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Vaccine mandates: The Unvaccinated are the new Jews

Written By | Nov 22, 2021
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Cartoon by Garrison. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with (See link below)

LOS ANGELES, CA: Authoritarian governments continue to impose unscientific vaccine mandates on an increasingly unwilling populace. As a result, unvaccinated citizens feel their governments want to target them like Nazis targeted the Jews in 1930s and WWII Germany. The Unvaccinated feel vilified, mocked, pilloried, scapegoated and ridiculed. And worse, unjustly blamed for the failure worldwide to intelligently grapple with the Covid-19 bioweapon unleashed by China. Most recently, in Austria, the birthplace of Hitler, the government now mandates  vaccine shots for all Austrian citizens over 12 by February 1. Under threat of criminal penalty.

The Unvaccinated are today’s new Jews.

What happened to the West’s vaunted democracies?

In all seriousness, this constitutes a bridge too far for any so-called “democracy.” It stands as an intolerable breach of human rights. As this perception dawns upon more and more citizens in Western democracies, once-erratic protests continue to break out in larger and larger numbers. This past weekend, thousands protested their government’s arbitrary mandates in the streets of Vienna. Violent riots took place in Rotterdam and The Hague in the Netherlands. Demonstrations also took place in Italy and in Zagreb, Croatia.

Australia initially served as the canary in the West’s political coal mine. That country’s recent, authoritarian government Covid dictates suddenly rendered it unrecognizable as a modern Western democracy as their representatives embraced and endorsed new, fascist Covid restrictions. Now Europe’s autocrats are plunging the EU into another round of unscientific Covid  lockdowns in both Austria and now, in Germany. Vaccine passports have paralyzed France and Italy, literally splitting society in two. The aim: to marginalize a substantial number of “noncompliant” citizens by blaming the unvaccinated for something they never caused. Which is why, without any warning, today’s unvaccinated citizens, have suddenly become today’s new Jews.

Avoiding the obvious: The unvaccinated are not the problem. The “novel coronavirus” is.

A system that denies the existence of therapeutics and natural immunity denies science itself. For a multiple number of reasons, many people in currently locked down countries choose not to accept vaccination with a still experimental drug. Today, anywhere from 30% in the United States to 40% in Austria remain unvaccinated. A large percentage of those individuals have, in fact, contracted the Covid virus and recovered. Thus, they have natural immunity.

Meanwhile, throughout the West the already vaccinated can still contract the disease and spread the infection. For example, in Israel and Great Britain between 60% and 70% of hospitalized Covid patients were fully vaccinated. So what explains the hospitalization and high rates of infection among the vaccinated in highly vaccinated states and countries? No government seems willing to say.

In the United States Dr. Fauci, the CDC, the Biden Administration and the medical establishment refuse to acknowledge the fact of natural immunity. Yet they persist in their attempts to impose an effective national vaccine mandate, defying hundreds of years of medical reality. In Los Angeles, the unvaccinated cannot go inside a restaurant or a gym. City employees who refuse the vaccine lose their jobs. For no reason. This is not “science.” It is illegal and unconstitutional fascism, pure and simple. Governments continue to impose medical tyranny on American citizens without regard to actual traditional science.

How, then, can anyone take anything these people say seriously?

A pandemic of Lies, Censorship, and Mass Murder

From the beginning Dr. Fauci, NIH, CDC et. al., repeatedly lie to us all. Dr Fauci knew from the very beginning that the virus emanated from the Wuhan lab he funded through Dr. Peter Daszak and Eco Health Alliance. This effort was part of the $36 million dollars Eco Health received from the US Department of Defense (DoD).

Worse, from the outset of the pandemic, Fauci knew that HCQ was efficacious against Covid. The NIH funded a study on its effectiveness back in 2005. He also knew that masks didn’t work and actually said so as the pandemic built momentum in early 2020. Unsurprisingly, according to the much-maligned Dr. Scott Atlas, Drs. Fauci, Birx and the CDC Director were the most uninformed, overtly political bureaucrats he had ever seen. They led this country into disaster with their peculiarly haphazard response to Covid-19.

The inconvenient truth vs the lies promulgated by Dr Fauci

The Covid Virus did come from the Wuhan lab.

We know this because Fauci’s fingerprints are all over this inconvenient fact. He claims the NIH grant for “gain of function” research that helped develop this “novel coronavirus” is something else than what it clearly is. Then he claims the virus created under this grant was not the current virus. This does not follow. As most of us know, if you teach a man to fish – or develop a novel virus – he will know how to create the next virus in the future.

Masks don’t work against this virus

The CDC leadership all knew it when Fauci initially proclaimed it. They still know it now. A mask is as effective as a chain link fence is in keeping out a mosquito. Worse, mask mandates for small children constitute child abuse. But Fauci & Co. don’t care.

HCQ works when combined with Zinc.

