Similarly, the Palestinians have realized that they can never win a war against the Israel military. So what do dishonorable failures do? Blow up children, women, whatever is the easiest to kill because that is all they can do. The problem with this is that all it does is galvanize and unite us as a force of good against evil. Time and time again, when public opinion begins to sympathize with the Muslims, they can be counted on to wipe out any support they may have been fostering by pulling some gruesome act. To us, this type of warfare is so repulsive and cowardly that it fills us with rage. We will never stop hunting down terrorists. And every terrorist act makes us exponentially stronger and more determined to find and exterminate these people.

          • GymMom66

            It appears, nelfri, that you aren’t very good at reading.

            Because if you read the article, and understood it, you couldn’t possibly be making that claim. Recent immigrants to a region, many illegal, who had no ownership or political control, can’t exactly claim that it was “their country”, at least not without being laughed out of the room.

            That would be like a bunch of illegal Mexican immigrants in this country trying to claim that the US is theirs, because they live here now.

            That is what the “Palestinian” Arabs are doing, when they claim the land.

            Take a GOOD LOOK at the population statistics, the photos, and the records left by visitors to the land before the Zionist movement started. It was EMPTY.

          • harry

            using drones destroying all infrastructure such as hospitals and school and to this day people are still suffering and losing their live
            this day which was based on a hunch that the US supposedly had which cost over 500 000 deaths half were children remember that your tax payers money to pay for these bullets the US is not a democracy it’s a pultocracy controlled by the 1% of people who have 27% of the wealth the people have the power please
            it’s the paper that they worship all their lives that controls their lives that can dictate the outcome of anything in this country

          • joelhfx

            Living on land is one thing. Forming a state by force is wrong period. It’s too late now, but that was wrong. The war you face now is just a result of how you regained your homeland. I hope you enjoy it. Jews lived peacefully with Arabs for centuries prior to the Zionist delusion. This “right” to return and rule is complete utter non-sense. I don’t support Hamas at all either. I’m just saying, the fault belongs to Isreal. This wound is unhealable with the current approaches being used.

          • fusmianoc

            @Dennis,we wouldnt have this problem if these displaced people were given part of the US. You have the room and no rights to gift other countries to anyone.Of Jewish faith or not.

        • Belle

          You demonstrate SELECTIVE BLINDNESS at it’s finest…….”The Jews, and Israel, have not really won a war “on their own”. EXCUSE ME ! In 1967, when Arab nations ganged up on Israel and embarked on war against Israel, the tiny nation (against all odds) took on 5 of those nations SIMULTANEOUSLY and WON (in a matter of a few days, the “6-day war”) !!! If you are going to watch the horrors as portrayed on biased mainstream Western media (i.e. regurgitated via the Hamas Propaganda Machine) and draw conclusions based on that LACK of knowledge alone, then be be prepared to look as naively foolish as your comments demonstrate you to be. KNOWLEDGE THROUGH OSMOSIS HAS NOT YET BEEN INVENTED, SO YA BETTER READ GIRL…….and in your case, READ A LOT. (P.S. AND, Expand your reading sources far beyond the Hamas/Palestinian version of re-written false history. Also DO TRY to develop an analytical mind……a challenging task if you aren’t born with it.)

          • fusmianoc

            Look at US congress, most last names are Jewish. That is why they can build in occupied areas and commit wars crimes on a massive scale in Palestine.

          • DC

            Which last names? There are only 2 or 3 Jews in the Senate I think. Tell me which last names are Jewish? And what is your definition of a Jew? A last name? Someone who practices the religion? Someone who has Jewish descendants? The truth is, Republicans who are mostly Christian are the greatest supporters of Israel in the USA. And your Jews are the “boogey man” conspiracy theory is a bunch of BS.

          • fusmianoc

            @DC. punch in Jewish members of US congress.

          • fusmianoc

            @Belle,Its quite true,they haven’t won a war ever. You have been indoctrinated. The facts are the US in the background were supplying Israel with all the money needed,gifted the modernist weaponry available, and also provided nuclear bombs against UN resolution.(never sanctioned).
            Anyone else would still have sanctions imposed,who gave the US the right to impose sanctions on any country.They shouldn’t be dictating to the world, it goes against your so called DEMOCRACY. LOL.

        • Christine King

          The Jews were there before any of the foreign conquerers such as the Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Crusaders, Ottomans, and finally the British, who invited them BACK TO THEIR LAND. It’s pretty pathetic when a foreign occupier invites a people back to their land. As you can see, the Arabs land at about 5th on this list of many who came in AFTER the Jewish people had originally settled the land of what is now modern Israel/Palestine. Muslims have no more right to that land than the Greeks or any of the others. The Jews have been fighting for what is rightfully THEIR LAND for too long. Your lucky the Israeli’s are willing to peacefully give “your people” even a smidgin of it.

          • JustMe

            ‘Israel is not the Ashkenazi Homeland’

          • fusmianoc

            @ Christine King In that case,in accordance with your mindset the US should be given back to the native Indian.

          • Amanda Rae Lee

            I agree with that.

    • Bob Siegel

      The Canaanites were sacrificing babies on the altars to their gods. That is why God told the Hebrews to take the land.
      If you would like to debate me over the radio on this subject you are welcome any time. There you will be forced to deal with facts instead of using antisemitic phrases such as “Jewish babble”

    • RixPolitix

      I don’t really understand your point, Jamal. I would be hard pressed to identify any (non third world, anyway) country today that exists without any change in “ownership.” To me, the Native American Indians were in North America first. The Europeans “conquered” the country, built it up, more people came, land was partitioned back to the American Indians (reservations), where they (reluctantly, I’m sure) exist. Now, what would happen if the Native Americans decided that they wanted more of their homeland and started lobbing missiles into Oklahoma City? Do you think the US Government would just sit by?
      The bottom line is that all these people in the Middle East can make claims and justify their land rights, depending on a point in time in history. Right now, there is Israel and there are surrounding Arab nations. The Arabs (and their derivatives) need to stop trying to destroy Israel and other terrorist acts and try and co-exist. It is pretty clear to most even-minded people that Israel has been living under constant threats and, given the fact that they haven’t nuked their enemies, has been showing considerable restraint. The Palestinians (which isn’t even a real “nation” by the way, if one reads history) have some land to call their own and so does Israel. Amen.

      • bill

        Im getting the impression you might not really know whats going on here. First off your analogy is quite flawed. Imagine that same scenario but instead marines go to Indian reservations and take Indian land by force. They occupy the Indian land that was reserved specifically to them. The Marines occupy the reservation and tear down people’s homes so they can build theirs. Then imagine we kidnap, torture and illegally detain them and they entire applauds. Then one day they’ve had enough and turned to a radical Indian chief who starts carrying out attacks to defend against the occupation. Our military obliterates them killing many innocent people. And all you hear in the news is about how America was acting in self defense and the Indians were provoking them. Noe that sounds pretty familiar no?
        The Israelis are illegally occupying Palestinian land that was given to them because of the creation of Israel. And no the Israelis have hundreds of colonies and settlements in Palestine land. Their military rules over the streets making transportation or even an economy Impossible and the are held under strict military curfew for 140 days a year. And I won’t even get into the atrocities committed against civilians by the Israeli military there are plenty of videos and sources out there that will make you feel sick. I’m not telling anyone to support a terrorist organization but I’m damn sure not supporting Israel because now the difference isn’t so clear.

        • RixPolitix

          Bill, I really hated to leave you with that impression because it obviously provoked a response from you that makes no sense. I read it 3 times and still am trying to figure out how the US Marines fit into the picture. Now, if you want to suggest that after the Indians signed a treaty, agreeing to the areas designated as “their land,” but that then the US government (via the Marines) decided that wasn’t good enough, after all, and wanted to take over the casinos that were sitting on the reservation, then I would only say that would be very difficult thing to do without the world recognizing it for what it is. Seems to me, in the case of the Palestinians, that they are trying to say that Israel isn’t playing fair and abiding by the agreement that both sides agreed to. Well, if that is true, then make your case diplomatically with the world.

          If, however, (and I think this is what most people see as the truth) Hamas and the anti-Jew crowd, are provoking the Palestinians people by calling for the destruction of Israel, seeking more land beyond what they agreed to, etc., then that is a different case. In that case, most reasonable people would say that Israel is defending itself against a people that will never be satisfied until there are now more Jews. Sort of hard to negotiate with people that want to kill you.

