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South Park creators win ‘Freedom Award,’ announce they are Republicans

Written By | Mar 30, 2018
Parker and Stone, South Park creators.

(L) Trey Parker, (R) Matt Stone, creators and showrunners of South Park. (Image via Wikipedia entry on South Park, CC 2.0 license)

LOS ANGELES, March 29, 2018: The long-running cartoon series “South Park” and its famously vulgar tykes have always taken satirical jabs at both the left and the right wingnuts that dominate the airwaves. Crude humor and vulgarity are the hallmarks of this hit show. Trey Parker and Matt Stone, “South Park’s” creators, recently received the “Freedom Award” from Norman Lear’s hoary, left-wing organization known as the “People for the American Way Foundation.”

South Park title card.

Recent title card for South Park. Fair use of copyrighted image for an article on South Park and its creators. Image obtained via Wikipedia entry on South Park.

A South Park style surprise: Parker and Stone out themselves

Surprising everyone in the audience Parker and Stone outed themselves publicly at the ceremony by confessing they were  Republicans. The crowd responded with awkward laughter. But then, just to make sure they’d been understood, they repeated their bombshell declaration.

In recent episodes, “South Park” has attacked the political correctness and left-wing dogma that dominates most American college campuses today. The show has also gone after other absurd left-wing tics like “trigger warnings,” and “safe spaces.”

In earlier episodes of recent vintage, “South Park” focused on jokes about President Donald Trump. But now the show’s creators have decided to end the jokes, saying they have become boring.

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Even though they announced their political affiliation with the Republicans, Parker and Stone have often described themselves as libertarians. Viewers that have gained any familiarity with “South Park” over the years likely figured this out some time ago. That’s because South Park has routinely brutalized all manner of nutcases without regard to race, social class, politics or religious affiliation.

Trey Parker claims that he and Stone are middle-ground, which indeed they seem to be. In fact, given today’s highly stratified and walled-off political environment, this dynamic duo may very well be America’s last-remaining equal opportunity satirists. By the end of each season, South Park generally manage to trash nearly every raging current controversy in sight.

Equal opportunity political satire is a “South Park” hallmark

Parker and Stone frequently address questions about how they treat politics on their show. They insist they don’t want viewers to identify “South Park” as a pro-Democrat or pro-Republican show.

Parker and Stone likewise believe the show and its content rise above these sometimes simplistic tags. They made this clear after their earlier criticizm of the president. They also added jokes many believe skirted the edge of decency. Then again, this is the show that once featured a wrestling match between Jesus Christ and Satan.

The People of the American Way Foundation’s website advertises itself as a progressive organization aimed at fighting right-wing extremism. In reality, the foundation’s definition of right-wing extremism usually includes anyone who doesn’t entirely agree with People of the American way. Throughout its history, the group has been strongly anti-Republican and, more recently, anti-Trump. The Foundation has never indicated just why they specifically decided to honor Stone and Parker.

Some wags claim that Parker and Stone’s surprise party affiliation announcement at what is essentially a gathering for left-wing Hollywood radicals was just another joke made by the notoriously unpredictable pair. Yet seeing them publicly make this political claim to a throng of liberal #Resistance, anti-Trump denizens of La-La Land might hint that there are more conservatives and libertarians in Hollywood than what the media has chosen to report.

Rosanne Barr, too?

In related news, Roseanne Barr has become the latest inhabitant of Tinseltown to make the headlines after she blasted intolerant liberals for going too far left. Barr told them by identifying themselves with the far-left fringe, they have lost everything.

While Barr has been known as a strong liberal, she transformed her character in the revival of her vintage sitcom “Roseanne” into a Trump supporter. That reflects her real-life support for the current U.S. President. Retooling her popular sitcom character, her rebooted show gained record-high ratings that shocked Hollywood. Particularly praised by Trump supporters – who ultimately include roughly half of all American voters –  the show’s premiere earned an impressive 18.1 million viewers in a TV genre many claim has already seen its best days.



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