Fauci’s own 2005 study showed it. Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) administered in combination with Zinc works to penetrate cell membranes to fight Covid’s tricky spike proteins and subsequent replication. HCQ is completely safe. African governments continue to use this inexpensive drug as they have for 40 years to fight Malaria. As a safe, routine prophylactic. The irrational government and media war on HCQ proved a death sentence for hundreds of thousands. The media fails to inform us that HCQ, widely administered throughout Africa as a tropical disease preventative medication, has generally kept Covid eruptions to a minimum. That continues to prove important to Africans who often do not have access to Covid vaccines for various reasons.

Ivermectin works, too. 

Tens of thousands of Covid patients have been saved by a cocktail of Ivermectin, Azithromycin, Prednisone, HCQ and zinc. Millions more have been protected with prophylactic doses of Ivermectin. In fact, Ivermectin has practically wiped out Covid transmission in Uttar Pradesh, India. A state of more than 260 million people. It has massively reduced transmission in Japan since August when it was approved. Ivermectin was created to cure African River Blindness. It has saved the lives of over 20 million Africans afflicted with the disease, and won the Nobel prize in medicine in 2016. “Fact checkers” in both social media and major media outlets falsely proclaim that these scientific facts are being “falsely proclaimed.”

Censorship has killed millions. 

Media censorship, which includes the false war on Ivermectin and HCQ, literally makes those falsely proclaiming such misinformation potential accomplices to mass murder. Every senior citizen in America should have been given Zinc, Vitamin D3, HCQ and Ivermectin at the start of the pandemic. Almost two years ago. Instead, all widely available, provably therapeutic – and cheap – existing Covid remedies were routinely vilified. Governments continue to favor their multi-trillion dollar programs of lockdowns and mass vaccination. No matter that these programs continue, provably, to wreck national economies and destroy individual lives.

Think about it. If masks don’t work but HCQ and Ivermectin do, then there was never any need for the endless lockdowns we continue to experience. No need to close businesses and schools. No need for mail-in ballots and a stolen election. And above all, no need to destroy Western society and all vestiges of civil rights. But even worse, there was no justification for giving untold billions to big Pharma while refusing to confront China for unleashing Covid-19 on the world while failing to inform the world until it was far too late to do so.

The West continues to deny actual science while destroying Western societies and traditions

Today’s Covid-19 vaccines seem likely to end up as costly, short term remedies of diminishing value and efficacy. That’s why we now are  promised a regimen of endless booster shots. Making matters worse, governments have started ordering “vaccine passports” replacing science with the political expediency of robbing individuals of their cherished individual freedoms without any justification at all. The rise of these “vaccine passport” regimes are tearing the very fabric of all of western civilization apart. Will CCP-style “social report cards” be the next step in controlling the populace.

In addition, we must ask why Western governments blame the unvaccinated for the ineffectiveness of today’s vaccines and the follow-on illness of the already vaccinated. The vaccines supposedly protected them and everyone else. Now, with the “booster shots,” the Western “scientific” bureaucrats are deciding to move the goal posts. Again. Like they did with those “temporary” mask mandates. It’s all looking like an enormous shell game. It seems as if they are making things up as they go along. Maybe that’s because they are.

Today, “Because I said so” seems to be the underlying anti-Covid principal, instead of “follow the science.” I did not choose to lose my civil rights and constitutional freedoms just because an epidemic occurred. Today’s bureaucratic fashion of vilifying the unvaccinated is as  monstrous and unacceptable as rounding up the Jews. Forced vaccination of the unvaccinated is a bad look in Austria or anywhere else. Especially when it doesn’t recognize the effect of natural immunity.

The consequences of government lies and science denial

After two years of lies and science denial we are under no obligation today to believe anything that comes out of Dr. Fauci’s mouth. Or anything about Covid that the Federal government proclaims. In fact, a case can be made that Fauci could be accused of mass murder. Perhaps some day he’ll face a Nuremberg-style tribunal, along with Dr. Collins and Dr. Daszak. (As well as the “Bat Lady” and her Wuhan Lab apparatchiks.)

Vax mandates will be overturned by court action in the United States. In fact, that’s already happened to Biden’s “mandate,” save for Federal employees and possibly Federal contractors. The Supreme Court, will eventually have to rule on this issue in 2022. The constitutional dubiousness of this issue is actually not a question at this point. But the current Supreme Court seems consistently reluctant to rule against today’s Washington oligarchs.

Inevitably, however, societies here and around the globe will revolt against this medical fascism.

The unvaccinated have human rights, free will, and common sense. We cannot treat the unvaccinated like the Jews Nazi Germany jammed into cattle cars. You cannot take away our citizens’ jobs and shut down their lives. The people as a whole – the vaccinated and the unvaccinated alike – will fight back. They will not allow themselves to be marched into the gas chambers of authoritarian medical tyranny.

Link for Headline image: Cartoon by Garrison, reproduced with permission of Grrrgraphics.



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