          • Bill

            Rix I was simply using your own analogy with a little perspective. Your latter impression of marines to Israeli soldiers is exactly the point I was trying to make because that is exactly what is going on. Israeli soldiers are illegally occupying Palestinian land in Gaza that was agreed to upon the implementation of the two state solution. Most people believe that it is the Palestinians who are breaching Israeli territory and trying to take their land. This is simply not true, the Palestinians don’t even have the military superiority to even attempt to advance on Israeli land. I can not stress enough that Israel has no right to self defense when the are occupying Palestinian land with their military. Whenever Palestinians retaliate against this oppression they are labeled as the aggressors when more often than not Israel provokes them with violence of their own which is not reported by the media. Now if your argument is that Israel has the right to take Palestinian land because they are militarily superior then that’s fine. Would we support Russia invading Ukraine simply because they are superior? Now the Grey area in all of this is that Palestine is being defended by a terrorist group. And I do not condone terrorism in any way. But what makes hamas aggression more deplorable then the Israeli military who have employed the same tactics against Palestinian civilians in much greater numbers. Israeli soldiers target civilians in schools and hospitals, use citizens as human shields and torture and kidnap civilians. The only difference is they don’t use suicide bombs but what is the difference between a suicide bomb and a regular bomb aimed at civilian locations? Nothing just the sentiment behind it.

            I honestly can’t blame most people for supporting Israeli especially when the are mislead by the media and not given the proper facts or context. It’s no surprise that our media is so supportive of Israel, especially when you see how much money we send to them in support and the staggering influence of Israeli lobbyists (AIPAC) on the major media networks. You really can’t deny the media is pro Israel and they won’t either. They give little or no coverage to the Palestinian side and this is the same for almost every major network. Their is crucial context to this situation that is intentionally not being given.

            Lastly I do realize that there is a lot of anti Israel people in the world particularly coming from radical Muslim’s. But the anti jew sentiment of the few does not justify Israeli aggression. Just because I do not support the israeli occupation of Palestine doesn’t make me anti jew or pro terrorism. And I’m not saying you are accusing me of that but unfortunately most arguments against Israel is labeled as anti semitic or hateful. I respect your opinion and implore you and all readers to research Israeli aggression or Palestinian oppression, at the very least it may provide a little perspective.

          • RixPolitix

            Bill. It just seems to me that if Israel is occupying territory that is outside the scope of the agreement, then the world regardless of the media would recognize that. Why is it that only the Palestinians seem to be suggesting that Israel is occupying land that is not theirs?
            And, again, if Palestinians have a case to make, they shouldn’t do it by sending missiles into Israel. That is not the way to draw attention to their grievance and puts them in an incredulous light with the world.

          • Bill

            Rix Israel is illegally occupying
            Palestinian land and most of the international community recognizes this, just
            not here in america because of our unrelenting support of Israel. As i outlined
            previously there is immense pressure on america media outlets (television and
            print) from Israeli lobbies like AIPAC to not portray Israel in a negative
            light and put a pro Israel spin to their coverage. Many international media
            outlets like BBC cover the situation unbiasedly and let their viewers form an
            opinion of their own. So i don’t blame you for your impression of the situation
            because sadly, most Americans have been misinformed and mislead from the facts
            and some except everything they hear or see from the media. Unless you do
            research for yourself you will not have a comprehensive understanding of most
            of the issues that effect us not just as Americans but as people. Unfortunately
            everything from politics, media, religion and finance are heavily influenced by
            lobbyists and special interest group who represent the most powerful and
            corrupt institutions and corporations. Like any business their goal is to
            maximize profits at any cost preferably with as little resistance as possible.
            Why do you think the corporate elite support politicians who advocate
            deregulation, free enterprise and tax cuts for the wealthy? Sorry for getting off topic but most people don’t
            realize the influence these institutes and lobbyists have on normal Americans
            like me and you. Many of my other points i posted in my response to Q ball and
            honestly,that’s a lot to type again lol so maybe just read my response to him.
            I would post links or cite my source but apparently the comments section doesn’t allow that…which is ridiculous. I would love to hear your opinion after researching the points i have made, at the very least it may
            provide a little perspective.

          • Parallax View

            Research this. In 2005 Israel withdrew all its forces from what is Gaza today and left not one single Jew in the place. In fact the Israeli army forced their own people who had settled there kicking and screaming at gunpoint out of their homes. They even left valuable infrastructure behind including a high tech, world leading, horticultural business that they had promised to train the Gazans to use and benefit from. The government did this, despite vehement opposition from from many within its ranks in the belief that by ending the occupation in Gaza and giving back land they would have an immediate truce. And by showing a conciliatory hand would be able to progress the peace talks to arrive at a workable long term two state solution.

            What they got instead was to see Hamas tear down all the infrastructure and replace it with rocket launchers that were now closer to Israel. Although I am strongly opposed to the current creeping settlements encroaching into the West Bank, I can see why the right wing pro-settlement factions are in the ascendency. Their argument is that we gave them the land, we never got the peace we were promised in return. And they still call Gaza occupied. The world hates us anyway, we may as well build settlements.

            The real issue is that Hamas can’t be trusted. Actually, I take that back. Hamas makes it very clear that it wants to destroy Israel. Even if they moved back to the “1967” borders which they know are indefensible

          • Bill

            You do make some good points most of which i agree
            with specifically regarding Hamas. As long as Gaza continues to appoint radical extremist groups like Hamas to defend themselves, there will continue to be conflict and devalue there claim that they can govern themselves. I also agree with you regarding Fatah as the best option for a peaceful PA, The problem is Palestine isn’t united, Fatah retains control of the west bank and Hamas retains control of Gaza. I do however think Israel knows precisely how to provoke Palestinian aggression and more often than not Israeli aggression or instigation is woefully ignored or misrepresented in the western media. Case and point Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld recently told a BBC reporter that the kidnapping of three Israelis in the West Bank that allegedly led to Israel’s most recent Gaza massacre was in reality not connected to Hamas leadership. I wonder how different the current situation in Gaza would be if Palestine was united under a peaceful non violent Palestinian authority.

            You are correct regarding the disengagement of 2005 but i would argue Israel still retains occupational control of Gaza and the West bank. Despite removing 8,000 settlers and the military infrastructure that protected their illegal presence, Israel maintained effective control of the Gaza Strip and thus remains the occupying power as defined by Article 42 of the Hague Regulations. Today, Israel still maintains control of the territory’s air space, territorial waters, population registry and the movement of all goods and people. Additionally, Israel maintains control of all border crossings including the Gazan border with Egypt. They also control much of the fuel electricity and water supply to much of Gaza which is a significant human rights concern. The siege has stifled Gaza’s economy, destroyed its infrastructure and has cut off access to some of the most basic amenities needed to live a dignified life. Israel also currently maintains many settlements in the west bank as well and reports as recent as May of this year claim the planned expansion of more Israeli settlements in the west bank. The United Nations, U.S state department and most International agencies still consider Gaza a part of the Occupied Palestinian territories because Israel exercises complete military control over the area. While i agree that the disengagement in Gaza was a step in the right direction, as long as they maintain control in the area its hard to argue that Gazans are free to govern themselves.

            I think a very important question (and one i would certainly like to research more) is the relation of the rise of Hamas to the disengagement of 2005 and continued military presence proceeding the disengagement. I think the two can be directly correlated but i don’t think its a proper indication of what Palestinians would do if Israel gave them complete control over themselves. Just because Hamas was elected into power doesn’t necessarily mean Palestine will always resort to violence when the Israeli oppression ends, although the current situation makes it hard to argue that. I think most Palestinians want the ability to govern themselves and if they had a stable, nonviolent Palestinian authority i think it could very well be achieved. The current situation in the west bank is concerning to me though, particularly if the violence in Gaza continues. I just hope the west bank doesn’t fall into the same viscous cycle of violence that Gaza finds itself in today.

          • Parallax View

            Bill, thank you for your measured reply. You’re quite right, Israel is by no means squeaky clean. The blockade is crippling, but then again Hamas has been caught time and time again smuggling in weapons. Even seemingly humanitarian supplies like concrete, supposedly to build civilian infrastructure, turns up in a network of offensive tunnels instead.

            Bill, I feel desperately sorry for the Palestinian people – especially the children – because they are innocents being held hostage by a nihilist terrorist organisation whose leader sits in a comfortable hotel room in Dohar watching while his people die. Sure, Hamas was democratically elected back in 2006 – one man, one vote, one time – apparently because Fatah was seen to be corrupt, but of course, there’s been no hint of another election since.

            I firmly believe that if it were not for Hamas, if the Palestinian people had better, more pragmatic leadership, they might have worked towards peace after Israel had pulled out of Gaza. Then there’d be no reason for the blockade. In fact, if the Arab nations surrounding Israel hadn’t attacked within three days of it being declared an independent state, then Israel would have stuck to the 1948 borders. This constant occupation and/or blockade costs Israelis a lot of money to maintain. There’s no other profit for them in it other than their own security and survival.

            One more thing: those who are convinced that Israel isn’t interested in peace and only wants to steal land from the Arabs need to ask themselves why then didn’t Israel simply hang on to all the land it won in the six day war of 1967? They gave a big chunk back to Egypt in return for a peace treaty. Same with Jordan. They tried to do the same in Gaza. They gave them back the land and then Hamas stole the peace.

          • JustMe

            The Palestinians that they are murdering are more genetically connected to ancient Hebrews than they are. 2000 years ago BLACK PEOPLE lived there. The man-made Suez Canal is what causes confusion. God is not going to place white skinned people in HOT AFRICA 2000 years ago. All of this alleged higher IQ and genius level intelligence yet ignorant of the obvious. I can not believe that anybody can justify what is going on there and sleep well at night.

