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Mother’s Day: Abortion’s assault on Motherhood in 2018

Written By | May 12, 2018

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SAN JOSE: Several world nations follow the tradition established in the United States of celebrating Mother’s Day, the second Sunday of May. Unfortunately, tradition may give way to an eroded value of motherhood in the next century. In 2018, despite all the Mother’s Day cards and gifts offered to Mom, America suffers the breakdown of traditional family. And traditional family is the core of a stable society.

At the start of the 21st century, at the heart of that breakdown is the diminishment of maternal value. This is not saying there is anything wrong with Mom, but what about the daughters honoring their mothers on Mother’s Day?


The lessening value of Mothers

Maligned in recent decades, motherhood seems to have diminished in value. As a result young women give serious pause to creating a family. Many millennials don’t see the need or have the desire to start a family.

An increasingly prevalent view is that becoming a mother, or motherhood itself, holds less value than remaining unmarried and childless. Even more alarming is the attitude that undesirable pregnancies are nothing more than a nuisance. Unwanted babies are a problem to be disposed of through abortion.


Abortion eroding the motherhood

The greatest assault on motherhood is, in part, to societal acceptance of abortion as a means of eliminating unplanned children. A majority of younger Americans have grown comfortable with abortion since the Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade in 1973.

It was a landmark case. The 14th Amendment passed, stating that women had the right to terminate their pregnancies.

This single court decision split Americans into two primary camps: pro-choice supporters of the amendment, and pro-life opponents. Today abortion stands out as one of the most divisive cultural issues in the nation, if not in the world. Until now, the United States used American tax dollars to help fund abortions.

Reflections of Mother’s Day and the value of motherhood 

 State impact on Abortion Rights

Yet, there is hope on the horizon for the pro-life proponents. Governor Kim Reynolds of Iowa recently signed the most restrictive abortion bans in the United States. The Governor admits that the recent state legislation will likely be challenged in court.

Known as the “Fetal Heartbeat Bill,” it protects the unborn whose fetal heartbeat can be detected with a medical device.

In decades past, the only way to detect a heartbeat was a stethoscope. Thanks to modern technology, ultrasound devices like the Doppler detect fetal heart sounds much earlier than before. Parents now have the joy of hearing their baby’s heart while still early in the pregnancy.


A baby’s heart determines it’s right to life

In reality, the baby’s heart starts beating about 22 or 23 days after conception. According to scientific understanding, a distinct blood vessel forms inside the embryo within the mother. In the early stages it resembles a simple tube, but will quickly develop into the baby’s heart and circulatory system. By week five or six the baby’s heart (tube) will beat spontaneously on its own. A Doppler can detect fetal heart sounds at about six weeks into the pregnancy.

It is this key point in the baby’s lifeline when the initial cardiac activity can be determined. This is the point at which Iowa law will kick in to preserve the fetus. This victory for pro-life proponents is a huge statement about growing support for new life growing within the mother’s womb.

Winning Republican Strategies, Abortion and Fighting Progressivism

The debate over abortion “rights” and abortion upon demand will continue.

And that is a tragic reality. It expresses a great deal about how contemporary society in America devalues and disregards human life. The truth is that the “Progressive” view of women has done much to diminish the value of motherhood.

A majority of Americans may not realize the reality of abortion in the U.S. Abortion claims nearly 1 million babies every year.

A United Nation’s report stated in 2013, that nine other nations have a higher abortion rates than the United States. That year approximately 19% of U.S. pregnancies ended in termination. This list does not include China or North Korea. However, the two communist nations may have the highest abortion rates in the world.

It is also revealing about the nations that represent higher rates of abortion than the U.S. Most are from the former Soviet bloc of nations: Bulgaria, Cuba, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Romania, Russia, Sweden, and Ukraine.


What does Abortion say about the value of motherhood?

What does that say about the value of human life? Unfortunately, Americans have trended away from the reverence of motherhood and our mothers as in decades past.

