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Voter fraud: Evidence of a legitimate problem mounts

Written By | Jun 5, 2015

WASHINGTON, June 5, 2015 — The influx of immigrants to America, both legal and illegal, over the last 30 years has made voter ID laws a hot political topic of conversation. Most on the right believe in secure borders, reformed entitlements and sensible voter ID laws at the polling place; those on the left claim that voter fraud doesn’t exist.

A newly released poll by John McLaughlin confirms the suspicions of conservatives: Voter fraud is far more significant than the mainstream media lets on.

A survey of 800 Hispanics in 2013 found that out of those who were registered voters, 13 percent were not American citizens. This poll, conducted primarily in Spanish, corroborates a separate Old Dominion poll which found that almost 15 percent of respondents who had voted in 2008 were not citizens; that is, of course, a federal crime.

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These findings are nothing new. Evidence that voter fraud exists is overwhelming, while the evidence that it’s a significant problem is close behind. That Old Dominion poll suggested that more than a million people who are not legally registered in this country are registered to vote. This is a staggering number when you consider the fact that the 2012 presidential election would have been won by Romney if only 330,000 votes had gone the other way.

Democrats insist that conservatives invented voter fraud out of thin air because they are racist. They argue also that documented voter fraud is so rare that it doesn’t matter.  Both arguments are patently false.

Quasi-legitimate news organizations admit that voter fraud happens, but so infrequently that it doesn’t matter in the big picture. The reality is that anyone with a basic understanding of this country and its values realizes that any vote fraudulently cast should be cause for concern. It has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that showing up to a polling place and contributing to the American political process under false pretenses is by no means an arduous task.

Illegal immigrants, though the most egregious example, by no means own a monopoly on voter fraud. In the 2008 Senate race between comedian/failed radio host Al Franken and Republican incumbent Norm Coleman, Franken won by a mere 312 votes.

Voter ID laws are a fraud

The election was hotly contested and resulted in several recounts and months of legal battles, but it was ultimately awarded to Franken. The problem is that 1,099 felons voted in the election, which is against the law. That’s not some right-wing conspiracy theory either; 77 percent of those voters have been convicted. Al Franken is a United States senator because of voter fraud, plain and simple.

One thousand ninety-nine votes were illegally cast in one election during one cycle, and the country is supposed to believe voter fraud doesn’t exist. That should be a tough sell. So why does the left refuse to acknowledge that illegal voting is real?

Simple: 80 percent of undocumented immigrants who participate in elections vote for Democrats. No wonder Democrats are the only party diametrically opposed to voter ID laws.

It is true that many big-business Republicans support illegal immigration due to the cheap labor it provides. It is also true, and more prevalent, that Democrats see illegal immigrants as a voting bloc that will vote blue for decades if motivated properly.

We see evidence of this in the consistent actions taken by liberals not only to completely decriminalize illegal immigration, but to reward it. Everywhere you look, Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to provide tax-payer funded benefits to illegal immigrants. Welfare, drivers licenses, and college tuition are already offered, with more handouts surely on the way. President Obama is so passionate about legalizing illegal immigrants that he defied the Constitution to provide amnesty.

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Republicans have been accused of participating in voter fraud as well, and it is likely some have been guilty. However, the state of the current entitlement system makes it impossible to argue that Democrats don’t have far more to gain by encouraging felons and illegal immigrants to vote.

There is no denying that voter fraud is real in this country. Many on both sides of the political spectrum stand to gain from legalizing undocumented immigrants, but if the country has any hopes of maintaining the integrity of its political process, it needs to acknowledge that it is facing a real problem.

Andrew Mark Miller