          • Q Ball

            Israel colonists are not occupying gaza at all. All the rockets come from gaza though. Thats because hamas is in control there. West bank has no rockets but all the occupation. So this means Israel should occupy gaza, to stop the rockets if you use bad statistics.

            But I know you are not for a solution. Everybody who states israel stole land is not interested in a solution. which country wants to receive 10 million homeless jews?

          • Bil

            Q ball you are just
            plain wrong my friend Israel IS occupying Palestinian land in the west bank and
            Gaza, particularly east Jerusalem. Once again, if you do a little basic
            research you will find this to be 100% true. Israel ceased this land in the six
            day war of 1967. The UN drafted resolution 242 which implored the withdrawal of
            Israel armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict. Israel
            still has not complied with this resolution and have violated more UN
            resolutions then any nation in the world. Since the 1967 war Israel has
            continued their aggressive settlement of Palestinian land, displacing hundreds
            of thousand of Palestinian civilians. As of 2010, over 300,000 Jewish settlers
            lived in the 124 officially recognized settlements in the West Bank, and over
            300,000 Israelis lived in settlements in East Jerusalem. This is a clear
            violation of article 4 of the Geneva convention. Israel has been condemned for
            this by the united nations in two separate votes in which 92% of the nations
            voting voted against illegal Israeli occupation. Your argument literally make
            no sense so i suggest you research the facts not project your ill informed

            So because my opinion is different from yours
            you assume im not for a solution? That is quite ignorant of you so let me tell
            you what i think so you don’t jump to conclusions. Both sides are at fault
            here, and i do not defend Palestine responding with terrorism. As long as they
            continue to appoint terrorist groups like Hamas, many people will find their position
            indefensible. But that doesn’t absolve Israel of their violence, occupation,
            and use of terrorism as well. And yes Israel does employ “terrorist”
            tactic as well. Israel has used Palestinians as human shields, just like Hamas.
            Israel has targeted civilians just as Hamas. Israel had been condemned by
            several independent international agencies for war crimes such as kidnapping,
            torturing, killing, and illegal detainment of civilians as well as destructing
            Palestinian homes and building Israeli settlements in their place. The whole
            world condemns Islams support of radical extremists and rightfully so. However,
            many scholars and philosophers have argued that the rise of modern radical
            extremism in the Muslim community is directly linked to the rise of the Zionist
            movement. Again, just because i, and many others, agree with this assertion
            doesn’t mean we agree or support radical extremism. The Jews have been
            subjected to terrible inhuman war crimes and terrible persecution for centuries
            i do not blame them for their desire to have a Jewish state. The two state
            solution should have been the sole solution but it has failed for many reasons,
            and both sides are at fault. Much of the current situation can be traced back
            to the 6 day war of 1967 in which Israel defended itself, and in an act to
            deter future aggression, seized control of land in the Palestinian territory at
            has yet to relinquish it. My personal belief is that the current situation has
            reached a point of no return and the time for a peaceful solution has passed.
            Jews won’t stop until they annex all Palestinians from their “holy
            land” and the Palestinians won’t stop until Israel has been abolished. As
            long as the united states and other superpowers continue to support and aid one
            side their will never be peace. That is my opinion, which has been formed from
            extensive research and no bias to either side. If you don’t do any research of
            your own Q ball then you will continue to be ill advised and uninformed. I would provide links but apparently this site does not allow links. A quick google search will provide all the context needed.

          • guestx

            Bill, In reality, people like you should be sent over to the West-bank to see what its like to co-exist. Israel should have annihilated all of the 6 countries that tried to eradicate it in 1967…just like Maggie Thatcher wanted and claimed their land…they are all lucky that Israel left their borders alone, out of good taste. I suppose in your mindless view, the multiple attacks on Israel that occured in 1967 were not a violation of the Geneva convention? Please keep going, your just proving how much of biased philistine you are.

          • Bill

            People like me? So what does that make me? Having an opinion of my own makes me mindless? Its laughable that you consider someone who is critical of Israel mindless, perhaps I should just blindlessly support Israel? If you want to understand my point then perhaps you should read my whole argument instead of paraphrasing. My point of view has been well documented on here if your going to just insult my opinion then you bring nothing to the table. Perhaps you should go to gaza and the west bank, you could use a little perspective.

          • MUHAMMAD AYAZ

            if another country massacred Jews then UN and European union impose sanctions and in case of Israel they are doing nothing ,why UN gave 55 percent of land in 1948 in resolution 181,although they bought only 5 to 6 percent of land.Furthermore USA play dual game and supporting Israel for their personal interests.In 1979 USA support mujahdeen and taliban to counter USSR and called them freedom fighters and now fighting against taliban and callaing them terrorists….

          • fusmianoc

            @Muhammed Ayaz,Quite true. Potsdam Conference 1948. Palestine under British mandate gifted the country to the displaced European people of Jewish faith. In the early nineties the offer of 50,000 dollars offered to others around the world of Jewish faith to settle in Israel to increase its population.And even today the true owner is not even given identity.Set Gaza alight for 7 weeks killing little children and babies, while the world watched frightened to do anything about it.And these people have the check to call these victims terrorists.( who’s raining terror on who?).

          • shafeeq

            Don’t just believe what western media shows you bro… you need some investigation before you say something you would regret in future…. be a responsible human…

          • guestx


            I find it comical that people you are likening Israel’s existence to that of a theoretical invasion of Indian reservations (Palestine) by the US Marines (Israel) … as:

            1) 30 odd percent of the Israeli population are Muslims and Christians, who live in an environment far more free than any Islamic equivalent…most of which either have or will fight for and defend their country in the IDF

            2)Islam really only came to be in the 6-7th century, prior to which most of the region were either Jewish or christian..The Quran uses most of the Old testament as its base, all of which, came to be in the time of Mohammed who was simply a descendant of Ishmail ( Abraham’s son)…so with this in mind, how are the Jews, equivalent to Indonesians invading Australia? … In reality they are equivalent to Australian Aboriginals…Every Muslim that exists today is a descendant of something else… Whats more, structures like the Western Wall and the Old city of Jerusalem predate Christ, whilst buildings sacred to Islam like The Dome of the Rock (built 691 AD…) came long after.

            3) If we really want to be pedantic, one of the most holy cities in the Islamic faith – Medina, was a Jewish before it was Islamic….

            In regards to Gaza however, In 2005 Israel pulled completely out of Gaza, in 2006 when the Palestinian Arabs were able to vote in a legislative election for the first time in ten years, they chose Hamas, a genocidal terrorist organisation that drew its popularity from its unwillingness to even entertain the thought of peace with the Jewish State.

            The 2006 election showed once again that the root cause of terrorism lay in a culture where political popularity came from killing Jews, not from bringing peace.

            Hamas’ ability to carry out more spectacular terrorist attacks, employing motivated Islamist suicide bombers, gave it the inside track in the election. Where Western political parties might compete for popularity by offering voters peace and prosperity, Palestinian factions competed over who could kill more Jews. And Hamas won based on its killing sprees and its unwillingness to water down its platform of destroying Israel. If occupation were the issue, then the less territory Israel “occupied”, the more peace there would be. But the real world results of the peace experiment have led to the exact opposite outcome.

            Israel’s withdrawals from Gaza and Lebanon did not lead to peace, they led to greater instability as Hamas and Hezbollah exploited the power vacuum to take over Gaza and Lebanon, and used that new-found power to escalate the conflict with Israel. The less territory Israel has occupied, the more violence there has been directed against her. The goal of the terrorists has never been an Israeli withdrawal and a separate peace, but the perpetuation of the conflict, and the elimination of the Jewish state.

            Half a year after Israel withdrew from Gaza, Hamas swept the Palestinian legislative elections. Another half a year after that, a Hamas raid netted Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit as a hostage. Barely a year after Israel had withdrawn from Gaza; Hamas had found a way to bring Israeli soldiers back into Gaza for a renewal of the conflict.

            Cut off from attacking Israel directly by a blockade, Hamas deepened its investment in long-range weapons systems, even while complaining that its people were going hungry. After its takeover of Gaza, it significantly improved its weapons capabilities. In 2004, it had achieved its first Kassam fatality killing a 4-year-old boy on his way to a Sderot nursery school, but by 2006, its capabilities had so dramatically improved that it was able to launch its first Katyusha rocket at Ashkelon, the third largest city in Israel’s south with a population of over 100,000.

            As the volume and range of Hamas’ rockets increased, Israel was forced to take action. In 2004, Israel suffered 281 rocket attacks. By 2006, that number had increased to over 1,700. In 2008, the number of rocket and mortar attacks approached 4,000 triggering Operation Cast Lead, also known as the Gaza War.

