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Resistance Chicks with Steve Kirsch: Speaking to the light of the truth

Written By | Nov 1, 2021
Steve Kirsch, Resistance Chicks, Vaccinations

WASHINGTON: The Resistance Chicks are sisters, Leah and Michelle Svensson. They run a suburban pet sitting service in southern Ohio near Cincinnati. They also offer some pretty riveting news commentaries weekly in the form of streaming videos online. Recently they spoke with Steve Kirsch.

Their news commentary broadcasts intend to empower people with the truthful information they need to stand up against tyranny. They have a worldwide audience looking for true, relevant news, with a side of crazy and laughter to break the ice.

The Resistance Chicks stand for a righteous America.

The same America our founding fathers established and so many to go before us bled and died for. They end every show saying, “It’s not just a Conspiracy Theory if it’s the Truth.”, because the truth is often stranger than fiction.

The Resistance Chicks are two Christian spirit-filled sisters who won’t be silenced.

Leah and Michelle Svensson bring fresh perspectives and discussions on important timely topics. Their news commentary broadcasts empower people to question the narrative and stand up against the medical tyranny we see today. Their passion for God and country are examples of God’s love and truths.

They believe each of their broadcasts to be power-packed as they walk us right into the light of the truth to reveal the heart of God to us.

The Svensson sisters just recently hosted Steve Kirsch for the hope he brings with his own brand of logic to today’s pandemic.

Kirsch offers a healthy alternative to the Covid-19 mockingbird madness our world is experiencing today. He blows up the mainstream narratives of mandates for everyone. He is helping to destroy the laser-focused Fauci vaccine mandate of boosters to infinity and beyond!

Here is Kirsch with The Resistance Chicks:  

In their weekly Friday podcast episode, they had Steve Kirsch as their guest.

Steve Kirsch, another patriot stepping up to blow the vaccine narrative – CDN

Kirsch is an MIT alumnus who has made a career as a tech entrepreneur. He has founded 7 companies, two with billion-dollar valuations. He’s a husband and father of 3 daughters, who have all been double vaccinated, by the way.

So how did a brilliant entrepreneur businessman go from one of the greatest most popular thinkers in the world to one of America’s top censored names? From being loved and lauded by countless in his many fields of expertise to being unfriended and shunned by many of them. Kirsch is a bona fide thorn in the side of the FDA and CDC as they push experimental fake vaccines with mandates.

“The vaccine is the worst way to save lives! Early treatment is best.” – Steve Kirsch

Those of us who have faced our own mortality with medical diagnoses for ourselves or loved ones close to us live life differently. Each day is a gift and we value others more than before. We realized our time here is very limited.

Steve is one of those after his diagnosis of a rare blood cancer. His diagnosis led him to set up a charitable foundation to fund research of the disease that plagues him.

Similarly, from the early days of the pandemic, he has been at the forefront of determining exactly what is going on. With a twist; Steve is advocating early treatments for Covid as a possible alternative to vaccines and death.

Steve Kirsch began a partnership with Dr. Vladimir Zelenko which led to him finding  Dr. George Fareed and Dr. Brian Tyson.

Kirsch began promoting the doctor’s protocols which include Hydroxychloroquine and a new and up-and-coming repurposed drug called Ivermectin. At one point in time President Trump, himself, mentioned this treatment. But this was before Dr. Anthony Fauci dominated the conversations of finding a vaccine for Covid-19 in Operation Warp Speed.

Many feel Trump was now played as the vaccines seemed to have been developed a little too quickly and upon closer examinations, none of the four Big Pharma solutions fit the definition of a vaccine in the truest sense of the word. (Covid vaccines, mRNA v. settled science: When’s a vaccine not a vaccine?)

Steve founded the Covid-19 Early Treatment Fund where he put a million dollars of his own money into it to fund research and trials.

The goal being was to find an existing drug or drug combination that, when given early, reduces hospitalization and fatality rates. His foundation has already put forth over four million dollars towards researching promising repurposed drugs.

ne of those drugs his foundation discovered to work well against the virus is Fluvoxamine. Fluvoxamine is an anti-depressant. Kirsch reports,

“SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) appear to activate a central nervous system protein that plays a role in regulating inflammatory responses. Small clinical and observational studies show that repurposing fluvoxamine to treat coronavirus prevents some of the most serious complications related to inflammation, and keeps people from hospitalization.”

Doctors from around the world have been using fluvoxamine with really good results. (Old drug fluvoxamine, new hope for COVID-19 – NBCI-NIH)

While Steve Kirsch is never one who needs to be pried out of his shell, The Resistance Chicks did an outstanding job of interviewing him on a complex subject all of us need to understand better.

