News Weak: ‘Climate change’ to Griffin-ISIS to London Bridge

More from the domestic and international Media Merry-Go-Round during an epic week of MSM high crimes and misdemeanors. Can we impeach them? Hillary, too?

Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission. (See below)*

WASHINGTON, June 4, 2017 – Media watching ranged from the asinine to the horrifying this past week as the MSM ruthlessly twisted everything that happened both in the U.S. and around the world as all the fault of President Donald J. Trump. It’s beginning to remind us of Obama’s entire presidency, where absolutely everything bad that happened was met with the refrain, “It’s Bush’s fault!”

Tumbling on top of one another, the major news stories this week were President Trump’s dumping of the absurd, anti-scientific, international income redistribution scheme known as the “Paris Accords”; the decline and fall of fake comedian Kathy Griffin for her oh-so-funny photo shoot in which she posed holding the bloody, beheaded head of President Trump, riffing on ISIS’ own favorite mode of photo-shoots; and, ironically for Griffin, the three-pronged London attack Saturday by Islamofascist terrorists which resembled in many ways Al Qaeda’s once-favored attack pattern.

Global Warming Climate Change Alert!

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video is probably worth a whole lot more. Watch this on-air flip out by hysterical Weather Channel “meteorologist” Kait Parker, after learning that President Trump had just withdrawn the U.S. from the decidedly anti-U.S. “Paris Accords.” Also take note of this uninformed airhead’s sneering and condescension, typical of a warmist leftist who’s already drunk the Kool-Aid:

As is so often the case throughout the internet, the YouTube comments that follow this video are proving even funnier than Parker’s Global Meltdown. Here are a few, essentially unedited:

“Somebody get her a couch to faint on. She’s got ‘The Vapors’. Oh, and she forgot to add: ‘Women and Minorities hit hardest.’”

“Someone get that chicken a xanax”

“I’m Dutch and I agree with Trump!!! This climate deal is a good deal for China, India ect. I wish I had a leader like Trump. Here in Europe, bring in the refugee, give up your privacy and that s for your own safety. Yes we have to do something with the climate but with a fair deal that does not hurt the workers in the USA and EU.”

“Carbon taxes are going to help fund the NWO and a one world government.”

Meanwhile, the has-been former Clinton Administration veep, serial liar Al Gore, aka “The Goracle,” felt the need to do some virtue signaling and pop off against President Trump, according to this headline story via the always-hyperactive London Daily Mail:

Al Gore calls the Trump administration ‘tongue-tied and confused’ about climate change – because the truth is ‘still inconvenient’

My comment: Between Kait’s attack of the vapours and the apparently-brewing Billion Carbon Unit March against Trump’s policy, Trump’s welcome announcement this week, re: the charade known as the Paris Accords, was bound to bring out the crazies once again, whose leadership is funded, as always, by Soros-funded globalist “nonprofits.” These clowns have long since outlived their welcome, and if they persist in this collective temper tantrum, none of this will end well.

As for the Gore Bore: When he shuts down his 10,000 sq. ft. energy sucking mansion and mothballs his fossil fuel-devouring private jet, we might take some of his endless virtue-signaling gasbaggery a touch more seriously.

BTW: Why do TV personalities like “Kait” intentionally misspell their first names? Insecurity? Need for attention? We report. You decide.

The Kathy Griffin “comedy” fiasco

A number of years ago, I occasionally watched and was mildly amused by a Kathy Griffin cable show (circa 2007) entitled “My Life on the D-List.” Griffin often amusingly lampooned her own meager existence at the bottom of the Hollywood-New York comedy pecking order, aka the “D-List.” In so doing she actually began to succeed in what was obviously her aim: to climb up the celebrity ladder to at least gain a slot on the B-List.

Comedian Kathy Griffin poses with bloody Donald Trump mask in a photograph by Tyler Shields.

Unfortunately, like so many comics who wax increasingly ideological and increasingly less funny to earn reflexive applause from their brainless peers, Griffin decided she was a first-rate satirist and possessed a sharp political intellect. So she amped up the outrageousness and vulgarity of her information-free anti-Republican tirades.

Not surprisingly, she figured the outrage must be working, because she was getting more live comedy gigs and even got to co-host CNN’s annual coverage of Times Square’s New Year’s Eve bacchanalia for several seasons with that CNN dreamboat Anderson Cooper.

Increasingly full of herself, Griffin kicked her “comedy” up another notch this week by publicizing a provocative photo shoot in which she held up an effigy of Donald Trump. Or more specifically, a simulation of Trump’s bloody, ISIS-style beheaded head.

