Reincarnate Saddam so Republicans can kill him again

Republicans are falling into the Liberal media's anti-Iraq trap


HOUSTON, May 18, 2015 — Like Charlie Brown kicking the football, Republican presidential candidates never learn. They keep thinking that the liberal media are anything other than cheerleaders for Democrats. They elected Barack Obama and are now doing everything they can to prop up an uninspiring Hillary Clinton. Since Obama and Hillary do not have a single policy success to brag about, the only thing for the media to do is change the subject.

Luckily, Republicans are stupid enough to let them. Rather than talk about the Affordable Care Act, the lack of jobs or the murdering of Christians around the globe, Republican presidential contenders are discussing the 2003 Iraq War. Making matters worse, they are discussing it badly.

Gutless Republicans have allowed the liberal anti-war narrative about Iraq to be the starting point for the discussion. Both Republicans and Democrats now agree that the war was wrong and that Saddam Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction. Democrats claim that President George W. Bush lied. Republicans say that they made an honest mistake.

Both of these views are wrong because the entire starting point of the conversation is as wrong as wrong can be. Democrats are speaking out of malice and Republicans are cowering because Republicans always cower when the media spotlight gets tough. The GOP can stand up to Saddam Hussein but for some reason runs in fear from a New York Times paper nobody reads and an MSNBC television station that nobody watches.

Conservatives need to bang their fists on the table and demand that Republicans take back the Iraq narrative and tell the truth.

The Iraq War was the right war at the right time with the right president.

It was won in 2010. The surge worked and the Iraq War succeeded.

Republicans could say that Saddam had WMD, we found some of the WMD and the rest of the WMD are hidden in Syria. We would have found them had Obama not retreated from the world like the European leftist that he is. Making this argument is unhelpful because it fits the narrative that WMDs ever mattered.

The real WMD answer must be asked right now. Who the hell cares? The Iraq War was about regime change. It was always about regime change. Republicans have only themselves to blame for allowing liberals to claim that the WMD issue was paramount.

Republicans need to get the truth through their thick mushy skulls. Even if the entire world knew that Saddam Hussein never had WMD, regime change was still the right thing to do.

Saddam needed to be forcibly removed. He was. Anybody objecting to this favors his being alive.

The 2003 Iraq War was more than right. It was as right as right can be,

The Iraq War was so right that we should do it again. Get a Ouija board, hold a seance and bring Saddam Hussein back to life just so we can go into Iraq again and kill him again.

The Iraq War was so right that American scientists should have cloned Saddam Hussein and created five of him. That way we could go into Iraq four more times and make sure all five Saddams were killed.

The Iraq War was so right that anybody against it should be marginalized as a fringe lunatic who favors watching Muslim women being beaten to death by the millions.

The Iraq War was so right that liberals to this day still have no answer to what they would do. The truth is they would do what they are doing now, which is to sit back, do nothing and watch the world burn. How noble is the left? They will just let people die to score political points against George W. Bush.

Sanctions are a joke that accomplish nothing. The Axis of Weasel (Russia, Germany and France) were undermining the sanctions. The United Nations was up to its corrupt eyeballs in the oil for food scandal. Sanctions had failed because sanctions are a fancy way of looking busy and doing nothing by another name.

The alternative to doing nothing is to use force. Forcible regime change works. Those who disagree can try asking Saddam. He will not answer because he is dead. He is dead because a Republican president authorized his removal and the only American political party that supports our troops enough to let them do their jobs did just that.

Winning the Iraq War did not create ISIS. Leaving Iraq created ISIS.

The right thing to do was to stay in Iraq for as long as was necessary, just as American troops have done with Germany and South Korea.

The wrong thing to do was to let the left purposely lose a war so they could continue to slander Republican presidential candidates.

The even worse thing to do is for these Republican presidential candidates to be too cowardly to stand up and insist they were right.

The polls show that a majority of the general public believes the Iraq War was wrong. Of course they do. Republicans are too timid to make the case on why it was right. Why should Americans believe the war was right when the political party that authorized it now consists of spineless jellyfish unable to make the case?

Saddam Hussein spread worldwide terrorism. He murdered millions of his own people. He declared war on America. He violated 17 United Nations resolutions, including Resolution 1441, which authorized the use of force if he failed to comply with inspections.

Saddam Hussein deserved what he got. Only a liberal who hated George W. Bush more than Saddam Hussein could find fault with removing Saddam after the fact.

Conservatives rid the world of Saddam and helped build a functional Iraq. Liberals abandoned Iraq and allowed ISIS to destroy it.

It is time for conservative Republicans to tell the truth. Barack Obama, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton destroyed Iraq. It is they who are unfit to run this world. It is they who sit back and do nothing while millions of Christians are murdered and hundreds of years of Christian civilization are destroyed.

Republicans need to stop groveling, stop apologizing and start reminding Americans why the Iraq War was, is and will always be the right decision. George W. Bush was comfortable enough in his own skin to make the case. He ignored the media and did what was right specifically because it was right. This is known as being principled. In impolite circles, this is also known as “having a pair.”

The next Republican to prove he has a pair should be the 2016 presidential nominee. Anyone declaring the Iraq War anything less than the right thing to do is unfit for elected office.

The next thing to do is engage in forcible regime change with Iran. Do they have WMD?

Who cares? The mullahs need to go.

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  • kittehtheo

    Thanks for the article. I’m not sure I agree about the beginning of the war in Iraq but leaving the way the US did put so many people at risk. I am half-Arabic and I have many relatives in Iraq who are Christians. Christianity is disappearing in Iraq and Syria. Places that Christianity took its first steps are being lost to murderous terror. If it were not for Israel, the birthplace of Christianity would not be safe from mindless destruction.

  • Elroy

    Too, too funny! Well done! This is satire, isn’t it?