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Springtime for Hipsters: The left’s upcoming summer of rage

Written By | Mar 18, 2016

WASHINGTON, March 18, 2016 — “A man is likely to mind his own business when it is worth minding. When it is not, he takes his mind off his own meaningless affairs by minding other people’s business. This minding of other people’s business expresses itself in… [a] feverish interest in communal, national and racial affairs. In running away from ourselves, we either fall on our neighbor’s shoulder or fly at his throat.”

So said philosopher Eric Hoffer in his seminal book “The True Believer,” which skilfully dissects the psychology animating the empty souls of those who populate mass movements.

Radical leftist Bill Ayers at anti-Trump rally in Chicago.

Radical leftist Bill Ayers at anti-Trump rally in Chicago.

When a riot broke out last week at the University of Illinois at Chicago, the intended venue for a campaign rally for GOP presidential candidate Donald J. Trump, the mainstream media spun the mayhem as a spontaneous eruption of emotion like that which gripped the mob outside the U.S. diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012.

Like the unpleasantness in Benghazi, the riot in Chicago, we were told, was a violent reaction to insults: the Libyans reacting to an American-made anti-Islamic video, the Chicago rioters called to action by “controversial” statements made by Trump.

Both, stories, we know, turned out to be lies.

Chicago police officer injured at anti-Trump riot.

Chicago police officer injured at anti-Trump riot.

An email from to its members helped clear up the Chicago matter: “Donald Trump just canceled a rally in Chicago after thousands of University of Illinois at Chicago students, community members, and MoveOn members gathered outside and inside the venue in a demonstration that there’s no room for Donald Trump’s vitriol in their community… Everywhere Trump goes, his hateful and violence-inciting rhetoric needs to be met with this kind of outpouring of peaceful opposition (emphasis added).”

Property was damaged, of course, and Chicago officers were injured during the “peaceful opposition,” as noted by a Windy City officer and blogger (“Second City Cop”):

“The media is downplaying the ‘protests’ as isolated. It seems they aren’t broadcasting footage of the debris being thrown… by Sanders/Hillary supporters at Trump fans… they also aren’t mentioning the hordes… breaking the windows of cars with Trump 2016 stickers… It’s almost like they’re ashamed that the UIC [University of Illinois at Chicago] tradition of supporting leftist terrorists ([Bill] Ayers and his spawn) has come home to roost.”

As I recall, Ayers’ little domestic terrorist group, the Weather Underground, was once fond of killing men in uniform. In 1970, San Francisco police sergeant Brian McDonnell was a Weather Underground victim, killed in a bombing at his police station.

“The bomb, packed with inch-long industrial staples, exploded on the window sill of McDonnell’s office… His jugular vein was severed and one of the staples lodged in his brain,” United Press International reported.

San Francisco police sergeant Brian McDonnell.

San Francisco police Sgt. Brian McDonnell.

In 2009, two months after Ayers’ Chicago pal Barack Obama entered the White House, San Francisco Police Officers Association President Gary Delagnes issued an open letter stating that there existed “irrefutable and compelling reasons to believe that Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn, members of the terrorist group ‘Weather Underground,’ are largely responsible for the bombing of Park Station and other police stations throughout the United States during their ‘tour of terror’ in the late 1960s and early 1970s.”

President Obama’s Justice Department contacted Delagnes and told him to “zip it,” said the San Francisco Chronicle.

Justice officials expressed concern that the letter somehow jeopardized “an active investigation that may be ready to make a move soon in the 1970 bombing,” said the Chronicle.

Nearly a half century after the bombing and seven years after the Justice Department warning, there remains no justice for the murdered officer Brian McDonnell.

It is worth remembering the above in light of the massive anti-Trump protests already planned for this spring.

A consortium of left-wing loons, and People for Bernie [Sanders] among them, plan to “save democracy” by staging massive demonstrations “where thousands will gather to reclaim the U.S. Capitol in a powerful, peaceful, and massive sit-in that no one can ignore. Over 2,000 people have already pledged to risk arrest between April 11th-18th in what will be one of the largest civil disobedience actions in a generation,” reads a post on the “Democracy Spring” website.

Like the 1922 march on Rome by Benito Mussolini and his Blackshirts, the true believers of Democracy Spring think the nation’s lawmakers will surrender to a peaceful coup, ending “the business-as-usual cycle of this election.”

But it’s doubtful members of Congress, elected to office by hundreds of millions of voters, will surrender their plenary powers to 2,000 noisy narcissists any more than Trump supporters seem willing to surrender their candidate’s rallies to these violent, disruptive and insufferable bores.

That really upsets the New York Times, which blames Trump for the actions of radical leftists, “After violence erupted at his rallies in North Carolina, Chicago and Ohio in recent days, Mr. Trump has offered only defiance and further incitement.”

You see, Donald Trump’s “defiance” comes in the form of exercising his First Amendment right to freely speak his mind in rejecting the media’s politically-correct lexicon of political discourse and in continuing to win primary after primary, even after the Times warned Republican voters that doing so is “hardening the image of their party as a symbol of intolerance and division.”

In the end, what really annoys the organized left is that Trump represents a real-world democratic response to Washington’s obscenities. In the primaries thus far, Trump has gained more votes than MoveOn has followers or the Times has readers.

Both are a lonely, if noisy, minority. And they are surrounded by an increasingly less silent majority, one that’s not easily intimidated as were their grandparents during Bill Ayers’ first “tour of terror.”

Steven M. Lopez

Originally from Los Angeles, Steven M. Lopez has been in the news business for more than thirty years. He made his way around the country: Arizona, the Bay Area and now resides in South Florida.