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Vivanco Tempranillo Wines: Perfect for your holiday party or dinner table

Written By | Dec 20, 2017

WASHINGTON, December 20, 2017: The right wine can make your holiday party or dinner special. But with the wide variety and costs, it can be difficult to know which wine makes the best choice.  Keep your eyes open for Vivanco wines, particularly the Tempranillo Blanco and Garnacha Rosé wines from Rioja, Spain.

Casually watching the wine store shelves we are seeing more and more wines from the Rioja valley of Spain. Which is not surprising when one learns that Spain has more land dedicated to vineyards than any other county.  Spain’s Rioja regions are the  Rioja Alavesa and Rioja Alta where the land enjoys the winds and tides of the Atlantic and Rioja Baja where the Mediterranean influences the soil.

A Tempranillo Grape by any other name

The most common grape and the fourth most planted wine grape in the world is the Tempranillo. Depending on where you are the grape goes by multiple names like tinta del pais or tinto fine, or tinta de tor. In Catalan the grape is cencible.

A grape by any other name, it is all Tempranillo.

Tempranillo wines are gaining more status despite not being an “international variety”, a designation held by more recognizable grapes like the Chardonnay, or Pinot Noir. And while wines from the Tempranillo grape may be new on your holiday table, the history of wines from the region dates back to 1650.


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Tempranillo grapes: Certified by the Regulations of the D.O. CA.

The Tempranillo grape is just one of the grape varieties that carry the  Regulations of the D.O. CA authorization.  This certification says that as Champagne grapes are grown France,  you are purchasing a true Spanish wine.

The Tempranillo Blanco (white) grape is one of nine varieties that also includes more familiar grapes such as Chardonnay and Sauvignon. The red Tempranillo is one of five regional grapes. In Spanish ‘temprano’ means early and the Tempranillo grape does ripen early than others. Which is a good thing as the grape is sensitive to pests and weather.

And while it is early to harvest, the wine tolerates longer aging periods while retaining its color and acidity. This allows the winemaker to barrel and age the wine to consistently deliver wines that are smooth and fruity.

Vivanco’s Tempranillo Blanco

Vivanco, a vineyard located in La Rioja, Spain, offers two great wines you can be confident of -– the Viura Tempranillo Blanco-Maturana Blanca and Tempranillo Garnacha.

Vivanco is leading the way in the use of the Tempranillo Blanco group. In this latest wine, the varietals are 35% Tempranillo Blanco, 15% Maturana Blanca and 50% Viura, a common white wine grape from the Rioja area.

The Tempranillo Blanco is a mutation of the red varietal grapes. The fruit of the Tempranillo Blanco, or white, the grape blends with the Maturana Blanca, a very light-skinned wine grape, to create this refreshing wine.

It is interesting to note that of the 15 hectares of Maturana Blanca grapes grown in the world, 9 hectares belong to Vivanco.

The result is a wine that is light, with high acidity and a pleasing minerality. Flavors of lemon and lime and tropical fruit or peach are on the palate. The finish offers a bit of white pepper and a crisp mouthfeel. The wine boasts aromas of green apple and summer grass.

Wines with which to impress over the holidays

The wine is completely vinified in stainless steel. This means it can travel from store to the table at the time of purchase. Letting it lie down will increase complexity, but drink this wine while young – within a year or two of date. You can feel comfortable buying Vivanco Viura Tempranillo Blanco Maturana Blanca this week to serve on Christmas day as an accompaniment to fish, shellfish and fowl.

Vivanco’s Tempranillo Garnacha

The Tempranillo Garnacha deep rose’ color will be a beautiful addition to the holiday table. This Rosé is made with 85% Tempranillo and 15% Garnacha grapes.

The Garnacha grape brings aromas of raspberries and toast, jam and herbal undertones to the balanced freshness of Tempranillo grape.

The result is a bright pink wine that offers aromas of red berries, peach and floral notes that bring to mind pale pink, first of spring roses.

With its refreshing and clean mouth and finish, this rose will stand up to fatty cuts of meat, charcuterie meats, cheese and olives or as a satisfying cocktail hour wine.

The Tempranillo Garnacha is the perfect wine for the table as it is complex enough to stand up to barbeque while it will support lighter dishes, including pasta, pork, and chicken.







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