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K.T. McFarland now Ambassador to Singapore amid Cabinet shakeups

Written By | Apr 9, 2017

WASHINGTON, April 9, 2017 – Deputy National Security Adviser K.T. McFarland is expected to be reassigned to the post of Singapore ambassador. McFarland was part of Lt. Gen Michael Flynn’s team at the National Security Council. McFarland’s reassignment comes as the Trump administration attempts to restructure the National Security and remove anyone with ties to Lt. Gen Flynn. Flynn, was fired for not disclosing his level of contacts with Russia to President Donald Trump or Vice President Pence.

Before joining the National Security Council, McFarland served as a Fox News commentator. Last week, Trump signed an order restructuring the council’s committee, removing Stephen Bannon from the council, while also adding several officials including the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, CIA Director and Director of National Intelligence.

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McFarland is expected to be replaced by Dina Powell, who has been named as Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategy and has attended high-level meetings with delegates from Egypt, Jordan, China and Saudi Arabia. Powell teamed up with Ivanka Trump on women’s empowerment issues. The changes come as Trump’s administration faces allegations that it passed secret intel reports to Republican congressman David Nunes.

The New York Times last month identified two NSC officials as having helped House intelligence committee Chairman Devin Nunes view secret reports that showed Trump and his associates were incidentally swept up in foreign surveillance by U.S. intelligence agencies.

McFarland has become known for being critical of President Barack Obama’s national security policy. McFarland said on Fox News that Mr. Obama was guilty of “dereliction of duty” because he “was playing a lot of golf this summer, but he was clearly not attending to the defense of the United States.”

McFarland would now have to be confirmed by the Senate for the ambassadorship. The last U.S. ambassador to Singapore was former Florida attorney and President Obama fundraiser Kirk Wagar.



Larry Lease

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