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Marco Rubio understands America

Written By | Apr 13, 2015

LAS VEGAS, April 13, 2014 — Florida Sen. Marco Rubio started the political week off with a bang by announcing his candidacy for president of the United States.

Rubio’s story is a compelling one. Naturally, his critics offered opinions that ranged from hypocritical to laughable.

Rubio is only in his first Senate term. He has not built up a record of policy accomplishments. This is where anyone who voted for or supported Sen. Barack Obama in any way can remain silent. Republicans who are backing several governors will note that the Obama presidency only reinforces the reasons experience matters. Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton will run on her experience.

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The experience card only matters if the experience is positive. Rubio does not have experience destroying the American healthcare system. He argued against the Affordable Care Act,f which was rammed through over his objections. Rubio also has zero experience getting innocent Americans killed in Benghazi.

Unlike President Obama, Rubio did have actual accomplishments before entering politics.

While it is true that Rubio is not a first-rate community organizing political agitator or over-privileged Goldwater girl gone wrong, he does have other talents. His career came from the ground up. Contrary to leftist utterings, he did build it and did so from scratch.

Rubio’s success in America comes from his absolute belief in America. He understands America in ways that liberals trying to tear him down will never grasp. The Rubio family success story is an American success story.

The first generation flees global horrors, from the Holocaust to communism to fascism. In Rubio’s case, it was his grandfather’s bolting Fidel Castro’s Cuban regime to come to America. Rubio’s parents fled slightly earlier, during the reign of dictator Fulgencio Batista.

The second generation escapes poverty and reaches the American middle class. They become schoolteachers and other white-collar professionals. They buy houses in middle-class neighborhoods. Rubio’s parents had a tougher road. His father was a bartender and his mother, a housekeeper.

The third generation reaches for the stars. Rubio graduated cum laude with a law degree. Despite amassing over six figures in student loans, he paid them all off by 2012.

Rubio understands the American struggle because it was his struggle. He understands the ideas of freedom that make America an exceptional nation. He sees the vicious cycle of government dependency and how destructive it has been for so many others. His family lived the hardscrabble life and now enjoy the fruits of their labor.

If Rubio wins the nomination, the choices will be stark. The Republican nominee would be a self-made Latino son of working-class immigrants. Democrats are tethered to an elderly Caucasian who grew up in a comfortable suburb and married a talented man. If Rubio were a Democrat, the party that obsesses over identity politics would be putting him on the cover of every magazine. Democrats tried this with the Castro brothers (San Antonio, not Cuba), but their story of government dependency was less inspiring.

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On policy, Rubio is an unapologetic believer in cutting taxes, a strong national defense, Second Amendment rights and supporting Israel. While in the Florida legislature, he worked his way up the ladder to become the Florida speaker of the house. He has experience building coalitions and actually getting things done. Unlike Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Marco Rubio can actually work with people who disagree with him.

Hillarycare went down in flames because she would not listen to any views outside of her own. Obama is known for openly mocking those who disagree with him. Rubio is the exact opposite, a man with strong convictions who is reasonable enough to listen to what others have to say. Hillary Clinton offers platitudes. President Obama gives speeches. Marco Rubio actually did the hard work of governing. He got things done long before he came to Washington. His experiences inside and outside of politics have been successful.

Rubio can passionately and eloquently articulate why he wants to be president; others run for the job their entire lives without offering a rationale. While Democrats run candidates who demand to be celebrated for their mere being, Rubio has a history of actually doing things and doing them well.

Rubio’s story is about working hard and achieving success. His story is the American story. His life is the American dream. He understands America because it has given him everything. Now he is ready to give back and rein in a government run by people who take and take but give back nothing.

Most importantly, after six years of Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton pitting Americans against each other, Marco Rubio is pleasant and decent enough to work with all Americans willing to work with him. The race for the White House benefits from his principled beliefs combined with hard work and civility.


Eric Golub

Brooklyn born, Long Island raised and now living in Los Angeles, Eric Golub is a politically conservative columnist, blogger, author, public speaker, satirist and comedian. Read more from Eric at his TYGRRRR EXPRESS blog. Eric is the author of the book trilogy “Ideological Bigotry, “Ideological Violence,” and “Ideological Idiocy.”