            Operation Cast Lead destroyed enough of Hamas’ stockpiles and capabilities to reduce rocket attacks down to the 2004 and 2005 levels, but another dramatic increase in attacks in 2012, with over 2,000 rockets fired into Israel, combined with the smuggling of Fajr 5 rockets capable of reaching Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, forced Israel to carry out a series of strikes against Hamas in Operation Pillar of Defense.

            Both times Israel did not choose a conflict of opportunity, but reacted to a disturbing level of Hamas violence, and had nothing to gain from the conflict except for a temporary reduction of violence.

            The same is the case of Operation Protective Edge

          • Belle

            You say (quote) “Israeli soldiers are illegally occupying land in Gaza”. That is BLATANTLY FALSE. Israel has not occupied GAZA since 2005, when it voluntarily withdrew its soldiers. Since that time, THERE HAS BEEN NO ISRAELI OCCUPATION OF GAZA. Check your assumptions before you nonchalantly state them as fact.

          • Bill

            Wrong. They are occupying gaza and the west bank. The disengagement act of 2005 you are referring to disbanded the illegal Israeli settlements primarily in gaza, and 4 in the west bank. Israel however still maintains military control over gaza airspace, shipping ports and completely controls their borders and effectively there economy. The only people who dont recognize gaza as occupied territory is israel and some ill informed americans.

          • Bill Johnson

            You seem to be oblivious to the fact that Israel withdrew completely from the Gaza Strip in 2005, so how is Israel occupying Palestinian land? Judea and Samaria — otherwise known as the West Bank — is not, nor has it ever been Palestinian land! Rather, Judea and Samaria were the original homeland of the Jewish people long before the Muslims or the Christians arrived.

      • Belle

        All very true. And both Israel and Palestine do have some land to call their own. But while Muslims say “Ameen” at the end of a prayer, the actual concept of “So Be It” is not understood by them, and therefore those words never mediate their thought or their actions.

  • Jacob Z. Campbell

    Very informative. I am left with the feeling that the problem cannot be solved by force, nor by peaceful negotiation, but that everyone unfortunate to be in that part of the world is terribly unlucky. From my distant point of view all I see is hatred at work. Sort of the opposite of like, say for example, opposite of the teachings of the Buddha. Or the Dali Lama. What Mohammed’s tactics and Moses and Joshuah’s tactics we’re leave me thinking that there is a crack in the middle of the universe that vomits this plagued existence on all parties involved. Thank you for this very informative essay. It answered many questions for me; and, dispelled some illusions I’d been operating under. Peace for everyone is my prayer.

  • Shuneez

    I will disagree to some extent. The reason why I support Palestine more is because of the cowardly moves by Israelis/Jews/Zionists-whoever they really are. Although both sides weigh heavily when it comes down to this war, Jews are more to blame. They are given some boots and a gun and off they go killing children. Rather, shouldn’t they be killing those they have a problem with? What did those innocent children do? Shame on them for doing so! It doesn’t matter who the land belongs to, you don’t go around for once not even thinking a child might die by your own bloody hands. Both on shame for cursing this upon themselves and the children there, but shame on Israelis for killing them. You want land, don’t you? Good lord, if it really satisfies you, kill those in control but leave the children alone. You might get more support that way.

    • RixPolitix

      Yeah, Shuneez. Thank GOD Hamas and the PLO and the DFLP and the PFLP-GC, etc. never killed any innocent children. They used those smart weapons that could be fired into schools and school buses and playgrounds and only kills adults. (I am sure you can’t be that ignorant, right? Please tell me your just being biased and bigoted and aren’t mentally unstable.)

      • Vicki Wilcox

        I agree with Shuneez!! Yes, there have been many, many nations kill children in war. Once again there’s no denying that. However, they’re very much in the same place as Moses when he and the people were stopped by the Red Sea. Had it not been for God parting it, they would have been slaughtered. God will not intervene in this. It is true, Jews were once the chosen people, however when there was a decision to be made between 2 men that changed their fate. One was Barabas, the other was Jesus Christ. Pontius Pilate told the Jews it was up to them which one would die, and which would be freed. The Jews chanted, free Barabas, free Barabas. That does not mean that all Jews are not in God’s favor, however unless they accept Jesus as the son of God, they will not inherit the Kingdom. It’s in the Bible if you are Christian. Read it.

        • Vicki Wilcox

          Pontius Pilate said: “I see no fault in this man.” I wash my hands of his blood. Jesus was the only person then and now who never sinned.

          • RixPolitix

            So, Vicki, does this mean that all Christians should hate all Jews because they tortured and killed their savior? Obviously, Christians and Jews have been able to long since settle any differences and live together and even marry each other. It’s sort of like a beautiful rainbow, isn’t it? Why can’t the Jews and Arabs get along, then? “If happy bluebirds can fly over the rainbow, why then oh why can’t I?”

          • Donna Johnson

            This is an age old conflict based on religion…there will never be a solution to it. There can only be those that can see what hate does and what religious hate brings and try to put a stop to it in some way. But when one country, area, settlement (whatever you want to call it) is continually given large sums of money with which they can develop one of the strongest militaries in the world and their so-called leader is an egotistical, arrogant, conceited man, it is very one-sided. Most serious conflicts such as this are based on those things.

        • RixPolitix

          I am an atheist. Let’s not get into the thousands of years of people killing each other over their interpretation of the Bible, usually done by people living in tents in the desert with minimal education. And, ironically, these are the same folks (Christians, Muslims, Jews, and everything in-between) fighting over the same God of Abraham. Hell, even the Irish can’t figure out which “Christ” they should be following: the one that is Catholic or the one that is Protestant.

          My point is that a) Palestinians should not be allowing Hamas to hide behind them and use them as shields; b) If the Palestinian people didn’t like the latest “deal” they signed, they shouldn’t have agreed to it; c) If they want to get a better deal, then go to the global community and make your case (“Israel isn’t playing fair and they’re occupying us and they are setting up blockades and basically being big bullies.”) d) Don’t, however, pull on the junkyard dog’s tail too much because he will one day bite you.

        • Parallax View

          Actually Vicki, if you are into the God vs Allah stuff then you’ve gotta ask yourself whose side is he on? As Abraham Lincoln said when the American Civil War had been going on for years and taken a terrible toll, “God can’t be on both our sides at the same time”

          The Arabs believe that Allah, like the christian God controls everything. That’s why they always talk about Allah willing when discussing future hopes. For example, My son will pass his exams, Allah willing. My daughter will marry a nice man, Allah willing. We’ll wipe Israel off the face of the map, Allah willing.

          Don’t know about you, but after 65 years of fighting and trying to get rid of Israel and they seem further from achieving that than ever before, someone’s gotta start thinking that maybe Allah ain’t willing.

          As for the “chosen people” all that was about was that God chose to give Moses the 10 commandments. But as that great Jewish philosopher and theologen, Tevye said in Fiddler on the Roof, “Lord, I know we are the chosen people, but for once, choose someone else.”

          • jenny

            Don’t you think the time has finally come to leave the bloody jews alone!?Why don’t all these stinking terrorists stop killing people and do something productive with their lives for themselves and their people. Don’t they know how to do anything else but terrorize!!!

        • Laura Hewett

          To make a long story, short… Vicki, read the whole book of Romans verses about God hardening the heart of the Jews for a season so the gentiles can be saved: Romans 11:25 For I do not desire, brethren, that you should be ignorant of this mystery, lest you should be wise in your own opinion, that blindness in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in.

          Gentiles don’t think your better than Israel. Romans 11:20 Well; because of unbelief they were broken off, and thou standest by faith. Be not highminded, but fear: (PAUL IS TELLING YOU, IF YOUR FAITH SEEMS STRONGER THAN SOME AMONG ISRAEL, DON’T THINK YOU ARE BETTER, BUT BE WISE AND FEAR GOD) 21 For if God spared not the natural branches, take heed lest he also spare not thee. 22 Behold therefore the goodness and severity of God: on them which fell, severity; but toward thee, goodness, if thou continue in his goodness: otherwise thou also shalt be cut off.
          23 And they also, if they abide not still in unbelief, shall be grafted in: for God is able to graft them in again.
          24 For if thou wert cut out of the olive tree which is wild by nature, and wert grafted contrary to nature into a good olive tree: how much more shall these, which be the natural branches, be grafted into their own olive tree?
          25 For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in.

          Also read, various prophecies in the Old Testament about the importance of Israel and the Middle East. Any Christian hating Jews because they killed Christ doesn’t understand the bible they are reading. What’s happening in the Middle East, with Israel, is talked about in the bible, and is actually happening… heading towards Armageddon, Christ’s Return, and all the promises of God fulfilled. No more war being one of His promises. God made a covenant with the tribes of Israel, they are His chosen people. He is faithful to His promises to them, if not, then He wouldn’t be faithful to anyone… He is not a man that He would lie. So far, the bible is unfolding as it says would happen.

      • seeram

        If you are going to try and have a civil discussion then continue to have one based on facts, non biasness free of cheap insults and your opinions will be respected as is Bill’s. Why respond to Shuneez when it’s clear she is bias .

