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The Top 10 Important news stories of 2017

Written By | Dec 28, 2017

TAMPA, December 28, 2017:  2017 news stories have seemed bigger than in recent years past.  Just 23 days from today, Donald J. Trump will finish his first year as President of the United States. Like every president, his predecessor left him unfinished business to deal with domestically and around the globe.

2017 was a year of spectacular triumphs and heart-breaking losses, often right on top of each other. Some tear-end lists focus on what stories received the most media attention. However, the top news stories are not what the MSM covers.

These are the most important stories, what actually matters to Americans and society as a whole.

The top ten news stories of 2017.
10.) 2017 News from Sports: Super Bowl LI and the World Series :

For the second straight year, sports played a major historical role. The New England Patriots overcame a 28-3 deficit to win their fifth Super Bowl. It was the first time the biggest game went into overtime. The Houston Astros won their first World Series in an epic seven games. Game five is a 13-12 home run derby. After Hurricane Harvey, sports gave the people of Houston something to feel good about.

2017 Black Monday Predictions – Which NFL Coaches will be fired?

9.) 2017 News: Erasing America’s history

All across America, leftists began demanding that statues of historical figures be torn down. It started with the removal of statConfederateederate leaders. As expected, it led to demands that statues of the Founding Fathers including George Washington be removed.

Many leftists declare that rich, white slave owners must be vilified, while simultaneously insisting they love America.

Charlottesville and a new kind of historical reenactor

8.) 2017 News: Protests

Several players continued what Colin Kaepernick started, kneeling for the national anthem. After President Trump blasted the protesters as unpatriotic, many more players began protesting. Owners and coaches briefly joined them. As the season wore on, the protests became boring as owners and coaches demanded the focus return to football. Conservative

Republicans began boycotting the NFL in droves. One of the last areas of life that bring people together, is now tearing people apart. For far too many leftists, this is exactly what they wanted. Like the statues of the Founding Fathers, tearing down football is a way of tearing down the most quintessentially American aspects of American culture.

Commissioner Roger Goodell was caught between conservative Republican fans and leftist black players who wanted to use the NFL to promote social and racial justice.

Trump vs the NFL: The Hatfields and McCoys revisited

7.) 2017 News from Zimbabwe:

While this African country received very little media attention, it was one of the most important stories of the year. Robert Mugabe became Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister in 1980. On New Year’s Eve in 1987, he became President. He then became a dictator who ruled with an iron fist.

On November 21 of 2017, the 93-year-old Mugabe was finally ousted by the country’s military. Time will tell if Zimbabwe will remain under military rule or transition into a democracy. For now, the only leader many people in this nation have ever known is no longer in charge.

6.) 2017 News on Tax reform

Politics comes and goes. What leaves a lasting legacy are policies. The most significant tax reform since 1986 was signed into law by President Trump on Christmas Eve of 2017. This story would rank higher except that it will be well into 2018 before the full effects of the policy are known. early signs are very promising.

Getting big things done in Washington is not easy, but Trump got it done. Drastic supply-side tax cuts along with other reforms was especially sweet for House Speaker Paul Ryan, who has dedicated his life to this policy issue.

Trump signs GOP tax reform, reducing Obama presidency to irrelevance

5.) 2017 News reveals Systemic Institutional Corruption :

House Democrats Chaka Fattah and Corinne Brown went to prison after being convicted of multiple financial crimes. Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama were both accused of using the power of his government to try and sabotage the Trump presidential campaign and then the Trump presidency.

Institutions once thought of as non-partisan were drowning in corruption. The IRS finally settled with Tea Party groups and admitted to targeting them for political reasons. The FBI was caught actively trying to prevent Trump from winning the White House. Former FBI Director James Comey helped get his friend and former FBI Director Robert Mueller appointed as a special counsel to try and impeach Trump.

Now Mueller’s investigation has seen its investigators become caught up in corrupt practices themselves. Americans are rapidly losing faith in every institution except for the military, which has so far stayed effective, non-partisan and trusted. This is before getting to the sexual scandals that rocked Capitol Hill.

Violent leftist groups such as Antifa and Resistance were formed for the purpose of trying to engineer a coup and overthrow a legally elected government.

4.) 2017 News about Harvey Weinstein and #MeToo

The Hollywood power broker was finally exposed as a sexual predator who sexually assaulted multiple women over several decades. This led to women coming forward and toppling many other Hollywood abusers, from Kevin Spacey to Matt Lauer to Charlie Rose.

