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Wake me up when it’s over: For Tim Bergling, Top DJ Avicii, the sun sets

Written By | Apr 20, 2018

LOS ANGELES:  The music world was rocked on Friday with the news that one of the best DJs of all time had died. Tim Bergling, known by his stage name Avicii, was dead at age 28. Bergling had health problems connected to drinking, but the news still shook the industry to its core. Fans around the world are playing his songs, including Wake me up (when it’s over) and The Nights.

Bergling was a once in a generation talent. He had a gift for electronic music from God, and now he is with God. His hits included “Hey Brother,” “Waiting for Love,” and “The Nights.” His biggest hit,”Wake me up (when it’s all over)” with Aloe Blacc became the most downloaded song of all time.

Wake Me Up, Avicci, Tim Bergling

Tim Bergling
Born: September 8, 1989, Stockholm, Sweden
Died: April 20, 2018, Oman

Avicii was more than just a genius with a keyboard. He was a great storyteller. His videos told powerful tales of love and loyalty.

Avicci: “Hey Brother” shows a soldier sacrificing his life for his beloved family.

Avicci: “Waiting for love” shows the bond between a man and his dog.

A pair of Avicci songs have lyrics that now seem haunting given his death.

“The nights” is a lesson from a father to his son.

“He said, ‘One day you’ll leave this world behind

So live a life you will remember.’

My father told me when I was just a child

These are the nights that never die

My father told me.”

Avicci: The Nights

As for “Wake me up,” that was more than just a song in 2013. It was THE song. The 8th most downloaded songIt was everywhere, from sports arenas to Spring Break parties.

“Wake me up when it’s all over.

When I’m wiser and I’m older.

All this time I was trying to find myself.

Didn’t know I was lost.”

Avicci: Wake Me Up

His two million Twitter followers were a small slice of the millions of fans living all over the globe. On April 17, his last Tweet was his sending thanks for yet another award nomination.

For Tim Bergling it was about making people feel good

Avicii was beloved because he dedicated his short life to making people feel good. He was non-controversial. Rather than tweet about politics and religion, he stuck to his craft that he did better than anyone on the planet. He traveled all around the planet spreading peace and love through music.

He was born in Sweden, and reports have his death taking place in Oman.

He was already a successful music producer by age 19, and an international sensation before he was legally old enough to drink alcohol. At age 21, he founded “House for Hunger,” a charity consumed by the mission of eradicating hunger everywhere. House for Hunger even helped fund former First Lady Laura Bush’s “The Feed Foundation.”

It was Billy Joel who lamented in song that “Only the good die young.” In this case one of the truly greatest died even younger than that.

At age 28, Tim Bergling is gone. Avicii’s legacy will last forever.

Millions of his fans had some of the happiest moments in life listening, laughing and dancing to his music. For these grieving fans, this is a nightmarish tragedy.

Wake us up when it’s all over.



Eric Golub

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