        • RixPolitix

          I am sorry that my comment to Shuneez offended you, Seeram. I would (with all civility, mind you) suggest that we all have a biased viewpoint or else we wouldn’t be taking the time to provide counterpoints. Finally, as to “facts,” I did at least take the time to point out a few non-Israeli organizations involved in their share of child killing, so that wasn’t all “emotion.” The bottom line in all of this is that the eons old conflict will never be solved unless the Arab collective have their way and obliterate Israel, which is unlikely.

          • Shuneez

            Maybe my comment up there was a bit biased towards Israel. But I only want to defend the children. It doesn’t matter which land they belong to now. Now I don’t know anymore, after several arguments and false propaganda, who is right or wrong. But I know for sure that the innocent kids don’t deserve this, I just want to defend them.

        • Edgar Williams

          Everybody is biased, even you are.
          When you’re ready to accept that, do respond, otherwise don’t waste time.

      • Shuneez

        Your sarcasm and wit just made me lose faith in this discussion. I was politely pointing out facts against Israel AND Palestine, insulting both of them with Israel being the major, not personally insulting you. I know that Palestine are killing children too. However, the difference in death is big. Plus, it’s rather pathetic that Israelis are on war because they think that ‘God gifted them the land’ and they should war upon it. Again, my question, why kill the children? Kill the people in Palestine, take the land, and get it over with! In both sides, children will die. But they only need the land, right?
        Or are you not that smart either? I’m insulting both of them! The only difference is, I’m defending the children which none of you guys tried to mention. I don’t care who the children belong to, they don’t deserve to die. And I’m not being sensitive or biased here, I’m just being human.
        The cause of war should stay until the end, or there should never have been a war in the first place. And the children aren’t stopping them from taking the land, the adults are. So, play fire with fire.

        • RixPolitix

          Then perhaps the cowards should not hide themselves among the innocents.

          • Edgar Williams

            Cowards are called cowards for a reason, mate. She is right. In both sides there are cowards which are causing children to die. While they hide, the children are presented as food on the battlefield and neither side has done much to prevent that. And we can’t do much to tell them that either, eh? We can only rely on the media to feed us whatever they wish. Like now.

        • Edgar Williams

          I completely agree with you. It’s wonderful to know that humans still exist, those who stand for the truth and not what media or articles on websites tell us.
          However here, we dig the facts and evidence to support our views just to win an argument against one another, or to be proved right-that’s all. Here we want to smash our views on one another, knowing that it won’t do much of a difference but please us. You have no place here unless you know how to win an argument, emotions are considered biased and something that ruins the strategy of an argument. I know you are only following what’s right in your heart, but believe me when I say this, don’t bother unless you know how to debate with facts. Accepting another person’s point is already hard enough, considering another’s feelings is literally forgotten.

  • xexon

    Zio-nazi apologist.

    Someday, boys and girls, the Arabs are going to hunt zionists like the Jews have hunted nazis.

    And for the very-same-reasons…


    • Parallax View

      If you actually paid attention you’d see that the Arabs, the one’s that want to “restore the caliphate” are doing that now – and more. They want to destroy Jews and Infadels – that includes everyone who is non-Muslim, probably you and most of the people on this forum. But they’re starting with their own people by trying to impose their own brand of Sharia on the other Shia’its versus Sunni’s.

      And by the way, they (ISIS) don’t mind beheading Christians as they did last week in Mosul. So where are the protests and the blogs about that? Don’t take my word for it, do the research. When these folk are finished with the Jews, we’re next.

  • mozzeroth

    That has to be the most biased, deceitful and misleading history lesson ever!

    • bobsiegel

      You are welcome to call my radio show and debate it with me. Let’s see how well you handle the actual facts. That offers goes to the many anti-Semites who wrote also.

      • nowisthebest

        Any person who questions Israel or offers different opinions is not always an anti-Semite. You guys need to stop using that word too often because anti-semitism will lose its power and meaning because of people like you who use that word to blame any person who questions Israel’s actions in Gaza. One day there will be a real anti-semite, and you guys will be like the kid who cried wolf. You are not helping your own cause.

        • bobsiegel

          I never said that everyone who attacks Israel verbally is an anti-Semite. But some of the comments on this post are. When writing Mozzeroth, I merely extended an invitation to the radio show. I went on and extended the invitation to the anti-Semites with the world “also.”

          • nowisthebest

            This is not a reply to you but to Q Ball; however, since my reply to the poster keeps being deleted and you are the author of this article, I will post my reply to the poster here. Wonder why your website keeps deleting my post *tsk tsk*

            Q Ball, most Arabs do not live in Israel. You need to recheck the part of your brain you pulled your statistic from. There are approx 1.6 m Arabs in Israel (For source, which is from Israel, search: Vital Statistics:

            Latest Population Statistics for Israel), while there are 2.65 m in West Bank and Gaza. Shocking, isn’t it?

            And the Arabs living in Israel are living as a second class citizen and have been discriminated in almost every part of society. In their own land! Guess this may not be so much shocking to you depending on how you interpret the verifiable facts of Palestine.

            (Source 1, search: That is certainly no way to integrate Israeli Arabs into the workforce)

            (Source 2, search: Second Class: Discrimination Against Palestinian Arab Children in Israel’s Schools)

            By the way, these are not individual accounts be Arabs living in Israel, which although more powerful, may not succeed in satisfying you.

            Finally, if you have any rebuttal, please provide some real data and sources. Emotions, although very helpful, are not sufficient. We already have too much emotions, blame and “magical” facts about this conflict, which has not helped it. And remember the golden rule:

            “The person asserting an affirmative claim (or blame) has the burden of providing evidence for his claim.”

          • Parallax View

            The internet is a wonderful place where we can all find statements and opinion often dressed as “facts” to support our preconceived versions of what we’d like the “truth” to be. Whether there are more or less Arabs living in Israel than Bob says is not the point so much as 1.6 million, by your own admission, live there in a total population of 7 million or so.

            Of course, they have differing opinions of how they are being treated by their government and it wouldn’t be hard to cherry pick a bunch of negative statements if that’s what suits your narrative. But hey, isn’t that the same as in any truly democratic country? How many Americans are critical of America? Brittons critical of the UK? etc etc.

            The reality is that Arabs living in Israel are equal under the law and some of them are even judges and there’s at least one serving in the Knesset. Admittedly he’s a strident critic of the government, which only proves that Israel is a vibrant democracy. Try being critical of Hamas in Gaza and see where that gets you. To paraphrase the Russian defector and comedian who settled in the US, In Palestine they have freedom of speech, but in Israel, they have freedom after speech.

        • Parallax View

          You are absolutely, 100% right that questioning Israel is not anti-semitic. But when you apply a different set of standards to one country, religion or race than you do to others that’s plain old discrimination. So let’s not call it anti-semitism which suggests that Jews have a special hatred directed at them, let’s just call it discrimination or prejudice which we all know exists whether directed at African Americans, Hispanics, Asians or even white Americans… and, yes Jews too.

          Here’s the thing. More people have died in three years in Syria than in 65 years on both sides of the Israel/Palestine conflict yet barely a street demonstration about that. And when Hamas was murdering Fatah supporters at will, who among the those posting here bothered to post about that? Where are the blogs and protests about the death rate through Iraq and Syria as ISIS prosecutes its bloody cause including the beheading of 10 Christians because they were Christians? One can’t help but think, if it were Jews beheading Christians then social media and blogs like this would explode with “questioning” Israel.

          Does anyone have a clue of what’s going on in Sudan? Barely a peep about Russia’s treatment of Chechya or it’s current push into Ukraine which has managed to bring down a Malaysian Airlines plane with 298 innocents aboard? Outside of Holland and Australia who lost the most citizens fe letters to the editor condemning the perpetrators made it to print.

          Clearly it’s not just bout how many people die and in what circumstances, it’s about who pulls the trigger. The media rarely reports when Hamas starts firing their rockets into Israel, it’s only when Israel fires back that all hell breaks loose. Call it whatever you like, but its not fair.

      • Roxy33166

        Thanks for this article, Mr. Siegel. I recently took a religious studies course on Eastern religious traditions, where I studied many of these facts.

        • Roxy33166

          I appreciate how you wrote such complex information in a way that is clear and easy for people to understand. Maybe they will take it from here and study the facts for themselves, hopefully from scholarly sources. It’s amazing the way I have seen some bloggers put a spin on history. If it wasn’t so sad and disturbing, it would be laughable.

    • Dennis

      What facts do you have to offer to counter this?

    • Roxy33166

      Get a history book on Eastern civilization. Sorry to break it to you, but the historical facts in the article are accurate.