What started in Hollywood spread to political scandals that brought down Democrat Congressman John Conyers and Democrat Senator Al Franken. While Academia elites were largely spared, other industries have been rocked to the core.

Many men from President Trump to Judge Roy Moore to actors Dustin Hoffman and Jeffrey Tambor faced accusations, but the ones that fell the fastest were the ones who either admitted guilt or were proven guilty. Those who vigorously denied the accusations for the most part have survived. This also led to a discussion in the difference between sexual harassment and sexual assault.

In most cases the men suffered public humiliation and the loss of their jobs, but remained wealthy and free. Weinstein and other accused of the most serious of the charges may face jail time.

While liberals were desperate to make this a bipartisan scandal, most of the predators have been politically liberal. Their liberalism allowed them to stay powerful and abusive, as those who knew about their behavior often stayed silent out of a shared political ideology.

The ongoing global Harvey Weinstein phenomenon continues

3.) 2017 News about The Trump presidency:

Everything Trump does is news. His presidency has been a fascinating paradox. His behavior has thrilled his biggest supporters, enraged those who would hate him anyway, and made centrists who want to support him ill at ease.

He is antagonistic, pugilistic, and never one to let a slight go unanswered. Away from all the drama of his Twitter feuds is a story that is not being reported. His rhetoric is wild, but his policies have been mainstream.

More importantly, they have been quite successful.

He has reduced regulations, lowered taxes, appointed highly qualified conservative judges, and announced to the world that America is open for business again.

On the global front, he hired a brilliant Defense Secretary in James “Mad Dog” Mattis who has smashed ISIS to bits. He ended the year with a crowning legislative victory in passing tax reform.

While he publicly spends his time fighting, behind the scenes he is getting the work done and getting it done right.

His critics continue to attack his behavior and try to impeach him, but he is clearly winning on the policy front. 2018 will tell if he can avoid the midterm curse that plagued his predecessors.

2.) 2017 News: Las Vegas and other cold-blooded murders:

The killers in these cases with rare exception fall into one of three categories. They are either a leftist, and Islamist, or a mentally ill crackpot.

On the night of October 1, 2017, a man killed 58 people and injured 546 others in the worst domestic mass shooting in American history. With Las Vegas, despite the careful planning of the attacks, mental illness seems to be a factor. Making things even more frustrating, we still do not know exactly why the shooter did what he did.

In the quiet town of Sutherland Springs, Texas, a man walked into a church and killed 26 people and wounded 20 others. Mental illness played a role in this shooting, although the shooter clearly targeted that specific church because of a dispute with his relatives. This was personal.

On October 31, 2017, a man drove a rented truck into a crowd and killed eight people while injuring 12 others. This was clearly an act of Radical Islamic terrorism, although leftist Mayor Bill DeBlasio kept his head in the sand regarding the motive. As expected, leftists called for more gun control while refusing to deal with the real treble threats of violent leftism, violent Islamism, and mental illness.

A violent leftist attack and Congressman Steve Scalise is shot. Senator Rand Paul is beaten within an inch of his life by a neighbor. Both victims are Republicans. The attacker leftists. Liberals predictably denied any political connection.

Las Vegas: Finding resilience to hate in the face of tragedy

1.) 2017 News: America’s Devastating Natural Disasters:

Acts of man can sometimes be prevented. Acts of God leave us at his mercy. Hurricane Harvey leveled Houston. Hurricane Irma slammed Florida. Hurricane Maria destroyed Puerto Rico. NAPA fires left hundreds of homes incinerated and left a trail of smoke from San Francisco to surrounding areas near and far.

Los Angeles fires are still not completely contained as the Thomas Fire is now the largest fire in recorded California History.

From Santa Barbara to rich and poor Los Angeles areas alike, there was no reprieve. Tales of heartbreak were many, and acts of heroism were also prevalent.

Houston Texans star J.J. Watt raised over $50 million for hurricane relief. Ordinary people risked their own lives and rescued people from burning buildings and flooding waters.

People of all races and creeds showed that when times are at their toughest, Americans are at their best. Despite attempts to divide us, we unite in practicing love thy neighbor by rescuing complete strangers.

These natural disasters were the worst of 2017, but they brought out the best in Americans. What is not in dispute is that these disasters and their aftermath were by far the most important news story of 2017.

Eric Golub

Brooklyn born, Long Island raised and now living in Los Angeles, Eric Golub is a politically conservative columnist, blogger, author, public speaker, satirist and comedian. Read more from Eric at his TYGRRRR EXPRESS blog. Eric is the author of the book trilogy “Ideological Bigotry, “Ideological Violence,” and “Ideological Idiocy.”