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‘Scandalous’: Fox News concludes its documentary on Bill Clinton’s impeachment

Written By | Mar 6, 2018

Bill Clinton Campaigning. (Video still from Fox News documentary “Scandalous.”

NEW YORK, March 5, 2017 — Fox News Channel concluded it’s documentary “Scandalous” on Sunday. The documentary included seven-episodes of in-depth analysis of the events leading to the 1998-1999 House impeachment and Senate trial of then-President Bill Clinton.

Narrated by Bruce McGill, “Scandalous” offered considerable insight into the Clinton sex, perjury and impeachment scandals. As promoted by Fox, in this series,

“Filmed in cinematic style, viewers will hear from more than 45 people who were involved on both sides of the investigation and subsequent impeachment trial, revisiting the daily twists and turns two decades after Monica Lewinsky first captivated the world.

“The series begins with the failed 1980’s Whitewater land deal in the Ozark mountains of Arkansas and ends with the final determination made by prosecutor Robert Ray on the president’s last day in office.”

Fox delivered on its promises in this excellent series.

The season finale examined how members of the U.S. Senate served as jurors in the first Presidential  impeachment trial since President Andrew Johnson’s in 1868. The series finale also interviewed several Washington power players at the forefront of the investigation. One of those was Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC). He served as one of the thirteen Senate “managers” – effectively a prosecutorial team – during the trial.

“We walked over, all 13 of us from the House to the Senate in a single file to present the articles. A million cameras and it was just the most surreal thing,” Graham said in the episode.

An interesting side note: Intriguingly, Scandalous Bill Clinton was defended by Cheryl Mills. Mills has lately emerged as a controversial figure in the Obama administration and in the ongoing Hillary Clinton email scandal.

Former Senator Trent Lott (R-Miss) was featured in the final episode of the series, which launched on January 21, 2018. The series premiere that analyzed the investigations of former President Clinton by the Office of the Independent Counsel, headed by Ken Starr, a capable proseutor the Democrats and the pro-Clinton media constantly vilified.

Later episodes of the series delved into a wide range of events and figures. These included Paula Jones, Ken Starr, Linda Tripp and Monica Lewinsky, who entered the White House as a young intern wearing the infamous blue dress.

The House Judiciary Committee approved articles of impeachment against Clinton in 1998. They later charged him with perjury and obstruction of justice. Even so, the U.S. Senate failed to convict him with the necessary two-thirds majority vote as specified in the U.S. Constitution. As a result, President Clinton finished out his final term.

Even after the impeachment trial, other scandals continued to plague President Clinton, including the notorious Whitewater deal.

More Scandalous issues

Other problems followed:

“In April 1999, about two months after being acquitted by the Senate, Clinton was cited by Federal District Judge Susan Webber Wright for civil contempt of court for his ‘willful failure’ to obey her repeated orders to testify truthfully in the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit. For this citation, Clinton was assessed a $90,000 fine, and the matter was referred to the Arkansas Supreme Court to see if disciplinary action would be appropriate.

“Regarding Clinton’s January 17, 1998, deposition where he was placed under oath, the judge wrote:

“‘Simply put, the president’s deposition testimony regarding whether he had ever been alone with Ms. (Monica) Lewinsky was intentionally false, and his statements regarding whether he had ever engaged in sexual relations with Ms. Lewinsky likewise were intentionally false….’

“On the day before leaving office in January 2001, President Clinton agreed to a five-year suspension of his Arkansas law license as part of an agreement with the independent counsel to end the investigation. Clinton was automatically suspended from the United States Supreme Court bar as a result of his law license suspension. However, as is customary, he was allowed 40 days to appeal an otherwise-automatic disbarment. The former President resigned from the Supreme Court bar during the 40 day appeals period.”

In the end, both Bill and Hillary Clinton have been able to skate over each and every scandal over the years. That roster now includes Hillary’s current Mail-gate and Uranium Gate catastrophes. For some reason, no one wants to prosecute these highly questionable and damaging activities either.

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More “Scandalous” series ahead for Fox?

Fox News has not confirmed whether the network will offer another season devoted to these equally “Scandalous” political exposes. Fox could also consider diving into Watergate. Further possibilities could include scandals from President Kennedy’s or LBJ’s terms in office.

But Fox might most productively pursue the lengthy list of outrages associated with the Clinton for decades. These include any number of scandals supported by their notorious Clinton foundation ever since the former First Couple left the White House “impoverished.”

One thing is for certain. If the story involves anything in the Nation’s Capital, there’s likely a juicy scandal lurking in there somewhere. Sex, of course, is omnipresent in politics. But as for the most savory Washington scandals, “Deep Throat’s” classic advice to Woodward and Bernstein still pertains: “Follow the money.”


Larry Lease

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