  • Tirpak Magyar

    not even one word of Theodor Herzl who is the father of Zionism born in Hungary in the late 1800,before him not even one jew was thinking about Israel as a state,he got mad how people handled the jews in France at the time so he wrote his book and the whole thing began,in fact the first world war was made to motivate the jews to move to Israel,since it did not work they had to up the game and start the second world war with better motivation for the jews and tada in 48 they got what they wanted

    • Roxy33166

      The Jews have been thinking of Israel as their land for over 3,000 years, ever since it was called Canaan. That didn’t just come up with Herzi

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  • Vicki Wilcox

    I have just one thing to say after reading this…….what’s new? Many nations have been at war over territory “Both sides have violated the laws of their
    own faith. So we can’t continue to defend one side versus the other […]
    Peace is with justice. It’s not with wars. You’re not going to get
    peace by killing more children. Even the history of North America is no secret unless you’ve lived under a rock. How quickly we forget!!! The entire United States was occupied by native American Indians. I’m not going through the tedious, not to mention cruel treatment of the original inhabitants who resided on that land, and if you don’t know you should read about it. It could make some of these wars look like a birthday party. So, with that being said, stop the greed already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vicki Wilcox

    Coincidentally, had the American Indians believed that the land belonged to anyone, they would have killed the first peoples who got off the ships. No, they didn’t believe the land belonged to anyone. There were no fences. Not only that, but they kept the newcomers alive by feeding them until they taught the businessmen, mainly from Europe how to farm. Otherwise they would have starved to death. Then the new residents decided that was not enough, they continued to push the native Indians further west. Yes, there were wars if you want to call it that. The Indians attempted to protect their women and children the best they could…..there just weren’t enough of them. Read “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.” You’ll cry like a baby. When you finish that, then read about the trail of tears. Man has ruled man to his ruin through greed.

    • RixPolitix

      Vicki…I was the one that brought up the Native Americans in my earlier argument but I think that we are off topic. Besides, I was born in Virginia and my ancestors actually settled in Jamestown, Va (I’m sure you are aware that was the first settlement, not the folks on the Mayflower and Plymouth, Mass. that came along 20 years later.).

      Regarding your comment about the Indians being a peaceful, non-territorial, fun-loving bunch…let me remind you of the Powhatan tribe (remember Pocahontas?). In 1622, they massacred the men, women and children of Jamestown. (From Wikipedia: “In all, the Powhatan killed about four hundred colonists (a third of the white population) and took 20 women captive).” But, as I say, we are getting off topic.

      This is actually a good analogy, though, because as you pointed out…it wasn’t long before the Native American Indians found themselves unable to defend themselves against a stronger enemy. The Palestinians and Hamas (and Iran and ISIS and the rest) should take heed.

      • Anthony

        Actually St Augustine, Fl was the first settlement. And if you want to get technical, the first European settlements in North America were Viking.

        • RixPolitix

          I stand corrected, Anthony, and neglected the Spanish in Florida (as well as the French in Canada and other places). I was intending to set the record straight in regards to Vicki’s comments alluding to the passivity of the American Indians and focused on Jamestown massacre.

  • Bill

    Bob Siegel why are my comments getting deleted? My comments were critical of your article but not offensive or “anti-semitic” in any way. Does an opposing opinion not matter?

    • Bob Siegel

      I am not the editor of these comments

      • Bill

        Never mind apparently i can’t provide links haha my fault.

    • bobsiegel

      Bill. You will have to ask the editors of CDN. They moderate comments.

  • Andrea Shortreed

    I could only read about a third due to the obvious biased opinion of the writer. Delve deeper and get the scoop from various sources and form your own opinion. I won’t be fed my opinion from one source.

    • Roxy33166

      Why don’t you get your information from history books. If you had before, youn would have already known the information in this article is historically accurate.

      • Cubes


  • Kaleani

    I’ve read most of the comments below and all i can find to say is this: you can all blahblah all you want, one thing is sure and you better get this thru your heads – Israel exists and is here to stay! You can cry and scream and fight all you want, it will not drive the Jewish people out of the land they deserve to live in. The Arabs ‘Palestinians’ are fighting a war they cannot win!

    • Bill

      Well I don’t think you did read the comments because i haven’t seen many people arguing Israel doesn’t have the right to exist. If they did then you should present your case to them. After all the whole purpose of a discussion is to present your opinion in a logical manner and hopefully find some common ground with those of differing opinions, but apparently that is considered blahblahblah to you? Is the discussion over now?

      • Kaleani

        you are right, I did not read it all. Maybe i should have done so. I am just tired of all the misinformation floating around everywhere. For the first time I am seeing the media actually showing both sides of the conflict. it used to be one-sided only (palestinian of course). Shalom…

        • Bola

          Just check the DNA you will see that the Zionest are European. Nuff said

          • Bill

            God said Israel belong to him. He also says the Israel people are the apple of his eye. To be safe I think I will side with God and Israel’s citizens. This small country Has been robbed of most of its real land. Jerusalem and part of the Arab countries belong to Jacob and his descendants. .

  • Courage

    Very well put and sharp. Kudos for making the obvious obvious.

  • Lukas

    I think what we need is a meteorite to come down and wipe everything way; basically a clean slate. As humans, we have proved that we can’t take care of planet. I think we need a ‘dinosaur apocolypse part deux’. We don’t need to religion to tell us what is right and what is wrong (after all it was invented to control the masses). I truly believe that humans are nasty, greedy, envious, ignorant and malicious lifeforms, (just look at the condition of most countries on the planet). I think in the interest of the planet it would be best left in the hands of the animals. They’ll do a much better job looking after it. Sad but true.

  • Lee Paxton

    Obviously the Jews need a homeland and it’s just too bad that the Arab world cannot come to grips with Israel as a legitimate state; also too bad that Israel and Palestine cannot find a peaceful solution to their differences. They need to work it out with only a modicum of help from the big powers. The reality of the mid-east is theocratic powers tinged with fanaticism. They need to find peace, but also it is a reality that this region, including Israel, are very insignificant compared to Western Powers and don’t really deserve the news coverage they get. In short, find peace or bury yourselves.

  • heather

    I have long said, this isn’t about land, but extermination of a religion and culture not accepted by another. I have actually asked the question, what if there was no ‘holy land’. Say a natural disaster, dissolving the place into nothing. Would you still fight? Well, the answer was chilling and saddened me greatly. The answer was over and over, “we have the right to kill all non believers”. I’ve read and re-read everything, from both sides, also, non-biased writings. I come to the conclusion that Israel must protect herself in every way possible or face genocide. Those in power rejected all and any attempts to recognize Israel’s right to exist. Don’t start with who was there first, because when you look at it, there have been many successors and each took their place with the right to rule. So that argument is mute. Israel is the rightful successor, having won in war. Many times. Sadly, it will continue, because when one culture want’s another’s elimination, there is no talking. I hope Israel does not repent, or give up any more land, because they will only make themselves vulnerable. Might I remind you, on 911, there was one who wished our extermination, right here in America. This will continue until education and humanity replaces a hatred, for no other reason, than to not accept that you exist.

  • Neville

    If I lived in a neighbourhood where everyone hated me I would just move to a lovely peaceful place that had multicultural beliefs and religious tolerances like Australia or US. God loves you no matter where you live or worship. Peace in life is more important the Place

  • Jamal

    It is difficult to side with the Jews. I feel for their situation however history is littered with the facts that nation upon nation hates them. There is a reason for this. However, in saying that, the only modern day resolution to the mid east peace problem is for the entire region to pick a side and sort it out via a final end of days war. The losers should be completely and utterly destroyed. End of problem. It might be nasty, genocidal and barbarous but it would end all this cr4p forever.

    • ParisHughes

      Wow….this is an interesting statement!! Do you know that the Bible says this exact thing…that, since the Jews rejected Christ, their long-awaited Savior, that they would be scattered, and hated by the world!!! Amazing you would pick up on this. They are, however, still God’s chosen, so they will never be annihilated. Read Revelation in the Biible to find out what happens. This is really interesting that you would see this!!

  • Jazzy J

    This article is horrible, biased, bigoted junk. AVOID!

  • Tassaduq

    A highly biased and one sided view of Jewish nature. History has been crushed in this article. Are the Americans and Australians prepared to hand over Americas to the Red Indians and Australia to ab-origins? They will fight tooth and nail until the ultimate befalls on them as it fell on Arabs in Palestine. It is good on Israel’s part that they have put the Arab pride under their feet. Perhaps Arabs will never realize what they did with their Ottoman benefactors in case of Palestine.

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  • Cherie Greco

    You lost me on the first paragraph, because I don’t know anyone who believes that a Jewish State is any threat to world Peace “somehow” or otherwise! In fact, I have never even seen that “notion” in print. What do commonly hear and often read is ( proper clarification ) that a “Zionist” Jewish State has always been, and will be a direct threat to Palestinian. A threat to their freedom, equality / human rights and Peace and Future if they wanted to maintain their independent identity. Well over 100 years, since the idea’s inception it has been so. “Where will we go? Will we lose all our beloved homes, farms, crops, groves and Land that we have worked and saved so long and paid for?? We have lived here for generations it is our home! So how are we ever to feel safe with Zionism?” are the old questions.