“Progressive”Propagandists work overtime to convince people that the life growing inside a mother’s womb is not fully human. This is analogous to Southern slave owners who convinced Americans that blacks were not human before the Civil War.

Ironically, an ancient view by people, once considered savages, is in sharp contrast to “Progressives.” The view of many Native Americans revered the value of motherhood as an integral part in the great song of creation! Today, easily overlooked or conveniently compartmentalized is their belief in the sacredness of life. It seems that the Indian views are valued only when they align with the Leftist or “Progressive” view of reality.

The Sanctity of Motherhood in Native Americans

In general, Native Americans and American Indian peoples held a much deeper regard for motherhood. They recognize a different reality regarding the value of life in the native societies. The writings of OhiyeS’a, a Sioux Indian expresses the high regard for motherhood. He also shows special respect for bringing children into the world. OhiyeS’a took the name Charles Alexander Eastman when he converted to Christianity.

OhiyeS’a was born in 1858 into the Santee Sioux tribe of the Dakota nation. He became the first American Indian doctor after graduating from Boston University in 1889. Encouraged to write of his culture, he became a well-known Indian author and from his writings can be gleaned a great amount of insight into Sioux culture.

OhiyeS’a wrote numerous books concerning the perspectives of his people about life. In 1911, he published a book entitled The Soul of an Indian: an Interpretation.

American Indian Heritage Month: Remembering a people’s value

Here is a representation of some of the deeper aspects that can be linked to the Sioux or Dakota nation’s perspective on the value of motherhood:

The Great Song of Creation by Ohiyes’a

Our education begins in our mother’s womb. Her attitude and secret meditations are such as to instill into the receptive soul of the unborn child the love of the Great Mystery and a sense of kinship with all creation…

To her poetic mind the imminent birth of her child prefigures the advent of a great spirit – a hero, or the mother of heroes –a thought conceived in the virgin breast of primeval nature, and dreamed out in a hush broken only by the sighing of the pine tree or the thrilling orchestra of a distant waterfall.

And when the day of her days in her life dawns – the day in which there is to be new life, the miracle of whose making has been entrusted to her – she seeks no human aid. She has trained and prepared in body and mind for this, her holiest duty, ever since she can remember.

She meets the ordeal of childbirth alone, where no curious or pitying eyes might embarrass her; where all nature says to her spirit: ‘It is love! It is love! The fulfilling of life! When, at last, a sacred voice comes to her out of the silence, and a pair of eyes open upon her in the wilderness, she knows with joy that she has borne well her part in the great song of creation!

The Sioux and Native American’s respect for the unborn

OhiyeS’a is considered to be the first American Indian to write and publish American history from the Indian viewpoint. His words open up a deeper insight into the Sioux culture, and more specifically into the indigenous people’s respect and love for life itself.

Such a reverence sharply contrasts the thought from the “Progressive” Left. “Progressives” undermine the value of life with the Pro-Choice devaluation of motherhood. They dehumanize the unborn baby in the mother’s womb. The Progressives view the unborn baby as a “thing,” a cluster of cells, and not a human being.

The assault upon the traditional role of motherhood may lead to the eradication of the model of the traditional family. And that is a major building block of a stable society. Eradication of the value of the family is an existential threat to any healthy society. Yet, it is not too late for the American culture to transform. We can change from a culture of acceptance of killing the unborn to a culture of reverence for all life.

Mother’s Day is a holiday in which we affirm their love and appreciation for moms. But it is also a time to embrace the value of the life pulsing within any mother’s womb. The culture of valuing life should be essential in our nation. After all, our Creator endowed us with inalienable rights such as “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”


Mother’s Day is a holiday in which one could not only affirm their love and appreciation for Moms, but also a time to embrace the value of the life pulsing within any mother’s womb. The culture of valuing life should be essential in a nation that was founded upon the concept of all people being endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights such as “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Dennis Jamison

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