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‘Prison Break’ raises more questions about Michael Scofield

Written By | Apr 12, 2017

LOS ANGELES, April 12, 2017 – The man who has become a riddle throughout Fox’s “Prison Break” (airing Tuesdays at 9 ET/8 CT) continues to live up to his mysterious personality. As Episode 2 of the show’s revival began, questions began to rise over who “Michael Scofield” really is, after information is received that he has become an ISIS supporter named “Kaniel Outis.”

Michael and his new circumstances take center stage. It remains unseen what really happened to Michael and why he left his family behind.

The episode introduced us to a new shadowy figure. The streets of Yemen are being taken over by militants trying to free their leader, Abu Ramal, an ISIS terrorist who, coincidentally, is also in the same prison in which Michael is held.

The story shifts inside the prison, where we meet Scofield’s new cellmates who are already trying to escape. Michael and Whip (Augustus Prew) are crawling in a vent while others are keeping lookout.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, C-Note (Rockmond Dunbar) discusses with Lincoln the rundown on Kaniel Outis/Michael Scofield. Scofield was charged with committing crimes against the government and only recently was released from solitary confinement for a failed escape attempt upon his arrival at Ogygia.

Lincoln discovers a kid who is eavesdropping and chases him through the crowded streets. However, Lincoln loses him but discovers the kid left behind one of Michael’s signature origami swans. Written on it is “Find the Sheikh of Light and I will be free.”

Back in New York, Sara paid a visit to the local Department of State office, where the director turned out to be no less than Paul Kellerman (Paul Adelstein). Kellerman refuses to believe that Michael is truly innocent and attempts to convince her that nobody really knows who Michael is now. In the eyes of the government, he is a terrorist who goes by the name Kaniel Outis.

Back in Ogygia, Michael’s new team is on edge as Ramal and his followers are set to be released from solitary. However, Michael receives the sign that the escape is on for tomorrow. Ramal then appears and walks straight to Michael. The two embrace, with Ramal whispering, “You’ve found a way out for us?” Michael replies, “Yes, tomorrow night.”

This makes us wonder, what is Michael’s deal with this terrorist leader? Does he intend to set up Ramal? Hopefully, we’ll discover the answers soon.

Larry Lease

Lawrence Lease is a conservative commentator taking aim at all aspects of governmental domestic and foreign policy. Lease previously served as a volunteer with the human-rights organization International Justice Mission in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Follow Lease on Twitter, Facebook, and soon Blog Talk Radio.