    Obviously, wherever there’s ongoing military occupation ( especially one heinously decades old and in the Palestinian territories ) the population will suffer in innumerable ways. Judaism and zionism are not the same thing, as so many Jews around the world ( including the US and in Israel ) will tell you. Jewish folks often lead the charge for a true, honest, sincere peace effort for a lasting, sustainable legally binding Peace plan solution; a two State solution and a free Palestine. They Love Israel and want a wonderful peaceful future for ALL living in the Holy Land and explain the difference well. It is accepted that one will use aggressive violence against neighbors and the other wanting Peace, using violence only as a last resort. I.e several Holocaust Survivors have come making public statements; explaining how they supported zionism in theory as well as IN Israel, until they saw what was done to the Palestinian people; then they were aghast, broken-hearted ( after the hell they lived thru ); and denounced “zionism” which took them to places they never wanted see again on Earth, let alone in a Jewish State they prayed for!! No religious Jew wants to be an oppressor. The very nature of zionism ( which is not about religion but rather DNA, heritage though accepts converts ) is an ongoing threat to any hope for equality and the very land necessary FOR a future Palestinian State. If the Zionist government has secret plans to continue confiscating more and more endless Palestinian land “illegally” by force ( exclusively for new Israeli only settlements ) they should consider announcing it truthfully, so other plans can be made and/or no more time and money wasted on an insincere “partner for peace”. Many of these settlers are extremist Zionists; violent against Palestinian neighbors i.e. burning down their crops, Olive groves attacking in the middle of the night. Settlers have Police protections whilst Palestinians do not.
    The world Loves the Holy land more than any land, and ALL want to know why Israeli gov. refuses to address the issue. As it has been, it is insulting and highly disrespectful to anyone trying to broker permanent peace and security for BOTH Israeli’s and Palestinians). Israel “punishes” the people involved every time. Additional settlements are the largest obstacle to any future peace solution.

    Many of our Rabbi’s and religious Jews in Israel, US and world point to the Torah’s deep roots supporting Human Rights, how the reality of “Zionism” in the Jewish State cannot promote these hopes; due, to the small size of Israel and the zionist goal of being able to house every single Jewish person in world. One can conclude with the State-sponsored settlement activity taking land until none left for Palestinians is the real plan!?

    Theodore Herzl himself knew a Jewish State was crucial for the Jewish people, yet saw his Zionist Dream as impossible in the old Biblical homeland due to size and populace living there already ( Palestinians ). Muslims, Christians and Jews over 90% Muslim. He wanted a larger place where the Jewish people did NOT have to uproot people and “take” by force, wanted a spot with options to expand as need be. Since Israel is small, and Jerusalem ( in particular ) is so beloved by all Jews, Christians and Muslims alike it also had the curve-ball of needing to be shared, so a purely democratic Jewish State without the zionism expansionism ( which apparently is never satisfied ) is NOT at all a threat to anyone. Or keep the Zionism 🙂 but make minor change in description; from this day forward 🙂 construction will be in high-rises if every Jew on the planet decides to live here!!! This issue left un-addressed is clearly inadvertently hurting many wonderful totally innocent Jews around the world by confusing zionism with Judaism. The LAST thing the world needs is anti-Jewish anti-Semitic resentment and hatred. Maybe Netanhayu stokes it so he can “justify” taking ALL their land, due to ill will he’s creating.

  • Cherie Greco

    That must justify the Israeli citizens who took to the streets chanting “Death to ARABS!” … held to higher standard and all. Sadly, the many Israeli’s who have been demonstrating for Peace had their protests broken up by police or halted in tracks “canceled” by government. Israeli’s, as people everywhere, have differing opinions.

  • JustMe

    If you are going to give land back to the original owners than give it back to Black African’s and the original HEBREWS/JEWS who migrated to Ethiopia. After hijacking their religion, you call them immigrants and decedents of immigrants. You don’t have all of us fooled.

  • JustMe

    Well, If you are going to give land back to the original owners than give it back to Black African’s and the original HEBREWS/JEWS who migrated to Ethiopia. After hijacking their religion, you call them immigrants and decedents of immigrants. You don’t have all of us fooled.

  • Thameris Griffith

    Fact, Arab nations don’t trust the Palestinian, and the Palestinian has given them good cause not to.
    Jordan took them in and the PLO and all it’s branches including hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. They repaid Jordan by deciding they would liberate Jordan and take over with the help of Syria. Jordan was out numbered 4 to 1. Only one country helped Jordan. Just one. Israel.
    After defeating them other Arab nations did not want the Palestinians so they convinced Jordan to give them a couple of cites and let them stay. Jordan finally was forced to expel them because they refused to stop attacking Israel, committing terrorist attacks and hijackings of airliners from Jordan They all fled to Lebanon and immediately started a war between the Christians and Muslims and with the help of Syria tried taking over that country. Today you can easily find fiction written by Palestinian ignoring the truth and blaming Other Arab nations for not helping them.

  • dustyd86

    Wwoww, this article is extremely incomplete. Yes the Jews have lived in the area for a long time. However this writer seems to have neglected to mention like 5 other cultures who have lived in and ruled the area over the past millenia. How about the persians? Or the ottomans? Or the greeks? Or the egyptians? Jordanians? Syrians? British? This article is obviously bias toward the Jewish people. Through out history the land in dispute was ruled and lived in by Islamic people’s for far far longer and far more ancient periods of time, than the Jewish people. Hell, if you count the years the Jewish people actually ruled the area it wouldn’t equal a tenth of the time of the Islamic culture. Ultimately it is all about Jerusalem and Jewish pride, and that is the reason there is no peace. The Jews want and will not give up their jewish state, even if it is replaced by a tolerant coexisting multicultural state. During the Ottoman Empire, which ruled the area for more time than any jewish culture, the islam rulers allowed religious freedom and persecution was unheard of. But as soon as Jews were given Isreal by the British, they declared it a Jewish state and literally kicked the Muslims out. The Jews want to talk about moses and the Jewish exodus which took place under Egyptian rule (which by the way wasn’t muslim, they believed in the ancient Egyptian religions). Oh woe is jew. Then they do the same damn thing to the muslims. Can you be more hypocritical? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t support muslim radicals or extremists. I just don’t think Isreal should be repeating the very same unjust behavior that they themselves were subjected to in more ancient times. Doesn’t the bible say treat others as you want to be treated? Not treat others as you have been treated. Don’t be hypocrites. Don’t live by double standards. Kill with love, not bullets or self guided rockets. Peace is the birth-child of compromise and understanding, not unending violence and revenge.

    • dustyd86

      Oh and to compound my previous statement. I keep reading comments about how the Jews won the land fair and square. That just isn’t the case. Ultimately the land the Jews hold now was given to them by the British empire. It wasn’t won in some war. They did however quell some uprisings since then and I will acknowledge that fact. Also, other comments about how the Jews have been oh so persecuted in the past. During the “holocaust” it wasn’t just Jews that were killed in mass. The Germans killed far more Russians, blacks and orientals than jewish people. But the only reason jewish people get their name in the history books is because they were the face of the war effort. Americans and Europeans weren’t allied with Russians and perpetuated the same treatment of the blacks and orientals. Hell even the egyptians had black, oriental and white slaves. Not just jewish lol. They say ignorance is bliss and from what I can tell, this comment board is full of blissful, selective ignorance.

  • inquirer

    Would you please elaborate on the difference between the Arabs and the Moslems?

    quote from the article: “From Haj Amin El Hussein Mufti of Jerusalem 1947

    “I declare a holy war my Moslem brothers. Murder the Jews! Murder them all!”
    Earlier you mentioned that the Ottoman Empire were Moslems and the British fought the Ottomans with help of the Arabs. Why would the Arabs fight the Ottomans if they were both Moslem? Is that similar to different Christian sects who have conflict against each other?
    Also, the other day I was told that the Roman Empire allowed the Muslims into that region because the Christian attempt at Romanizing (or Hellenizing) the Jews didn’t work…that Rome thought they would displace the Jewish system by allowing the Muslims, and that the Muslims are in league with the Roman Catholic and always have been. Do you know if there is any fragment of truth in that statment? I don’t trust the person who told me.


    • SparklingMoon

      The Roman hordes under Titus attacked them in 70 A.D. and amid circumstances of unparalleled horror Jerusalem was destroyed and the Temple of Solomon was burnt down for the second time (Enc. Bib. & Jew. Enc. under “Jerusalem”).

      Palestine, the Holy Land, remained in the hands of Christians till Muslims conquered it in the Caliphate of ‘Umar, the Second Successor of the Holy Prophet, and unlike Nebuchadnezzar and Titus he accorded such benign and kind treatment to the inhabitants of Jerusalem and showed such respect and reverence to the Temple of Solomon as are unparalleled in the whole annals of foreign conquest. This second successor of Prophet of Islam, in the light of Islamic teachings, was so careful about the religious feelings of that time’s local people that when he visited Jerusalem he paid his prayer out side this worship place ( that after him other Muslims would not take this worship place from the local people by giving his example and considering it a Muslim worship place)

      Palestine remained under Muslim possession for about 1350 years with the exception of a brief space of 92 years when during the Crusades it changed hands,

  • FabDee

    You are the biggest liar of them all. Israel is violating the Geneva Initiative of 2003 and since has not stop from taking more land for settlement. This behavior is comparable to that of the Nazis and Adolf Hitler, where he stopped at nothing to get what he wanted and used religion to persuade people to follow him. How do you excuse that behavior? Israel and their politicians and those that think this is correct are no better than the Nazis.

