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Exclusive interview with Nurse Dani: Quitting over Vaccine Mandates

Written By | Oct 7, 2021
Nurse Dani, Frontline Doctors, Vaccine Mandates

Nurse Dani

ORLANDO: Nurse Dani is a certified Pediatric Registered Nurse and mother to 2. After 16 years as a nurse, 20 years serving in health care, Nurse Dani quit her job due to the vaccine mandate at Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando, Florida.

Nurse Dani is not a health care professional we want to lose. She has experience in pediatric inpatient care, operating room surgical nursing, and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) nursing. For over 9 years she has been a Perioperative nurse at Nemours.

Nurse Dani was one of the hero’s we celebrated following the 2020 Covid scare. Now, in 2021, thanks to Joe Biden’s tyrannical mandates, she is among those that are expendable.

She suffered a Covid-19 episode herself. Nurse Dani recently appeared in an interview with Caitlin Sinclair on One America News Network (OANN). More recently she was a guest of Tom Renz on his Lawfare news show.

’10/5/2021 Lawfare with Tom Renz: host Tom Renz with guest Nurse Dani’

Nurse Dani spent time with Communities Digital News to answer some of the questions we have about our frontline professionals. And the bizarre challenges they are facing – having to choose between their health choices and jobs.

Attorney Tom Renz works with America’s Frontline Doctors. Nurse Dani works with the group of healthcare workers displaced because of Biden’s unconstitutional and illegal Covid-19 vaccine mandates.

We opened our conversation with Dani asking her why she opted to walk off her job at Nemours Children’s Hospital.

Nurse Dani:

I was no longer able to do my job effectively inside that broken system.


Did you walk off the job or were you terminated?

Nurse Dani:

What I like to say is I powerfully chose to leave.


So you are not entitled to unemployment then?

Nurse Dani:



In previous interviews, you have mentioned bullying tactics you were subject to. Do you have any examples of that bullying?

Nurse Dani:

Yeah, so um, on the enterprise level it was daily emails and in those mails, it told us the number of cases and they broke it up between Florida and Delaware and the clinics and all that stuff and it was a scare tactic to watch the numbers climb. Um, then when the shot came out there was a HUGE push.

I like to say this they rolled out the red carpet for anybody who was willing to take it (the jab). They asked every person who was taking it to do a social media post and do a hashtag specifically for it so it created an environment for those who were on the fence to start to feel like, ‘Ewww, am I on the wrong side of this? I don’t know.’



Nurse Dani:

Okay, so that was like the first wave of, um, tactics and then it evolved to people in management coming up to me personally and saying, ‘Hey! I’ve got some extra doses today. You can um… You know, I can get you on a list. Do you want to be on a list? They tried to make you feel like you had the winning lottery ticket in their hand, right?

And, um, I’m like, ‘No thanks.’ And the response was, ‘Oh, oh , okay, Jeez…’ Um. Like she didn’t know what to do with me. And she was like repulsed by me because I said like, no thank you. I was very, um, respectful in my, “No.” But it was a solid, “No.”


Was this at that Nemours hospital in Orlando?

Nurse Dani:

Yes. So then it increased. There were more corporate emails and then the corporate emails started to tell us to, ‘Do our civic duty be responsible healthcare professionals, leaders in our community and get the shot.’ And it was daily. I couldn’t open my email without seeing these daily pushes. And then it got to the point where, well if you chose not to read your email they were going to go ahead and, on my work phone that was meant to communicate about patient care, they are going to send alerts.

Random alerts throughout the day that like, BEEP-BEEP-BEEP, like that, which is the sign of emergency like so you look, ALERT, ALERT.

Somebody is in an emergency. You look… Break me away from patient care to look at my phone to see, (mockingly) Oh the vax clinic is open! Take this opportunity to get your shot! Open until 4:00 p.m. today. And I was like, ‘Okay, that is not an emergency. I’m taking care of patients so,


So it was really borderline harassment.

