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How to fix Baltimore and save all inner cities

Written By | Apr 29, 2015

LOS ANGELES, April 29, 2015 — The name of the city changes, but the story remains the same. A black man dies under questionable circumstances. At least one of the people who may be culpable in the death is cCaucasian. The investigation takes a few days because even police officers are not to be executed by firing squad without a trial.

Unhappy with a deliberate investigation, people take to the streets in well-coordinated pre-planned riots. The allegedly peaceful protests turn violent. Paid professional agitators ensure that violence consumes the area.

Local neighborhood citizens insist that only a small number of the protesters are violent. President Barack Obama offers lip service to respecting the rule of law while empathizing with those who have problems with law enforcement. Businesses burn. The inner city community deteriorates, knowing it may take decades to recover from the riots.

Baltimore: How liberal policies are destroying our cities

The April 2015 version of this downward spiral is Baltimore. The dead black man is Freddie Gray. Yet long after the facts are sorted out, the traveling riots will have devoured another inner city, claimed more lives, and destroyed more businesses. The situation could be hopeless.

It does not have to be.

Most inner cities are black, and blacks have committed some self-inflicted wounds. With over two-thirds of black children being born out-of-wedlock, many young black children begin life with the deck stacked against them statistically. Nevertheless, even if most blacks were born into two-parent families, that would not be enough to fix their communities.

The childbirth issue is significant, but not the dominant factor in the destruction of the inner cities.

When one looks at the inner cities in Detroit, Baltimore and Los Angeles, their riots all occurred under black mayors. The incendiary train of thought would be that black governance is what is killing black communities. This theory is racist as well as completely wrong.

Chicago has seen plenty of destruction on its black South Side. Chicago’s black on black crime has occurred under several decades of Caucasian mayors.

On the flip side, black communities in Los Angeles and New York City experienced a revival under mayors Richard Riordan and Rudy Giuliani. While both men are white, that is not what drastically reduced black deaths. Chicago remained a death trap. The answer is obvious to everybody except for those who must remain in deliberate deep denial to keep their jobs.

Baltimore’s riots: Are absent fathers to blame?

The evidence is overwhelming. Liberal Democrat leaders enact policies blacks killed and decimate their communities. The only hope to fix black communities is for blacks to elect Republicans. The more conservative these Republicans, the better the chances that black people will have a ray of hope of escaping the cycle of misery liberalism inflicts.

Let liberal Democrats protest. People culpable for massive amounts of destruction rarely volunteer to take personal responsibility for their role.

Conservatism does not have to be a panacea. All that matters at this point is that liberalism is pure poison for black America. Crack cocaine destroyed black inner cities beginning in 1986. Liberalism had a 25-year head start before the first crack pipe was used.

Liberals have had fifty years to experiment on blacks as if they were guinea pigs and not human beings. That is more than enough time to analyze the results.  In every metric that forms the quality of human life, blacks have suffered excruciating pain under liberals. Much of what could give blacks a better life comes from conservatism.

Blacks want good jobs. People with good jobs are less likely to be out committing violent crimes. Idle time leads to trouble. Good jobs in the inner cities requires that businesses be willing and able to be there. This happens through political incentives such as tax cuts and other credits. This is the opposite approach of liberalism, which involves raising taxes and increasing regulations until frustrated businesses leave.

Conservatism is also about a tough law and order approach to crime. Liberalism has a tendency to coddle criminal behavior. Liberal leaders handcuff police officers and let the citizens do as they please for far too long. This leads to cars being overturned and set on fire, stores being looted, and businesses being burned. Former Manhattan Mayor Rudy Giuliani had a policy that the very first act of violence would result in an immediate arrest. Liberal black leaders huffed and puffed, but Giuliani restored law and order to Gotham. New York under his rule became livable again. Business flourished. Crime was reduced.

Blacks have reasons for to be suspicious of conservative Republicans, some legitimate and some based on liberal lies. Blacks have even more reasons to be fed up with liberal Democrats. The fear of what conservatives may do when given power must be outweighed by what liberals have already done.

Blacks have nothing to lose by giving conservatives a chance at governing. If the conservatives fail, blacks can just fire them and bring back the liberals. What scares the daylights out of liberals is that once their stranglehold is broken, they know it takes ages for them to regain power.

Americans fed up with liberal failure elected Republican Governors in Illinois, Maryland and Massachusetts. Republican Governors in Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio have already turned failing economies around and reduced unemployment and crime in all neighborhoods, including black ones. Now it is time to replicate the state successes at the local level.

The liberal approach of more welfare, more dependence, more unemployment, more crime and more hopelessness needs to be crushed. Conservatives turned around Los Angeles and New York. They have earned the right to try and fix every inner city in America.

Those who want the status quo of more cities and their businesses burning can keep electing liberal Democrats and tolerating their failures and excuses.


Eric Golub

Brooklyn born, Long Island raised and now living in Los Angeles, Eric Golub is a politically conservative columnist, blogger, author, public speaker, satirist and comedian. Read more from Eric at his TYGRRRR EXPRESS blog. Eric is the author of the book trilogy “Ideological Bigotry, “Ideological Violence,” and “Ideological Idiocy.”