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‘Prison Break’ shakes Michael Scofield to his core

Written By | Apr 19, 2017

LOS ANGELES, April 18, 2017 – Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) is back for another week in ‘Prison Break.’ Most of the episode focused on Michael attempting to reassure his fellow cellmates that he will help them escape. Last episode we saw Michael get cozy with ISIS leader Abu Ramal, who had just been released from solitary for Ramadan.

Abu Ramal believes Scofield AKA “Kaniel Outis” will help him escape as well. Michael thwarts Ramal’s lynching of the prison’s gays (by insisting that Sid is essential to their escape plan). During Michael’s attempt of surviving a crowd of Ramal’s thugs, he snatches a guard’s watch during a brawl, triggering a lockdown of the prison. The lockdown forces Michael to escape through the ceiling and over to the roof. C-Note (Rockmond Dunbar) meanwhile creates a power outage, which allows Ramal to storm Michael’s cell as Michael’s crew was starting to flee.

The surprising lockdown causes Michael to be trapped on the roof, where extra guards were waiting for them. Michael is then immediately thrown into solitary and records a final message for Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) on a cell phone.

Prison Break ‘The Liar’ Live Chat

While Michael is wondering what to do next, Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) received a message from a local boy which points to an auto shop which is the rendezvous point for his brother after the escape. Lincoln and C-Note discover that Michael also plans to break out Ramal. Lincoln leaves to get a new passport, after being forced to trade away his real one. Lincoln then meets up with Sheba’s questionable friend Cyclops, who ends up turning on them. Lincoln is knocked out and locked in a room, while Cyclops attempts to rape Sheba but ends up being beaten up by Lincoln.

Sara has a run-in with questionable ally T-Bag who warned her of the hitters who are in play during Michael’s resurrection. Sara finds out that her cell phone was hacked and visits a local phone repair shop, to draw out those who are following her. Her two pursuers are discovered to be following Sara only to draw out Kaniel Outis. Sara finds out that her fingerprint was used to hack her own phone. A flashback reveals that Sara left a fingerprint on a glass that Kellerman provided at his office. Sara then gets T-Bag to interrogate their enemy for any information T-Bag can get.

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