Nurse Dani:

Correct. And it got worse. Because as more people started to cave and get the shot they started to narrow in on um, those who didn’t and they were able to identify those who didn’t and because they implemented a ‘badge tag’ system. Okay? So think like Star of David (a reference to the Holocaust), but opposite… but opposite.


Yeah, okay. So you were identifiable by sight.

Nurse Dani:

By sight by anyone. And the propaganda they pushed about that was um… ‘We are asking you to wear your badge tag, your Covid-19 badge tag that says vaccinated Covid-19, okay? Um… So it sits like a little ring sits right on top (of the hospital name tag) so there is no way to hide it… It is right there, it is very visible and they said… Um, corporate is saying, “We are asking you to wear this as a visual sign that you did your responsibility and that you are safe for others to be around.”



Nurse Dani:

Okay, and there was a daily email about the badge tags… you’re safe for others to be around. So, um, from there, there were some people… There was a bunch of people like, ‘No, I’m not going to do the badge tag thing. That’s my personal information and yeah I got the shot but I am not going to wear it.

So the hospital’s fix for that was to go ahead and send um… employee health up to the nurse’s stations during chic (busy) working hours.

So, again, distracting us from patient care to um, to harass us about our vaccination status. And um, so, so that went on all the way up until the mandate happened (Joe Biden mandate of 9-9-21) and then that is when it was announced that it is a mandatory part, a condition of employment to wear that badge tag. This means that anybody who is approved, which most people got denied, but anybody who has approved an exemption will be able to be identified walking down the hallway.


Did you apply for an exemption?

Nurse Dani:

I applied for a medical exemption and I was encouraged to apply for a religious exemption. When I sat down to write it I was overcome with righteous indignation.


I understand.

Nurse Dani:

Because what I felt so strongly was that I am asking an unknown group of people to validate my relationship with God.


Right. That makes sense.

Nurse Dani:

And I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t do it! So that was the last straw for me. When I was told you’re probably going to get denied on your medical exemption and you should probably go ahead and go for a religious exemption… So, well, just in case… At that point, with all of the other bullying tactics that was the last straw for me.


I don’t blame you.

Seeking help

When asked if she and her groups have contacted Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for his help and input she said, “At least a thousand times.” She informed us that because she worked for a private hospital, he may not be able to do as much as if she had worked for a public hospital and she gets that.

We also asked her about the idea of having the National Guard come in to fill spots left by people like her leaving the healthcare system.

She thinks the quality of care will suffer even more so than it is now. She explained what a distraction the Covid-19 crisis has been to hospitals.

Hospitals need to return to the ‘old normal’ of, life before the “pandemic.”

The ‘new normal’ is causing confusion and chaos in the systems. It has actually cost many hospitals money as people have remained away because of the hyped-up fear the mainstream media has contributed to seemingly by design.

When asked about her future, she told us she is trusting in God and organizing people to rally around her cause of Freedom for Healthcare Workers!

“We have power in numbers and there is an entire community ready to stand behind us. I’ve been in connection with this community, joining rallies and doing petitions. We are in the middle of moving mountains and it is happening on the local level.”

Nurse Dani is a truly awe-inspiring woman. The kind of woman you would want to trust with your life if you were sick.

So many of us Americans are absolutely disgusted by the way first responders are being treated.

During 2020, the Trump Administration honored nurses and healthcare providers as heroes. Now, in 2021, under the Biden Administration, when refusing the vaccine these same people who risked their lives, are expendable. For political control.

If you are a first responder or healthcare worker reading this, just know that Americans love and respect you very much. Please reach out to the following organizations for help and support. There is always safety in numbers. You are not alone!

America’s Frontline Doctors
Association of American Physicians and Surgeons – Stopping the Tyranny of Medical Mandates
County Citizens Defending Freedom
Healthcare Workers for Freedom
Healthcare Workers for Medical Freedom

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