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Upcoming “Fed Up” film takes a long, hard look at the food industry

Written By | Apr 11, 2014

SEATTLE, April 11, 2014 — On May 9th  “Fed Up,” a documentary that takes a look the relationship between the U.S. Government and the food industry will be released. The film explores the horrific impact sugar, particularly food-hidden sugar, has had on the waistline of our country.

Fed Up - Poster

Fed Up – Poster

The film asserts that the U.S.Government aided big food industry’s food “mis-information” campaign that has led to our foods literally killing us.

The film highlights the assertion that America’s younger generations are the first to have life-spans anticipated to be shorter than those of their parents.

“There are 600,000 food items in America,” Dr. Robert Lustig, Professor of Pediatrics, UCSF, says in the film. “80% of them have added sugar. Your brain lights up with sugar just like it does with cocaine or heroin. You become an addict.”

Other predictions in the movie are that “Over 95 percent of all Americans will be overweight or obese in two decades,” and that “By 2050, one out of every three Americans will have diabetes.”

From Laurie David, the same producer as “An Inconvenient Truth,” “Fed Up” follows the lives of a group of children over the course of two years as they exercise and diet in what seems like a futile effort to regain a healthy status.

It also interviews a vast array of experts, some of them being the most powerful newsmakers in the nation.

Executive Producer and veteran broadcast journalist, Katie Couric, narrates. The film is directed by Stephanie Soechtig.

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