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Tripping through Time and One Tree Planted collaborate to save the planet

Written By | Aug 17, 2020
Tripping through Time, One Tree Planted, Environment, Trees, Children's Book

How can we make a difference to our planet? This is the question children’s book author Jon Allen asks and answers. For Allen, the answer is in teaching our children to be responsible for the planet. To make planet health their quest. Allen’s solution is to teach children to love the trees. And plant them. Lots of them.

Tripping through Time, One Tree Planted, Environment, Trees, Children's Book

Jon Allen

Tripping through Time, One Tree Planted, Environment, Trees, Children's Book

Cody Langenfeld

Along with illustrator Cody Langenfeld, Allen takes children on a gentle journey with this book Tripping through Time.

Using what looks like an old refrigerator, Paul builds a time machine, taking his young neice Kate through time. Their arrival, sometime in the future, is in a land of magical, glowing trees.

There Kate meets Jay, the man that lives high in the trees.

Not only is Jay a hipster, but he has an ethereal blue light that floats Kate from the treetops to the ground. He is a “blue Jay.”

Using his light, Jay takes Kate and Paul to a city of the future. A city of flying electric cars, glowing cars, and beautiful tall trees providing places for people to live and thrive in the city of trees.

“The book does not have answers, but it opens the reader to asking questions,” says Allen. “Question as to how trees can impact the environment we live. Can help to create the environment we live in.”

But in order for tomorrow’s city to grow, we need to plant those trees now. And Allen’s JAC Press is there to help. For every book you purchase from the website One Tree Planted will also plant a tree. Purchase the book via the JAC Press website and receive a seed “pod” that you germinate and nurture into a seedling. Planting once the tree is viable.

This helps to expand the message from the pages of the book into action.

The environmental silver lining of the COVID-19 human quarantine

Pictures help tell the story

Illustrator Cody Langenfeld uses colors to help tell the story. Uncluttered images leave plenty of space for children to explore, and add to the story. To determine how they are seeing the message of the trees.

“I like color and the emotions they can create,” says Langenfeld. “The use of plenty of “space” in the drawings allows rooms for the child to fill in the blanks.  The colors, dark to light, help to tell the story and that there is hope for tomorrow’s trees.”
A great way to teach environmentalism

With young students being kept from the classroom, soft lessons, like environmentalism will suffer. Parents who choose to homeschool their children can use Tripping through Time and their seedling to start a conversation on the importance of trees.  The hands-on activity of growing the seedling into a viable tree and planting will become a memory that is cherished well into adulthood.

One Tree Planted

For parents, One Tree Planted offers videos and information on their efforts around the world. The 5013C group is working toward reforestation in Amazon, Agroforestry in Rwanda, and planting trees in Colorado to celebrate Earth Day.

While every day should be dedicated to Mother Earth, Earth Day 2021 will be Thursday, April 22. In anticipation of this day, and as an added bonus, Allen will send you a tree that your little one can nurture and watch grow with every book pictured from the site. I am looking forward to ordering and receiving a gorgeous Rainbow Eucalyptus.

Seeling trees, seed pods, and wildflower mixes, are available at the website. Also available on the website are reusable telescoping straws in bright colors, eliminating the one-use straws that little our streets and landfills.


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