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The two reasons Sen. John McCain will not stop ridiculing Ted Cruz and Rand Paul

Written By | Apr 29, 2015

SAN ANTONIO, April 28 – Sen. John McCain, the man that gave us President Barack Obama by running the most anemic, ineffective campaign in modern history, has decided to constantly interfere in this election cycle, demeaning any principled conservatives in favor of establishment Republicans that share his failed ideological viewpoint.

McCain’s recent comments in regards to Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Rand Paul, both of whom are running for the Republican nomination for president, are clearly indicative of his desire to give his best effort to destroy any and all principled conservatives that dare challenge the establishment wing of the Republican Party.

According to an article about an interview McCain gave to The Hill,  the establishment GOP’s favorite outlet to demean and smear conservatives, he mocked Cruz for a statement Cruz made in a stump speech about “pressing” McCain to hold hearings on the topic of allowing troops to carry their weapons while they are on military bases. McCain is the current chairman of the Armed Services Committee, and Cruz is a member of that same committee.

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The Hill reported that McCain responded to a question about Cruz’s statement by saying, “You know, I was fascinated to hear that because I haven’t heard a thing about it from him. Nor has my staff heard from his staff,” a jovial McCain told reporters late Monday. “Where did that come from? I have not a clue.”  He continued, “Maybe it was through some medium that I’m not familiar with. Maybe bouncing it off the ozone layer, for all I know. There’s a lot of holes in the ozone layer, so maybe it wasn’t the ozone layer that he bounced it off of. Maybe it was through hand telegraph, maybe sign language. Who knows?” he said smiling, eventually bending over with laughter.

The article indicated that McCain could not stop laughing and that he made the statement as if it was a comedy routine. Cruz responded by saying that he had brought the topic up in hearings and that he had written a letter to the previous chairman of the armed services committee, Sen. Carl Levin, about the topic, but it was too late; McCain got exactly what he wanted – the story was picked up by every major news outlet in the country in an attempt to paint Cruz as a liar.

Sen. Rand Paul has been battling the unfounded criticism that his foreign policy beliefs are the same as his father, Ron Paul’s. The senior Paul is a true isolationist and his foreign policy beliefs essentially destroyed his chances for the Republican nomination in 2008 and 2012. McCain has been doing his best to make that battle much more difficult for Sen. Paul.

Last Wednesday, according to Fox News, McCain “called the 2016 presidential hopeful “the worst possible candidate” on the issue of national security.” He wasn’t done, “The record is very clear that [Paul] does not have an understanding of the needs or the threats of United States national security. We’ve already seen what happens from “leading from behind,” leading from far behind, and that’s what Rand Paul would do.” McCain went on to misrepresent Paul’s foreign policy views.

Paul tried to combat this false, malicious characterization, but every mainstream media outlet again reported on McCain’s comments and mischaracterized Paul’s foreign policy views.

McCain has been in Washington for over 30 years, so he is extremely out of touch with mainstream America. But McCain knows exactly how Washington works, and exactly what the consequences of these statements were going to be. He is well aware that the left-wing media loves nothing more than one Republican criticizing another, especially a former Republican presidential nominee sharply criticizing two Republican senators currently running for the Republican nomination.

McCain’s outspoken criticism and disparagement of Cruz and Paul began in 2013, when Cruz and Paul wanted to use the debt ceiling as leverage to force Obama to defund Obamacare. Eventually, then-Minority Leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell caved to the Democrats demands and agreed to pass a “clean” lift of the debt ceiling, expecting every Republican to fall in line and allow it to occur. If the clean debt ceiling bill was not filibustered, then the bill would only need a simple majority of votes to pass, and the Democrats had 54 votes at the time, so the Republicans could have all voted against the bill and told their constituents that they voted against the debt ceiling raise, when in fact, by omitting to filibuster the bill, they would have implicitly allowed it to pass. This a perfect example of the manipulation that occurs in Washington.

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Well, Ted Cruz was not going to allow the wool to be pulled over the American people’s eyes and he filibustered the bill, which made 60 votes the requirement to pass, rather than 51. This meant that the establishment Republicans would be forced to go on record supporting a clean debt ceiling raise. Well, McConnell and his minions, including McCain, voted in favor of the bill and the GOP establishment was livid; They could not believe that Cruz, whom Paul did not criticize or support, would refuse to bow down to the establishment wing of the party.

Shortly thereafter, McCain called Cruz and Paul, “whacko birds,” and since that time his unnecessary criticism has only ramped up.

There are two main reasons that it is all but a guarantee that McCain will continue these attacks; the first of which has to do with defending the establishment wing of the GOP, and the second relates to helping his good friend and ideological twin, Sen. Lindsey Graham, in Graham’s probable bid for the presidency.

McCain is upset that Cruz and Paul have refused to be bound by the unwritten rules of the Republican establishment. As first term senators, they should have sat down, shut up and followed the leadership’s lead without rocking the boat. McCain apparently feels that he spent decades of his life doing what he was told, and he waited his turn to be the Republican nominee, and the fact that Cruz and Paul have ignored all of the establishment’s controlling unwritten rules threatens the traditional order that the power players in the GOP have worked for decades to create.

The second reason that McCain will continue insulting and attempting to damage Paul and Cruz’s public reputation is that his good friend in the Senate, and his progressive RINO counterpart, Sen. Lindsey Graham, has stated that he is considering a run for the Republican nomination for president. In the same Fox News article mentioned earlier, when McCain was asked about who he would support for President, he said, “Lindsey Graham. Lindsey Graham. First, last and always.”

If Cruz or Paul win the nomination, it will send a message to other Republicans that they can be successful without capitulating to RINOs like Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell. Now that McCain is one of the main figures in the establishment GOP, he will do his best to preserve the customary order.

If Hillary Clinton is coronated as president in January of 2017, she will be in great debt to McCain, the Republican that the left-wing media can always count on to sharply criticize any truly principled conservative – and it will only get worse from here on as the election cycle ramps up.

James Richard

James Edwards is a tireless advocate for federalism and minimizing the impact the federal government has on all of our lives.