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Top 30 Hottest Political Women of 2018: Right, Left and Center

Written By | Jun 20, 2018

LOS ANGELES, June 21, 2018. The Miss America pageant has now been reduced to a personality contest. Radical feminism has declared war on anything men find fun and enjoyable. “Toxic masculinity” is now defined as any guy acting like a guy rather than a metrosexual beta male. Yet in the real world, biology created two and only two different genders. Most men like viewing pictures of hot women. To continue making America normal again, it is time to reveal our special 10th Anniversary list of the Top 30 Hottest Political Women, this time from the Class of 2018.

As always in this annual series, our current list of hottest political women has been divided into the top 10 hot liberals, centrists and conservatives of the female persuasion. Age is no barrier. Hot is hot. Some deserving women were left off of the list solely to give others a chance. Also, each woman must in some way be publicly active politically or she loses eligibility.

In 2012, Eva Longoria campaigned for President Obama. In 2018 she has stayed quiet, removing herself from contention. Shannen Doherty has a lifetime beauty award. The moment she utters a political comment, she rockets to the top of the list because she is Shannen Doherty.

Many of the women were asked in advance if they would be offended being considered for this type of list. Even liberal nominees wondered who could possibly be so hyper-sensitive. Some upper-middle-class white college girls at Brandeis can likely answer that question better.

Real women, and real men for that matter, actually like being told they are attractive. With that in mind, here are the Top 30 Hottest Political Women of 2018.


10.) Driena Sixto — As an active presence in Turning Point — the student and young people’s movement for free markets and limited government — she brings conservatism to the college campuses. As a woman, she turns heads. Often seen wearing “socialism sucks” insignia, she is teaching her peers why the right is right.

9.) Lena Epstein — She is running for congress in Michigan. She owns her own small business in the oil industry. Unlike her liberal critics, she has actually done real work for a living. She also co-chaired the Trump campaign in Michigan and was a crucially important contributor in helping him crack the Blue Wall.

8.) Elise Stefanik — She is a Congresswoman from New York with a district that includes the Adirondack Mountains. She is nowhere New York City, which explains her normalcy. When she assumed office in 2015, she was the youngest member of the House.

7.) Candace Owens — This young conservative black woman is the Director of Urban Engagement for Turning Point. She has been praised by everyone from Allen West to Kanye West, while being scorned by liberal academics like Cornel West. Ironically, she lives on the East Coast, not the West.

6.) Nikki Haley — There are so many reasons to hate the United Nations and so many reasons to love its United States Ambassador. She has been a forceful voice for withdrawing from the Iran deal and most recently, the thoroughly corrupt United Nations Human Rights Council. She has spoken up loudly against the Jew-hatred infecting the U.N.

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5.) Ronna Romney McDaniel — Unlike her vulgar, profane liberal counterparts, the head of the Republican National Committee is pleasant, gentle, and easy on the ears. She is also a prodigious fundraiser who eloquently makes the case for the Trump Agenda in Middle America.

4.) Christina Hagan — This 29-year-old member of the Ohio State House is attempting a bold move. She wants to make it to Congress as a Republican in a district that covers Cleveland. This district has actually swung between the two parties frequently, but Democrats have held it since 2011.

3.) Michelle Mortensen — Las Vegas is the land of smart brunette conservative bombshells, from Victoria Seaman to Michelle Fiore to Elizabeth Halseth. Michelle Mortensen is a former television reporter determined to keep Nevada from swinging blue.

2.) Sarah Huckabee Sanders — She is more than just President Trump’s press secretary. She is also superwoman. She raises three children while also babysitting the toddlers of the White House press pool. Very few people can stop the temper tantrums of Jim Acosta and April Ryan, but her top-notch child-rearing skills often prove invaluable when it comes to this pair.

1.) Sara Carter — This investigative reporter has spent over a year busting the door wide open on FBI and DOJ corruption during the 2016 election. She has frequently produced proof that the Obama administration did everything possible to rig that election in favor of Hillary Clinton, including breaking the law. Unlike her liberal counterparts, her sources are real and her reporting is accurate. She is a goddess of beauty and brains, and the mother of six children. All this earns Sara Carter the top conservative spot in this year’s list of hottest political women.


10.) Stephanie Murphy — This congresswoman from Florida is serving her first term. She is only 39 years old and is the very first Vietnamese American to be elected to Congress. Even more impressive, she defeated a 12-term Republican incumbent 51-49 percent in a 2016 election that otherwise went pretty well for Republicans. Two years earlier, that Republican had won his Orlando area district by 32 points.

9.) Ali Watkins — This New York Times reporter made it to the top the old-fashioned way. She slept with a much older powerful man and he fed her confidential information. She continues the proud NYT tradition of putting diversity over quality that has remained constant since the Jayson Blair scandal. Her paramour, however, was recently indicted for feeding her confidential information.

8.) Lisa Page — This leftist FBI agent and attorney played a major role in corrupting that once respected agency. Her affair with highly-placed married agent Peter Strzok was part of a conspiracy by both of them to politicize the FBI and assure the destruction of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump. They deliberately exonerated Hillary Clinton for her illegal email server and her cavalier treatment of secure documents before interviewing her. Then the conspired to framed Donald Trump for partisan purposes. Time will tell if Page ends up being the most beautiful FBI agent in federal prison.

7.) Ana Navarro — She claims to be a Republican. But this Never-Trumper fits in perfectly among the legion of chronic complainers at CNN. For Navarro, everything in life is Trump’s fault, and voting for Trump is evil incarnate. When trying to make a point, she changes her cadence to a sultry baby voice. She repeatedly said the p-word on air, in keeping with CNN’s impeccably high standards for journalistic professionalism.

