Bernie Sanders deserves to be the Democrat nominee

We need is to have a real national debate about policy, which is impossible to do with Hillary Clinton running for the White House.


LOS ANGELES, Aug. 18, 2015 — Bernie Sanders deserves to be the 2016 Democrat presidential nominee. He will not win the nomination under any circumstances, but he should.

Hillary Clinton will unleash her pit bulls, and they will devour Sanders as if he were liverwurst on rye.

Hillary Clinton will crush Bernie Sanders to win Democrat nomination

This is a shame.

If ever anybody deserves to be the Democratic nominee, Bernie Sanders does.

To the left, Bernie Sanders is a hero. He is Elizabeth Warren, only likable and pleasant. He is Barack Obama, only honest about his intentions.

Democrats have not had an honest nominee for president since Michael Dukakis.

The Clintons, Obamas and the ghost of Michael Dukakis

They have not had a nominee who likes people since Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton: The last Democrat nominee who liked people

Bernie Sanders is that rare Democrat who likes people and is sincere about his beliefs.

Conservative Republicans think he is a crackpot. They very well could be right. His policy prescriptions do not seem to be the ideas of a lucid individual. Free everything for everybody without any explanation of how to pay for it is what Democrats have tried to peddle for decades.

Never before has a Democratic prospect been so blatantly honest about it.

Sanders will soak the rich, which means that the rich will pass the costs on and the middle class will be driven into the lower middle class.

Liberals will deny this, because they always deny this. However, this is a conversation Americans must have. It is a conversation we need to have. It is a vital conversation we deserve to have.

Liberals want free pre-school for all children and free college for all students. They want to regulate every aspect of our lives. This is why McDonalds is forced to put apple slices in Happy Meals and coal plants are shutting down.

Random liberal moral relativism: Of high horses and crusades

Barack Obama ran in 2008 as a blank slate. He delayed the implementation of the Affordable Care Act until 2014 so that its most toxic provisions would not be a liability to his 2012 reelection.

Hillary Clinton ran in 2008 without saying what she stood for. In 2016 she still is not willing to stand for much of anything. She refuses to take a position on trade or the Keystone Pipeline. She is once again trying to be all things to all people.

Hillary Clinton may be every bit as far to the left as Obama and Sanders. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was unable to explain to Chris Matthews the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist.

When Obama was called a Socialist, his defenders took offense. Hillary would deny the label as well. But Sanders is honest. Not since Michael Dukakis declared himself a proud liberal and a “card-carrying member of the ACLU” has a liberal politician been so honest.

Sanders believes the things he says. What conservatives call lunacy, Sanders describes as a legitimate point of view that deserves recognition.

President Obama is still trying to “fundamentally transform” America into a European social democracy. Like many on the left, Obama worships France. Despite Europe’s failing as a continent economically and in terms of security, Europe can do no wrong for starry-eyed leftists.

The doe-eyed leftists need to just say this. They want America to be more like France. They want a stronger public sector and a weaker private sector.

They want free stuff for everybody. They believe there are enough rich people willing and able to pay for it all.

Finally, for the first time in over 25 years, there is a candidate willing to make the case for leftism rather than lie to get elected.

President Obama’s liberal apathy problem

Democrats can elect Hillary and spend endless hours dealing with Benghazi and private email servers to the Clinton slush fund disguised as a global foundation. Americans can even be forced to revisit Whitewater and the travel office firings. Americans can debate the improper use of FBI files and the illegal use of the IRS to target conservatives. Bill Clinton used his administrative agencies to punish political opponents long before anyone had heard of Barack Obama. Americans can even return to the days of Bill Clinton’s bimbo eruptions.

An alternative is to have a real national debate about policy, which is impossible to do with Hillary Clinton running for the White House.

Democrats who complain that they have to lie to win are too lacking in self-awareness to realize that this is the very reason they do not deserve to win. Obama was able to hide who he was long enough to get elected. This obfuscation also rendered him unable to govern. Voters liked him, but not his policies. He claims that Americans voted for his policies, but during his elections he hid what those policies were. He ran on the cult of personality.

Sanders is actually running a policy-based campaign. With Sanders, Americans can debate supply-side economics and Milton Friedman versus Keynesian demand-side economics. A neocon approach to foreign policy can be contrasted with a leftist isolationist and retrenchment approach. The conversations about the best way to create jobs and protect the homeland can finally take place.

If Democrats will just once stand for something and are willing to finally stop lying about who they are, they will nominate Bernie Sanders to be president.

If Democrats are the same lying weasels who will say anything and do anything to gain power solely for the sake of power, they will continue the Al Gore and John Kerry legacy by socially promoting Hillary Clinton.

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