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Unethical bedfellows: The Clinton Foundation, media and satire

Written By | May 25, 2015

WASHINGTON, May 25, 2015  – There certainly is a large group of media types here today. Thanks to everyone for coming. I’d like to begin by asking all those who have contributed to the Clinton Foundation to step forward.

Whoa! That’s a lot of you. Actually, that’s all of you. And such enthusiasm. This could take a while.

Let’s start with the one who kind of got the ball rolling here. Stephanopoulos, where are you? George? There you are.

Please, George, stand up. Oh, you are standing.

You seem to have created quite a problem for yourself. The $75,000 you contributed to the Clinton Foundation has left you in an ethically questionable position, journalistically speaking. Yes, I know it’s hard to believe that anything involving the Clintons could also include questionable ethics.

Clinton Cash said to expose Hillary Clinton’s money making machine

In the eyes of many, you have lost credibility. How you could question Peter Schweizer’s objectivity when you interviewed him about his book, Clinton Cash, is beyond me. After all, you didn’t even mention your contributions to the Clinton Foundation before or during the interview.

That seems to be a bit of a conflict of interest. That’s sort of like Tom Brady interviewing the New England Patriots equipment guy about deflating footballs. Okay, maybe not, but you catch my drift.

It’s great that you are passionate about global AIDS prevention and deforestation. Regarding AIDS prevention, it might have been a lot cheaper if you had just advised Bill Clinton to skip the junkets to Jeffrey Epstein’s private island.

Just a thought.

But that’s not why I feel you have lost credibility. Rather, you don’t seem to understand the whole process of being a media shill. When one is a shill for somebody the customary practice is for that person to pay you to be the shill.

You paid the Clintons for that privilege. How dumb is that?

The rebranding of presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton

Some have called on ABC to fire you. I understand that the network has 105 million reasons not to do that. At the least, ABC should remove you from covering politics for as long as Hillary Clinton is running for president.

Yes, I know you earn $15 million per year and that does seem like a lot of money for your employer to pay its chief political correspondent to not cover politics.

Maybe you can just report on tornadoes in the Midwest on Good Morning America for the next couple of years. You haven’t donated anything to the National Weather Service, have you?

Judy Woodruff, I see you gave $250 to the foundation’s “Clinton Haiti Relief Fund” in 2010. That was a nice gesture. I guess PBS doesn’t really pay that much. Anyway, given the foundation’s track record, only about $2.50 probably went to Haitian relief. The rest most likely found its way into Chelsea’s wedding. In reality, $250 wouldn’t even pay for one second of a Bill Clinton speech. He won’t even clear his throat for that amount.

Next, where is James Murdoch? Oh, there you are. I see you are the Chief Operating Officer for 21st Century Fox and the son of Rupert Murdoch. It says here you donated between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation. Really?

You could have made it $50 million but there is still no way that Hillary will ever consent to be interviewed by Megyn Kelly. Not even Greg Guttfeld.

Who else is on the list? Google? Did you clear your donation through President Obama first? I hear you guys are pretty tight. If any of your donation ended up in Sidney Blumenthal’s pockets, boy will you have some explaining to do.

AOL, HBO, Comcast, Turner Broadcasting, NBC Universal – geez, you did realize that Hillary Clinton was going to be running for president, right? I mean c’mon. Well, HBO, unless Hillary shows up in Game of Thrones, we’ll give you a pass.

I notice there are no hosts from MSNBC on the list. I can only presume that they thought that a donation to the Clinton Foundation is like paying taxes.

Is Carlos Slim here? Ah, yes, good you could make it too. I’ve really never heard of you before. I figured Carlos Slim was either a Cuban cigar brand or some type of jerky food sold at convenience stores, but it turns out you are the largest New York Times shareholder.

Sorry to hear that. Wikipedia says you are known as the Warren Buffet of Mexico. Well, I guess somebody has to be.

Hillary Clinton and the New, New Totalitarian Left

It says here you also donated between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation. Bill Clinton gave you NAFTA, wasn’t that enough? You don’t even get to vote for Hillary. Or, maybe you do?

With so many illegal immigrants flooding across the border I’m not even sure what the rules are anymore.

I get that between trigger warnings and microagressions, there isn’t that much teaching that occurs in college these days. A lot of whining, perhaps, but not much teaching.

Nonetheless, I’m sure someone somewhere still teaches ethics in journalism school. Maybe?


Curtice Mang

Curtice Mang earned a Political Science degree after attending college during the depths of the Carter Administration, a time where the only thing worse than the Carter malaise was Disco. He is the author of two books of political humor, The Smell of Politics: The Good, The Bad, and The Odorous and The Constitution – I’m Not Kidding and Other Tales of Liberal Folly. He has worked in the insurance industry for over 30 years and is also a high school basketball coach. In addition to CommDigiNews, Curtice contributes to multiple conservative websites, including Broadside News, Front Lines and What Would the Founders Think. He can be found at, where his books are also available for purchase for a song (and the cover price). Contact Curtice at or follow him on Twitter @curticemang. He can also be found wandering about on Facebook and Google+. His views are his own - mostly because no one else would claim them.