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Morrissey Facebook post on Manchester tragedy brings out the trolls

Written By | May 24, 2017

WASHINGTON, May 24, 2017 – As the Euro Elites bleat on about “understanding” the latest Islamofascist attack on innocent civilians, outspoken Brit singer Morrissey – who actually grew up in Manchester where the latest slaughter occurred – shocked fans and moral relativists alike with his own straightforward response to this tragic event:

The cascade of nasty tweets and comments that followed Morrissey’s bitter masterpiece can’t be printed here lest we offend the delicate. But you can enjoy the worst of them via Twitchy, where we found the story to begin with. If you’re so inclined.

Donald Trump called out the latest suicide bomber/murderer during his current swing through the Middle-East and Europe, accurately labeling this mass murderer and his cohort as “Evil Losers.”

Perhaps less diplomatically, Morrissey had the audacity to pin much of the blame for this latest attack on the deliberately clueless Europoliticians who want to maintain the “open borders” that allow these depraved monsters to flow into the Eurozone like the swarming hordes of brain-eating zombies in the film “World War Z.”

Katy Perry. PR image / Capital Records, via

But no matter. Now as always, these doctrinaire globalists issued condescending pleas for “tolerance” layered into their insincere condolences for the families of Manchester’s hapless victims, many of whom appear to have been teenaged girls and children. Morrissey calls them out on their hypocrisy.

On this side of the Atlantic, however, Euro-relativism and unfettered globalism still have their rabid fans, largely among liberals and the clueless, wealthy hordes that currently infest the American entertainment industry.

Case in point: Breitbart reports that witless American chanteuse Katy Perry has enlisted in the kumbaya brigade, preaching moral relativism while getting in a not-so-subtle but always-fashionable dig at President Trump and his opposition to this fashionable nonsense:

“Pop megastar Katy Perry made an impassioned plea for people to ‘co-exist’ and said that ‘barriers’ or ‘borders’ could detract from that goal in an interview following the terrorist bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, U.K. on Monday night that claimed the lives of at least 22 people and injured dozens of others…

“‘Whatever we say behind people’s backs, the Internet can be a little bit ruthless as far as fan bases go but I think that the greatest thing we can do is just unite and love on each other,’ Perry said, adding, ‘No barriers, no borders, we all just need to co-exist.’”

Sure we do.

BTW, try your cheap slogan out on the next suicide bomber, Katy.

Most of our self-appointed social betters, including top politicians here and in the Eurozone, live in posh quarters, often protected by iron gates and a phalanx of bodyguards that follows them wherever they go. It’s easy for them to preach tolerance for terrorists and mass-murderering religious fanatics. They don’t have to worry about becoming victims.

The rest of us still have to fend for ourselves. “Let’s all get along” left the building a long time ago, Katy.

Washington is not the only swamp we need to drain.

Terry Ponick

Terry Ponick

Biographical Note: Dateline Award-winning music and theater critic for The Connection Newspapers and the Reston-Fairfax Times, Terry was the music critic for the Washington Times print edition (1994-2010) and online Communities (2010-2014). Since 2014, he has been the Senior Business and Entertainment Editor for Communities Digital News (CDN). A former stockbroker and a writer and editor with many interests, he served as editor under contract from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and continues to write on science and business topics. He is a graduate of Georgetown University (BA, MA) and the University of South Carolina where he was awarded a Ph.D. in English and American Literature and co-founded one of the earliest Writing Labs in the country. Twitter: @terryp17