In May of 2021, most of the world saw him as an eccentric go-getter, who just wanted to help people. Then a series of events would soon turn his world upside down. Steve and his whole family: himself, his wife, and three daughters were all double vaxxed in March of 2021.

Steve will tell anyone right upfront, his family is not anti-vaccine, quite the contrary. He praised the vaccines as a modern wonder of medicine. Then one day he received a message.

‘Steve, do you believe the vaccines are safe?’

‘Of course!’, he responded, not knowing where this conversation was going. ‘How do you know they are safe?’, the person continued pushing Steve.

‘Because the FDA says so!’, he replied.

Then came the first anecdotal evidence that made him question, if even just a little, his firm belief that the vaccines were both safe and effective.

‘Three members of my family died within 1 week of the vaccine.’

Steve didn’t know how to take this information and didn’t have a way to corroborate the ‘evidence’, so he packed this disturbing conversation away.

That conversation came crashing back in his face when his carpet cleaner Tim, a man Steve knew personally, came to his house with a mask on.

‘Hey, Tim, why don’t you just get the vaccine and you won’t have to suffer wearing that mask.’, Steve joked.

The response he received was not what he expected.

‘I got the first vaccine but can’t get the second, I had a heart attack two minutes after I got the vaccine.’

‘Did you say two minutes before or after the vaccine?’, Steve asked.

‘Two minutes after.’, was the reply as the man who came to clean the carpets opened up his phone and showed him a video of his wife with a shaky arm, like Parkinson’s tremors,  the arm she received the vaccine in.

This rocked Steve’s world. ‘What he just said is impossible!’ and he realized that what he had been told by the FDA was wrong, the vaccines were not safe. Steve then became laser-focused on whether the FDA and CDC were actually telling us the truth.

He began pouring over the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events site, aka VAERS, and combing through the data.

Steve says the vaccine weakens your immune system and that even in older age groups, two 80-year-olds are killed for everyone that is saved.

“The numbers are even worse when it comes to vaccinating children. Kill 100 to save 1 and that isn’t including the injuries, many that are life-altering, Such as 12 yr old Maddie DeGaray who is now in a wheelchair as a result of participating in a vaccine trial in January of 2021.”

Steve has been maligned by fake fact-checkers and their mockingbird media websites. Losing friends. and having fourteen members of his early treatment scientific board resign.

Steve’s Medium account with 10 years of research articles has been taken down.

Why? Questioning the leftist narrative.

Steve calls himself a “medical philanthropist” who says,  “The most important thing to me is saving lives.”

Because like so many other true American patriots Kirsch puts his fellow man before himself. He did a deep dive into vaccine safety data and when he emerged from swimming with the data, he knew he had to warn everyone to get out of the water.
Kirsch is making a difference.

Kirsch has offered up a presentation in PDF form of 168 powerful slides.

He mentions a lady wrote to him to tell him how she had played his Covid-19 vaccine presentation to her local school board. After they watched his presentation, they voted 3 to 1 against any such mandate. Here is Steve Kirsch’s PDF presentation against the use of Covid-19 vaccines:

Making a difference is what keeps Steve Kirsch and many like him going.

The Resistance Chicks are correct when drawing a correlation between our founding fathers and patriots like Steve Kirsch.  They, too, risked their lives, their fortunes, and their reputations on the line. Only Kirsch is standing against medical tyranny in a digital age, when information can be so easily censored. Kirsch will never know how many lives he’s touched, how many he’s helped, and how many he has actually saved.

To mock and discredit his naysayers, Steve Kirsch has a million-dollar challenge for those who are interested. His challenge is kind of a takeoff of Steve Crowder’s “Prove Me Wrong!” challenges that engage us in both humor and critical thought.

Thus far, Kirsch has had no takers, which speaks volumes to those false prophets who follow him only to troll him.


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About the author:

Mark Schwendau is a conservative Christian patriot and retired technology professor (CAD-CAM and web development). He prides himself on his critical thinking ability. Schwendau has had a long sideline of newspaper editorial writing where he used the byline, “bringing little known facts to people who want to know the truth.”

Mark is “on alternative free speech social media platforms after lifetime bans from Facebook and Twitter and shadow bans from Instagram and Fox News commenting.

His website is www.IDrawIWrite.Tech

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Mark Schwendau

Mark Schwendau is a Christian conservative patriot and retired technology professor (CAD-CAM and web development) who prides himself on his critical thinking ability. Schwendau has had a long sideline of newspaper editorial writing where he used the byline, “- bringing little known facts to people who simply want to know the truth.” Mark is on alternative free speech social media platforms after lifetime bans from Facebook and Twitter and shadow bans from Instagram and Fox News commenting. His website is www.IDrawIWrite.Tech