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Netflix celebrates April Fools’ Day with ‘Netflix Live’

Written By | Apr 2, 2017

LOS ANGELES, April 1, 2017 — Netflix tricked the world with its sudden release of “Netflix Live,” a surprise comedy special starring Will Arnett (“Arrested Development”), who comments on everyday moments in the offices of Netflix.

Netflix released this 50-minute extended joke on March 31, just a day before April Fools’ Day. In this segment, viewers follow Arnett as he comments on burrito cooking, hand sharpening pencils and even putting a puzzle together, although the puzzle solver ends up angry at the whole ordeal.

The entire show is presented with a satirical tone. Despite the apparent dullness that dominates each short subject, the presentation manages to come across humorously, with increasingly hilarity resulting from every successive product presentation.

Oddly enough, Netflix did not announce this show was going live, nor did it appear on any of its social media accounts. It just popped up, a bit like a popup store in a shopping mall. Viewers are currently wondering why Netflix decided to launch the program like a stealth weapon. But, on reflection, it’s logical to assume it was the company’s attempt at zapping its regular audience with a surprise, out-of-the-blue April Fools’ Day joke.

Netflix described its offering by proclaiming

“Toasters toasting. Grass growing. Fans blowing. With Netflix Live, you can experience life’s greatest thrills, right from the comfort of your couch.”

Sound dull? Maybe not. This strange streaming happening ended up attracting additional attention with its surprise celebrity cameos.

After debuting “Netflix Live,” the streaming network suddenly did an about-face by announcing (on April Fools’ Day, of course) that it’s new “Netflix Live” offering was canceled:

“Netflix Live has been canceled. We miscalculated the number of people who like to binge-watch microwaves. Dave from analytics is in trouble.”

This prank Netflix gamble proved an overnight sensation. After viewing the special, numerous fans took to social media begging Netflix to create a full season modeled on this  bizarre program.

Whether or not “Netflix Live” becomes a long-running prank, it’s still currently available for viewing on the streaming service. If your viewing tastes skew slightly to the bizarre, go check out this weird and wild pop-up surprise before it’s swept away by the annual tsunami of other April Fool’s-oriented nonsense.

We’ll close out this article in the same spirit in which Arnett closes out his special, by providing riveting commentary on a camera shot that takes in a lush patch of grass:

“This is probably the only grass over at the ol’ Netflix. Probably not much bigger than this frame we’re looking at, I’m gonna venture. The rest of it’s probably a parking lot and, like, a Starbucks, and, you know, some kind of a strip mall with, like, a Chipotle and the remnants of a Barnes & Noble that’s now like a Fun Store or some shit. Man. Cock the hammer and put the barrel in my mouth, right?”

Well, we all have those kinds of days.


Larry Lease

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