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NARAL’s critical tweet of Doritos’ ad is Epic Fail

Written By | Feb 8, 2016

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 8, 2015—More proof that the demise of feminism has not been greatly exaggerated. One of the commercials that aired during Superbowl 50, a Doritos ad called “Ultrasound,” raised hackles with the gals over at the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL).

One of the sisters took to Twitter to express her distaste:

The last time I checked the definition of fetus, it is human. One Twitter user decided to alert NARAL of this fact:

The commercial’s creator, 45-year-old Peter Carstairs from Melbourne, Australia, was one of the finalists in Doritos’ “Crash the Superbowl” contest. Here’s what Peter said was the inspiration for his video.

Peter recently had his second child, Freddy, who’s now nine months old. When he was with his wife getting an ultrasound during the pregnancy, an idea popped into his head – wouldn’t it be funny to have a little fun in the hospital room, where everyone is supposed to remain poised, calm and collected. The baby in the ultrasound image is Freddy himself – of course with the help of a little camera magic.

Not an American, and who knows if he is even pro-life? He simply wanted to use the joy, fun and expectations surrounding childbirth and turn them on their head. Last time I checked, that is what results in great humor.

Add the hashtag #winning to any post of Carstairs’ commercial. While he was not the Doritos “Crash the Superbowl” $1 million prize winner, he was a finalist and had his commercial aired to 111.9 million viewers on Superbowl Sunday and who knows how many others online.

So NARAL’s “tsk-tsking” added to Carstairs’ cred in an industry where cred means everything.

NARAL is the one with egg on its face. Folks, it’s a commercial. Thanks to the Supreme Court’s 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade, abortion is the law of the land. We have had four self-professed pro-life presidents in the last 43 years of Roe who have done little to overturn it. So why the ire over the humorous result of a contest to sell snack chips?

NARAL is not only out of touch with the culture, but with its own statistics. It was only four short years ago that then-president Nancy Keegan elected to step down to make way for, as she told the Washington Post,  “new and younger leadership.”

Apparently NARAL’s internal studies were showing more youthful advocacy on the pro-life side than the pro-choice side. Keenan opined, “There is an intensity gap between our side, being pro-choice, and the other side.”

When you choose to abort half of your potential constituency, you tend to run into that problem. But I digress.

No matter the political leaning, polling data over the past six years has shown Millennials becoming increasingly more pro-life and supportive of restrictions on abortion than their parents’ generation. The pro-life advocates credit medical technology, such as ultrasounds, as a contributing factor to this change. So NARAL is fighting an uphill battle, and their humorless tweet debunking someone else’s take on humor didn’t help matters.

NARAL continued to receive more well-deserved mockery and scorn from the folks on Twitter. One dad in particular used their “femspeak” against them:

Another post pointed out why third-wave feminism has become unattractive to many women:

And this young lady lays out the end result of such ridiculous posturing. Doritos for the win!

Well, NARAL, I guess people #AreBuyingIt! This writer is not a fan of Doritos, but after this silliness, even I want to go out and purchase a few bags.

Yay, humor! Yay, capitalism! Boo the nags. Stick to defending Planned Parenthood, and stop trying to pretend you understand pop culture.

Jennifer Oliver OConnell

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