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Let the sunshine in: The spring equinox is upon us

Written By | Mar 19, 2019
spring equinox

SAN DIEGO: The spring equinox begins on March 20, 2019 at 5:58 pm ET as the sun’s rays cross from the southern hemisphere into the northern hemisphere. This event marks the official first day of spring.

What does the spring equinox mean to those living in the northern hemisphere?

During that time the sun is shining directly over the equator–delighting both hemispheres with equal amounts of sunlight. Joyousness resounds as longer days of sunlight and warmer temperatures provide increased opportunities for maximizing life’s experiences.

Springtime activities increase with opportunities for greater varieties of outdoor recreation, more time to spend with family and friends and more possibilities for parties and other social engagements.

Our bodies respond with glee as it soaks up springtime sun absorbing increased Vitamin D with its positive benefits for our bones, immune system and well-being.

There is a spirit of renewal experienced by most as the gloom of winter gives way to the colors and sounds of springtime–replete with melodious birds, croaking frogs, baby animals, colorful flowers, new varieties of plant and vegetable life and more.

“For oft, when on my couch I lie
in vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude;
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils.”
-William Wordsworth

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Springtime blossoms with health benefits

According to the Medic Alert Foundation, there are a variety of Healthy Reasons to Love this Time of Year:

Boost to mental health-The longer days and fresh outdoors provide positive emotional benefits.
Spring-cleaned diet-Time to visit the local grocer and discover springtime produce such as asparagus, peas, and springtime fruits.

Increased vitamin D-More sunlight boosts bones, immune system, muscles and nerves functioning.

Healthier Home-Open windows and allow springtime breezes to refresh the home.

Spring cleaning-Household renewal in the form of spring cleaning, is an ideal time for bagging up unused clothing and other items which could be donated to help others in need.

Exercise more-Springtime is a perfect time to restart favorite outdoor activities and recreation.

spring equinox

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Get outside and enjoy this wonderful season

Taking time to experience the sights, sounds and smells of springtime will be inspirational.
Springtime is nature’s evidence that renewal is entirely possible.

Following in line with springtime’s queue, no matter how life might be at the time there is always hope for renewal.

Springtime is the perfect time to inhale and experience the miracles of abounding new life.
Choose to reset, restart and revel in the endless possibilities of being upward-moving and breaking through the frozen ground of winter and blossoming into springtime.

Until next time, enjoy the ride in good health!

Lead Image: NOAA

It is that time of year again (it happens twice) when the relative angle of Earth is perpendicular to the Sun, causing equal incoming solar energy to the Northern and Southern hemispheres – as well as equal day and nighttime. At 7:20 ET on March 20, 2013, Earth was at its equinox. At 7:45 ET, the GOES-13 satellite captured this full disk image of Earth. The visible imagery sensor on GOES requires sunlight to “see” clouds, and so it provides a useful example of the equinox. In this image the GOES imagery extends to each of the poles since the entire hemisphere is equally lit. After the equinox passes today, the Northern Hemisphere will be more lit than the Southern Hemisphere – causing the seasons.

(Note: the Sun in this image is artificially created, though the GOES spacecraft does have sensors continually monitoring the Sun for solar activity.)


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