Hilarious. But in one fatally dramatic gesture, Griffin had blindly jumped the shark into the wonderful world of hubris, an ancient Greek term describing individuals who’ve become so full of themselves that they think they are God. At which point, God destroys them, just to let them know they’re not Him.

Read also: Kathy Griffin shows feminism’s anger is as sharp as a guillotine

Reaction to Griffin’s latest stunt was swift, definitive, and not what she expected at all. She and her stunt were reviled, even by a few liberals. She was swiftly and (for now) permanently dumped by CNN from that Times Square/New Year’s Eve slot. Co-host Anderson Cooper even made the point to break with her personally. Ditto Griffin’s equally despicable pal, lame comic and current Minnesota “Senator” Al Franken, who at least has enough sense to protect his own political career. One by one, Griffin’s upcoming list of live comedy gigs disappeared almost as if by magic. God again reminded her that she was not Him.

Griffin first offered a perfunctory apology to Trump and his family. But then, almost immediately, she reverted to form, blaming everyone but herself for her hubristic fall from the B-List.

Even more outrageous—and either ignored or not understood by anyone in the media—were the following remarks se made during a Pity Party “press conference,” she called. She essentially took back her clearly insincere apology, as quoted here by

“‘If you don’t stand up, you get run over,’ she added. ‘What’s happening to me has never happened ever in the history of this great country. Which is that a sitting president of the United States and his grown children and the First Lady are personally, I feel, personally trying to ruin my life forever.’

“‘He picked me, I’m the easiest target,’ she continued.”

But here’s the real corker:

“‘I don’t think I will have a career after this. I’m going to be honest, he broke me,’ Griffin said as she began to choke up.”

Boo-hoo-hoo. Poor, pitiful me.

It’s clear, at least to moi, that Griffin’s final line above was brazenly stolen from John McCain’s riveting acceptance speech at the Republican 2008 Presidential convention. McCain was referring to his systematic torture as a North Vietnamese POW during that horrendous conflict. “They broke me,” he admitted, demonstrating not cowardice, but the simple fact that a human being can take only so much physical abuse.

I have had little love for John McCain, the politician. But you have to respect any individual for having the guts to do what McCain did to uphold his dignity as a soldier and honor the country he served. For Griffin to appropriate that McCain line (unattributed, of course) to defend her cowardice and moral bankruptcy by equating her actions with McCain’s bravery and heroism is the closest thing to moral sacrilege I’ve ever witnessed.

Fortunately, Kathy Griffin’s now back on the D-List where she always belonged.

Hillary Clinton’s Pity Party

We’ll return to this one in a separate article when we get around to it. (But read this one from our own intrepid Stephen Z. Nemo.)

Islamofascist Terrorists Mount Another London Slaughter Fest

What was immediately obvious Saturday afternoon (Eastern Daylight Time) via “Breaking” news reports was that a likely ISIS-supported, Al Qaeda lookalike Islamofascist terrorist attack unfolded with almost military precision in the heart of London.

The media mavens, along with London’s current Muslim mayor, were, as usual, loath to label the slaughter in downtown London as “Islamic terrorism.”

Donald Trump, though, fearlessly headed right for the Twitter machine, after calling the UK’s current Prime Minister Theresa May to convey his condolences, conveying the same to the general public.

But then, after noting the pro-forma response to the Muslim-instigated violence, Sadiq Khan, the man Londoners bizarrely elected as London’s Lord Mayor, tried to deflect and perhaps even excuse the attack. Trump couldn’t resist calling him on this latest Deep State-style milquetoast reaction to obvious terrorism, as the Daily Mail reports:

Trump condemns London Mayor after terror attack: President blasts Sadiq Khan for saying there’s ‘no reason to be alarmed’ after seven died and ridicules ‘politically correct’ response

Deplorables around the world are getting increasingly angry at the way their so-called leaders constantly excuse Islamofascist terrorism in their own country. While their leaders and their “betters” are always protected by guards, gated mansions, you name it, it’s ordinary people who are getting whacked by this growing cadre of phony “religious” malcontents that live in Western countries, help themselves to welfare (“the dole” in the UK) and other unearned benefits while plotting the deaths of the people who work to give them the money.

Even so, Deep State governments keep admitting these murderers in droves. Like the global warming climate change redistributionist hoaxers, this open borders nonsense, too, will not end well.

*Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with ComicallyIncorrect.

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