  • MohamedAmeen

    And then there is Tony Learman. He is a British Jewish writer who
    specialises in the study of anti-Semitism, the Israel-Palestine conflict,
    multiculturalism and the place of religion in society. From 2006 to early 2009
    he was Director of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research, a think tank on
    issues affecting Jewish communities in Europe). He recently wrote this:

    “If Israel continues its attitude of defiance of international legal norms
    and of the wishes of the international community as regards settlements, then
    this is almost inviting a real resurgence of a form of historical

    Israel’s leaders are not “almost inviting” a real resurgence of
    anti-Semitism. They are actually inviting it. They need it to justify their
    crimes in general and, in particular, their determination to keep for ever most
    if not all of the occupied West Bank, even if that requires a final ethnic
    cleansing of it.

  • MohamedAmeen


    The majority don’t know, for example, that Israel’s existence has never,
    ever, been in danger from any combination of Arab force.

    And they don’t know, another example, that it’s not Israel that has lacked a Palestinian partner for peace but the Palestinians who for the past 34 years have lacked an Israeli partner.

    As I have previously written, there’s a case for saying they might have had one in Prime Minister Rabin, but he was assassinated by a Zionist fanatic who knew exactly what he was doing – killing the peace process Arafat made possible, in 1979, by persuading the highest decision making bodies on the Palestinian side that they had to be ready for unthinkable compromise and peace with an Israel confined to its borders as they were on 4 June 1967.

    And there’s an awesome complicating factor. It’s not only that most Jews of the Western world don’t know the truth of history as it relates to the conflict in and over Palestine that became Israel, MANY DON’T WANT TO KNOW IT.

    In my Alan Hart’s) book, Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews I illustrate this point by telling of a conversation I had with a Jewish gentleman who after my dear wife is my second best friend in the world and has been for more than 40 years.

    Shortly before the publication of the first volume of the UK edition of my
    book way back in 2005 I said the following to him.

    “Like many if not most Jews you believe that when Israel went to war in
    1967 it was either because the Arabs attacked or were about to attack.

    If I can prove to you, using only Israeli sources, that what you believe is
    Zionist propaganda nonsense and that the Arabs had no intention of striking
    first, and that it was actually a war of Israeli aggression, what…?”

    My friend was silent for about a minute. Then, in a voice not much above a
    whisper, he said,

    “If what I believe about that war is not true, everything

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  • Nana

    there is no doubt that israel is a terrorist group of people and they try to use the old testament to say that the land is for them.nevertheless most of the israeli don’t believe in religion they are european zionist and have no connection with the land. jewish people ran away from europe and they came to palestine and palestinian welcomed them as they welcome anyone from every part of the world…they were part of the community but of course they don’t want to be part of the community. from the beginning they start to kill and destroy the villages. the war only started after the jewish wanted to make a jewish state in the land of palestine. muslims, christians, jews lived there but why you want to make a jewish state? there is no state in the world more racist than israel and israel showed that from the beginning. they disrespect the people who welcomed them in their land. they should be thankful that they didn’t get kicked out and killed like what happen in europe. thousand of years ago in the old stories we know that jewish people had great power but they misused it….people history repeat itself in fact they are doing more terrible things to people in palestine ( muslims and christians) than ever before soon will be the end of the terrorist zionist.

    P.S i have respect for all religions and a lot of jews are against israeli crimes and israeli crimes don’t represent them as jews. israel are zionist, racist terrorist.

  • rosross

    No religion has a right to land. Religions do not get land rights, never did and never will. Judaism has no rights to any land. No religion has any right to any land. The colonial war waged by Zionists against Palestine is illegal and immoral.

    • SparklingMoon

      You are right that a person has no right to get a land on the base of religion but now situation is changed as Jews people are living in this area over 60 years and it is birth place of their third fourth generation and now they have equal right to stay on this land.

      Secondly, the country was attacked but Jews had defeated them always. It is historical fact that a land always belonged to a nation who conquered it or who defeated it on the base of having strong military power.

  • SparklingMoon

    The Jews and the Muslims are two nations inhabiting this country.It is hard to believe that either of the two, for instance the Jews, would one day gain total domination over the Muslims,and turn them out of this country altogether. Likewise, it is not possible for Muslims to expel the jews as their third fourth generation have been living in this area. It should always be borne in mind that now they are indispensable to each other in this country.

    ”If one is beset with a calamity, the other will inescapably share it.If either one intends to humiliate the other, out of egoistic pride or vanity, then it will not escape the consequent disgrace itself. And if anyone among them falls short of showing concern for his neighbour, then he too will suffer the ill effect of his callousness. Anyone who contemplates annihilation of the other is like one who saws off the branch on which he is sitting.

    It is a common experience that calamities which cannot be averted by ordinary measures, and the difficulties which seem insurmountable, very often respond to the power of unanimity. Hence it would be against the dictates of wisdom for one to not benefit from the blessings of unanimity. The hardship of this life is like unto a journey in a desert in the midst of summer on a hot sunny day. It would be futile to take this arduous journey without cool water. It is the cool water of mutual love which you so direly need to extinguish this burning fire and to save you from dying of thirst.

    If someone questions the possibility of reaching reconciliation while religious differences are playing such a negative role, throwing hearts further apart, then my answer would be to say that difference in matters of religion can only play a negative role when it disregards the dictates of justice, wisdom and the well-tested human values. It is to avoid this danger that man has been fully fortified with a clear sense of judgement and common sense. He should thus always carve a path for himself which never deviates from the path of justice and good sense. Again it should not violate the commonly experienced human sensibilities.” (Message of Peace)

  • Toshash

    There are plenty of pro “palestinians” here, who defend their claim over the land. here is a little fact you might have overlooked in you’r haste to defend the poor mistreated “palestinians”:
    the “palestinians” official language is Arabic. now if you speak it or know anyone who does or simply Google it you will find out that the letter P doesn’t exist in it and most Arabs who speak it as a first language have difficulty’s pronouncing it. when writing a non Arabic word in Arabic the letter P is usually replaced with either: faa – F or baa – B. but when spoken its almost always pronounced as B. now on most official documents the P in “palestine” was replaced with the letter faa, so technically its “falestine” but when its spoken most Arabs pronounce it “balestine”.
    Lets summarize it for all you brave defenders of the poor and mistreated: you support the claim of people who in their native language can’t pronounce the names: of their country, their land or their name as people. who say and write them in different ways.
    now I’m sure you will all start outraging over this. after all, a dirty good for nothing ugly lying Zionist b@$^ered like me always spread propaganda and lies. I’m fine with that. Don’t believe me go check it.

  • Lanny Warden

    Pure propaganda. The State of Israel was a gift from the UK to Baron Rothschild for bringing America into WWI. Try reading the Balfour Declaration of 1917. While you do that note the part where it says “it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may
    prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish
    communities in Palestine”. Jew and Muslims will both tell you they co-existed peacefully for thousands of years UNTIL the formation of the Zionist State of Israel.

  • King Kung

    God bless you Bob Siegel… pray you continue the homily of truths, especially the young ones who don’t know; and others who may not realize what has happened and how to work to stop the misinformation. Many will find it difficult to understand, simply because of all the background ‘noise’, and it truly takes patience to work out how to communicate effectively.

  • Joseph

    If Israel is so evil and loves killing the Palestinians by the thousands then why don’t they just use their vast superiority to wipe them out? Why let themselves be exposed to rocket fire while beating around the bush? If Israel wanted to exterminate the Palestinians they could do it in a matter of days could they not? Why do they warn civilians of coming attacks a day in advance? It just seems logical that if Israel was the warmongers people they claim they are then they would wipe out the “bottle rocket” armed opposition rather quickly. Didn’t it only take them 6 days to defeat 5 armies? It doesn’t make any sense that they’re the primary aggressors. If they were we wouldn’t be talking about the ongoing conflicts day after day, year after year.

  • justbrowsing

    Apparently, these are supposed to “facts”? I don’t know about you guys, but this seems to have quite a bit of bias and opinion in here…

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  • Nicole

    This article has absolutely no value…it is full of lies and propaganda. : Israel is an illegitimate regime, and an out of law entity,built on the ruins of Palestine.In 1948, 400 Palestinians villages where attacked by the Zionists. Israel used to be Palestine. Israel has been slaughtering Palestinians for over 3 decades Anyone who is telling otherwise is a liar !! Please read the Ethnic cleansing of Palestine by Elan Papee… Read about Gilad Atzmon, and also Miko Peled. His book is: The General’s son