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Healthy Weight Week: Setting health and diet goals

Written By | Jan 23, 2018

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SAN DIEGO, January 23, 2018.: Healthy Weight Week is here and it is time
to join the celebration by making healthy diet changes for a better lifestyle.

What a perfect time to assess your overall health, body type, lifestyle
factors and current weight to become content with what weight is right for

There is a great amount of societal pressure to become physically perfect
and to be a version of a perfect American woman or man.

Birth Defects Prevention Month: Protecting the unborn

Many might feel a sense of failure if they cannot meet the extreme
physical standards of Hollywood or Fifth Avenue.

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Advertising diet sabotages

Advertising in all its various forms inundates us daily with encouragement
to partake of fast-foods and restaurant fare, drink particular alcoholic
beverages, wear certain styles and lines of clothing and to sign up for
various dieting and exercise opportunities.

In response to societal pressures, self-acceptance might become morphed by
some into a mindset that weight does not matter and there is individual
freedom to choose what is desirable to consume, and in what quantities,
regardless the consequences.

The resolution for any potential conflict over what an appropriate weight
might be is a personal choice, made realistic with the counsel of a
trusted health care provider who can assess overall health, current
medications, family history, lifestyle issues, current weight,
cardiovascular health and other risk factors possibly with recommending
particular blood tests.

World Obesity: Recognizing a new worldwide health epidemic

Balancing your diet to achieve your BMI goals

Balancing all personal health and social factors against individual

medical indicators will help to determine any potential allergies, health
conditions, future health trends, and desirable weight range, while also
providing recommendations for a healthy diet and types of exercise which
could be customized.

One fun, quick and easy method to assess current weight level is to take
the BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator, which measures and interprets an
the ideal weight range for height and weight.

Results are immediate and slightly forgiving yet based on fact and research.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has this to say about
the outcome of potential weight ranges upon getting the results:

-If your BMI is less than 18.5 it falls within the underweight range.
-If your BMI is 18.5 to 24.9 it falls within the normal or Healthy Weight
-If your BMI is 25.0 to 29.9 it falls within the overweight range.
-If your BMI is 30.0 or higher it falls within the obese range.

It is cautioned that the results of the BMI be used as a screening tool
which is a guide for discussion with a qualified healthcare provider.

High BMI leads to increased health risks

Serious health problems and risks are caused by being underweight,
overweight and obese, and they are often symptomatic of an underlying
health condition or unhealthy choices.

Overweight and obesity are among the leading causes of death, leading to
commonly known diseases and disease processes:

-Cardiovascular disease
-Breathing problems
-Mild to severe limits to daily life
-Mental disorders

Lowered self-esteem could also be a result and/or the underlying cause of
being overweight or obese, as food and consumption become the “pill” of
choice to assuage what are personal struggles and stressors in life.

Choosing a new lifestyle, versus diet

Developing a lifestyle conducive to healthy weight might take nothing more
then the choice to make having good health an individual priority.

Setting realistic and achievable goals is critical to success, as is
eliminating any negative self-talk.

Selecting foods which are lower in sugar and fat, while being aware of
caloric intake is a great starting point.

“”Create mini milestones you can achieve and celebrate along the way by breaking your health weight loss goal into 10-pound blocks.”
-Sherrill S. Lewis. Pounds lost: 102
Sourced from Shape Magazine

Make Excercise a part of your diet regime

Adding exercise throughout the week could be as easy as walking during
lunchtime or mini breaks, playing a fun sport, joining a gym or purchasing
a small indoor exercise bike or other in-home exercise equipment.

There are applications available for cellular phones which allow for
real-time tracking of steps walked, calories consumed, activities of daily
living and wheelchair exercises for the disabled and more, allowing easy
methods for developing a program tailored to individual lifestyle while
monitoring progress every day, each week and over months.

Moreover, chat groups are available online to lend support to those who
are busy or who would find it enjoyable and supportive.

“Get the motivation you need to keep going on the Internet. You can find
24/7 support with an online healthy weight loss group.”
-Kathy Rohr-Ninmer; pounds lost: 60
Sourced: Shape Magazine

Eat healthy, exercise regularly and think positive!

(image via Pixabay)

Realize that you are perfect today and now, just as you are and, be joyful
in the knowledge that you are choosing to live a healthy lifestyle, one
day at a time while continuing along the path of being the best version
of you!

Until next time, enjoy the ride in good health!

Laurie Edwards-Tate

Since 1984, Laurie Edwards-Tate has served as President and Founder of At Your Home Familycare, a non-medical Home Care Aide Organization, serving seniors, disabled, infirm and children. Laurie is Board of Director 2018 (elected), Palomar Health; Executive Board Member; Chair Board Human Resources Committee; Member of Audits & Compliance Committee; Community Relations Committee.