6.) Katy Tur — Like many hardcore leftists, this MSNBC live anchor insists she is an unbiased journalist. She dated much-older leftist basket case Keith Olbermann for three years. Her consistently biased anti-Trump campaign coverage led his supporters to frequently spar with her on the trail. She did what any liberal would do, claiming harassment and victimhood.

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5.) Alex Wagner — She is another one of those leftist journalists from the MSNBC tree. She once worked at the left-wing Center for American Progress. This is the outfit where former Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta plots to overturn legally elected Republican governments. She wishes she could attack Israel more. She lives in a town called Dumbo.

4.) Kathy Hochul — She continues the tradition of gorgeous Lieutenant Governors from Libby Pataki to Betsy McCaughey. However, Hochul is a Democrat. She stays in the shadow of her loud abrasive Governor Andrew Cuomo. He puts her in charge of non-controversial issues so that he can focus on highly charged grandstanding ahead of his 2020 presidential campaign.

3.) Libby Schaaf — The Mayor of Oakland is a leftist activist who believes that her opinions are more important that codified federal law. She dislikes immigration laws, so she tips off illegal immigrants in advance of ICE raids. She may put thousands of lives at risk, but she looks good doing it.

2.) Stormy Daniels — Liberals have long supported the debasement of American culture. But professional stripper and porn start Stephanie Clifford — aka, Stormy Daniels — takes matters to notably lower levels. She claims to have had sex with Donald Trump while both were private citizens. Daniels received money to keep quite about the alleged incident, signing a nondisclosure agreement in the process. In violation of that agreement, she is now suing Trump for reasons nobody except she understands. In any case, her naked body is less attractive than Melania Trump’s naked body.

1.) Debra Messing/Alyssa Milano — A tie. These women perfect the stereotype of airhead liberal Hollywood basket cases. Every day these rich, overprivileged white liberal actresses vent on Twitter about how unfair life is. If Trump is for it, they are against it. This pair is in the vanguard of “the #Resistance,” while having no idea exactly what they are resisting. Both get paid millions of dollars to look pretty while pretending to be feminists. Worse, they confuse being famous with knowing anything about anything. They epitomize the left-most category of this year’s list of hottest political women.


10.) Shannon Bream — This Fox News host is all hard news without a trace of opinion or partisan politics. She exemplifies what a news person is supposed to do, report without editorializing. She is smart, ultra-professional, radiant, and impossible to dislike.

9.) Brooke Baldwin — Like most CNN hosts, she has been called out for making factually false statements. Unlike most CNN hosts, she has actually admitted specific mistakes quickly and apologized on air. Unlike her male nighttime opinion hosts, she makes an effort to do more hard news and less editorializing.

8.) Sheryl Attkisson — This former CBS News correspondent fought back when CBS brass tried to suppress her hard news stories. She put her journalistic integrity first. She is one of those rare anchors who actually cares about the truth, pursues it doggedly, and vets her sources. When former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder illegally spied on her, she fought back and sued him. She also has a fourth-degree black belt in taekwondo.

7.) Jenna Lee — This former Fox News anchor also keeps it strictly professional and strictly hard news. She leaves the opinions to the opinion hosts. She left Fox News one year ago and formed This is an accurate reflection of her. She is not a gorgeous woman. She is an exceptionally bright and sharp woman who happens to be gorgeous.

6.) Erica Hill — Her career has bounced among several networks, but she is currently back at CNN. She is a substitute anchor but began her career covering technology just as the boom started to crash. She has largely steered clear of controversy, a nearly unheard of accomplishment in today’s hyper-politicized, round-the-clock media world.

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5.) Robin Meade — Not only is she the head sled on her Headline News program. She is also a singer. That is a rare combination of talent. Yes, a woman can be blindingly gorgeous and still provide a wealth of newsworthy information.

4.) Melania Trump — The First Lady is married to a Republican President, but her personal politics are shrouded in mystery. Ms. Trump is far more stunning than the average model. She speaks five languages fluently. She is also the epitome of grace and class in a political world often found lacking both. Yet our graceful, beautiful First Lady is frequently attacked by individuals solely motivated by rage and jealousy.

3.) Trish Regan — This Fox Business host is a tough, smart interviewer. A former Miss America contestant, she is far more than a pretty face. She knows more about financial markets than any woman alive, except maybe Maria Bartiromo. Regan has earned praise for reporting on the financing of Islamic terrorism in Latin America and South America. She is far smarter than any of her lightweight media critics.

2.) Gigi Stone — This former ABC News and current NBC News correspondent does her job without making herself the story. She created a show for Bloomberg TV entitled “Inspiring Women in Business.” She has even been trained as a volunteer firefighter.

1.) Kim Kardashian — Yes, the famous woman married to Kanye West is famous for being famous. Yes, she broke the internet by posing naked and showing the world her most luscious and marketable bare backside. Yes, like many celebrities, she waded into politics. Unlike most celebrities, she did so respectfully and with heart. Rather than throw a temper tantrum, she seriously approached President Trump and convinced him to pardon 63-year-old Alice Marie Johnson. She may be the spark that lights the sentencing reform movement. She is most definitely the spark that lights real men with detectable pulses everywhere who like hot, naked women.

And that concludes our list of the 30 Hottest Political Women of 2018.

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— Headline photo above courtesy Sara Carter’s Twitter page.



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