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The French fight back against the “Pass Sanitaire” health pass

Written By | Jul 22, 2021

Protestors of pass sanitiare in France – video screen shot

FRANCE: The current President of France, Emmanuel Macron, announced in a nationwide televised address on July 12, 2021, two days before their national holiday-Bastille Day, that the entire population of France would be subject to his new policies regarding the implementation of a “Health Pass” (pass sanitaire). Beginning August 1 all people must be vaccinated.   All medical personnel, Macron warned, had to be vaccinated by September 15th.

Those failing to do so would be subject to unspecified sanctions and fines.

What is the French health pass? 

“The French health pass (pass sanitaire) is a paper or digital certificate that proves the bearer has been fully vaccinated, had a negative PCR test result taken within the past 48 hours or has had Covid and is considered immune.

Test results or proof of vaccination printed on paper can be used as a health pass. QR codes on these results can be scanned into France’s Tous Anti Covid app where they will be stored in the form of a second QR code, which works as a digital form of the pass.

To be considered fully vaccinated the bearer of the pass must have received all doses of the vaccine (two for Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca and one for Johnson & Johnson) and waited enough time for the body to develop its immune response to the vaccine.

Everyone aged over 12-years-old in France, can be asked to show health passes in these venues.”

Almost immediately the pushback and organized protests began in a country which proports to be the place in western civilization which created a revolution and adopted the motto “liberty, equality, fraternity” as their national motto.

Martine Wonner, the controversial MP for Bas-Rhin, said that the new rules amounted to “dictatorship” and “segregation”.

Marine Le Pen tweeted that The #PassSanitaire is an attack on freedoms and equality between citizens!

Before the protests, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, president of right-wing party Debout la France, held a press conference, in which he condemned the president’s announcements as “an unprecedented abuse of power” and a “health coup”.

Dupont-Aignan saying that requiring the health pass in daily life constituted the “beginning of a spiral towards dictatorship”.

President Macron has consistently used “decrees” without voting, referendums, legislation, or consensus to force his policies on the French people.

This “pass” is being compared to the “yellow stars” required by the Nazis before and during World War II.

By July 16 protests erupted in over 138 locations in France and by July 18 over 110,000 people (a conservative estimate) had taken to the streets. In a show of support French first responders including firefighters, law enforcement and health practitioners joined the protesters.

Authorities in Paris, Perpignan, Lyon, Montpellier, Marseille, Nice, Bordeaux, Toulouse, and Quimper; with the Interior Ministry, put the figure at almost 115,000 nationwide.

A cautionary tale: A history of using medical programs to control a populace

At least 18,000 people protesting just in Paris.

Slogans called out and written on placards across the country included “Freedom!”, “No to the health dictatorship!”, “Macron resign!”, “Our body, our choice!”, “No to mandatory vaccination, vaccination freedom is a right!”, and “Is this democracy in France?”.

“Footage out of France shows police officers joining the country’s growing anti-COVID tyranny protest following President Emmanuel Macron’s vaccine passport decree”.

“Liberté! Liberté! Liberté!” the police and protesters chanted, meaning “freedom!” This show of unity caused Macron and his staff panic and confusion.


Two vaccination centers were damaged in France over the weekend of protests. A surge of “fake” vaccine passports appeared for sale over various online and underground venues. The going rate as of July 20 is about 300 Euros or $354.00.

French food industry adversely affected

For restaurants and French cuisine, viewed as the lifeblood of French life, the new policy presents yet another challenge for business.

“Our job used to be to make sure that our guests had a great time while they were with us. Now, we spend our time reprimanding them. We weren’t trained for this,” said Louis le Mahieu, manager of the Parisian restaurant Les Bancs Publics.

With health rules rapidly changing, many restaurant owners are struggling to keep track.  Louis le Mahieu said even police officers he asks on the street don’t know the “latest regulations”.

Political commentators and reporters see the implications of France and other European nations implementing regulations which will result in a segregated society, emphasizing the differences between those “complying” and “non-compliant” to an experimental injection and “medical tyranny”.

The French population has been more vocal and more courageous than other societies in standing up for individual choice, freedom and liberty during the lockdowns imposed by their government. The mainstream media are either deliberately ignoring these events or downplaying them.

While Americans often make fun of the French and typecast them as “lovers not fighters” – in this case it is the French who keep fighting the erosion of their rights and freedoms through the mass protests by the Yellow Vests, and now with the “Say No to the Health Pass”.

The French are fighting back.  Will they be an example for the rest of the world?  We shall soon see.




About the Author:

Joanne Patti Munisteri lives a ‘different’ life that has taken her around the world.  She works as a contractor in the fields of education, health, research, analysis and training. Joanne is a certified Combat Analyst and Social Scientist. She was part of the Human Terrain System (HTS) with the US Army, training at Ft. Leavenworth. She earned her Bachelor of Science from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and her graduate degree from Massey University in New Zealand. She received her Diploma in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine from the New Zealand School of Acupuncture and TCM in Wellington, New Zealand.

Joanne continues to be rostered on the US Department of State Specialist programs and with USAID. Her technical writing has been published in Small Wars Journal, Real Clear Defense, Journal of Traumatic Stress Disorders and Treatment, Research Gate and the New Zealand Herald. Her non-fiction book, “Traveling Off the X” will be published by Defiance Press in October 2021.

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Joanne Munisteri

Joanne Patti Munisteri lives a ‘different’ life that has taken her many places in the world. She works as a contractor in the fields of education, health, monitoring and evaluation, curriculum design, analysis and training. Joanne is a certified Combat Analyst and Social Scientist. She was part of the Human Terrain System (HTS) with the US Army, training at Ft. Leavenworth. She is a graduate of Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, Massey University and the New Zealand School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her non-fiction book, “Traveling Off the X” is published by Defiance Press. Her personal website is: