More news you can use: From ‘Climate change’ to fake court rulings

Across America and around the globe, Climatistas refuse to release their religion's death grip on normal people as the media cheers the Luddite warmists on.

"I'm melting!" Is this polar bear doomed by all this melting ice? Not likely. (Image via Wikipedia entry on polar bears, CC 4.0 license.)

WASHINGTON, May 28, 2017 – Picking up from our initial “Plastic People” news compilation and moving right along in this political vein, we inevitably encounter the vast phalanx of elitist Plastic People who devoutly follow the sacred precepts of the Global Warming Climate Change Religion, something strongly in evidence during President Trump’s just-concluded swing through the Middle East and Europe, as noticed in a McClatchy news item:

While terrorism may top President Donald Trump’s agenda, European leaders keep pressing him on climate change and the environment…

At the Vatican, Pope Francis handed Trump his 181-page encyclical, “Laudato Si” (“Praise Be”), that largely blames man for climate change.

Comment: Over many years, the socialist-Marxist-globalist agenda his silently morphed into what amounts to a state-supported religion whose tenets, sacraments and dogmas (like global warming climate change) cannot be examined or questioned since they are articles of faith and therefore not subject to reason.

The Roman Catholic Church and a few Protestant fundamentalist churches have long resisted the inroads of this now-Established state religion, particularly in the United States, which constitutionally forbids an establishment religion. But the most distressing recent development is that Francis, who is clearly a holdover from the 1960s-1970s outbreak of Liberation Theology, has placed the secular, warmist dogma against that of the Roman Catholic Church, whose autocrat cardinals foolishly elected this clueless secularist as Plastic Pope.

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Speaking of global warming climate change, the 2018 election cycle gave us a completely new look at longtime tech-world guru, media critic and Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams, who’s boldly risked his entire career to give us interesting and surprisingly accurate glimpses into Trump World. In the excerpt below, taken from his blog, Adams offers his own view on the Warmist Religion:

The climate models are the least-credible thing scientists do, and yet scientists have been using their models as their featured evidence. No matter which side you are on with the climate change debate, you don’t want either side using their weakest argument. You want both sides to do their best so we can accurately judge who has the strongest thinking. To that end, I framed the “climate models” as being necessarily incomplete because you really need economic models to decide how to react to climate change, not scientific models. And long-term economic models have zero credibility. Even scientists would agree on that point.

Evidently I applied enough persuasion to generate this video that attempts to debunk my debunking of climate models. But it does so by…devaluing their own models…

Watch the clip for the Absurd Absolute tell for cognitive dissonance that happens at ten seconds in. The scientist defines the opposition argument with the absurd absolutes “anything” and  “everything.” Whenever you see your opposition create a strawman argument with absurd absolutes, it means you won the debate. You only see this behavior when the opposition has no response to your real argument; they have to transform it into an absurd absolute in order to have any response at all.

Comment: Again, you’ll have to click through to access this excellent video either before or after you read the rest of Adams’ blog entry. If you do both, you’ll need no further commentary from me.

Adams is most definitely not a Plastic Person. But for sure, the disgraceful human being that Americans twice-elected as their president, Barack Hussein Obama, most assuredly is. In an unsurprising move, His Vapidness decided it would be fun to shadow President Trump as the current president traveled Europe on his first series of foreign visits. Obama’s big move last week: cuddling up with Trump-hating German Chancellor Angela Merkel to dish on – you guessed it – global warming climate change, as the Washington Times duly notes:

The U.S. government in exile — the real one, according to the media — has had a busy week at home and abroad. “President Obama” has given up leading from behind and presumes now to lead from overseas. His secretary of state has a new mission, as missionary to the safe places where snowflakes fall.

Mr. Obama joined German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin to lecture America and the West to quit being so beastly to the strivers of the Third World, and open wider the borders of the West. “We can’t isolate ourselves,” the former president said from a platform at the Brandenburg Gate. “We can’t hide behind a wall.”

This is the message that resonates with Mrs. Merkel and many of the Europeans, even it strikes a sour note at home and even in Britain, coming just days after the spawn of a Libyan immigrant murdered nearly two dozen Britons, including several children, and then blew himself up at a concert arena in Manchester.

Comment: No hugging, no learning. It is an absolute waste of time trying to reason with co-religionists like Obama and Merkel. But it is not a waste of time to oppose their costly stupidity masking as intellect. Most of our lives depend on it.


Closer to home, it appears that the massive number of Plastic Marxist judges appointed during the Obama administration favor the dialectic over the U.S. Constitution. Prime example: the following asinine excuse for a ruling by Richmond-based 4th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, as reported by the largely reliable

An en banc panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit upheld an injunction against President Donald Trump’s executive order curtailing travel and immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries Thursday.

The 10-3 majority, in a 67-page opinion, affirmed the decision of the United States District Court for the District of Maryland, in essence holding that even an executive order that makes no mention of Islam in its text can be invalidated for violating the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause because of comments Trump and his associates made during and after the 2016 presidential election.

Calling the Establishment Clause a “untiring sentinel for the protection of one of our most cherished founding principles,” Chief Judge Roger Gregory’s opinion for the court calls the travel ban “an Executive Order that in text speaks with vague words of national security, but in context drips with religious intolerance, animus, and discrimination.”

Comment: 64-pages of taxpayer supported crap law? Seriously? What an utter crock this is, a “fake ruling” so devoid of Constitutional and just plain legal reasoning that it defies all precedent and logic, which, of course, the Marxist dialectic always does. This is yet another court whose traditionally wise past rulings and traditions have been swept away utterly by another raft of Plastic Obama appointees. Tellingly, the minority comments on this fake ruling are scathingly spot-on and hopefully won’t be ignored by the newly reconstituted Supreme Court which should set this kind of crappy “legal” reasoning on its ear.

In short, it’s not only asinine but Constitutionally fatal if Plastic judges and fake courts who don’t like the actions of this or that president can rule them unconstitutional by psychoanalyzing him and determining his statements and thought processes are flawed due to campaign statements made in the heat of political battle. Meanwhile, those same actions and thought processes are determined to be okey-dokey if they’re ordered by a kooky left-wing Democrat, ’cause they’re “progressive.” A team of jackasses could come up with a more supportable fake ruling than this one.

If we allow courts to serve as en banc psychologists and psychiatrists, you can stick a fork in this Republic. It’s done. You think the “Deep State” is fake? Look at this court’s ruling and think again.


On that cheerful note, let’s move along on this holiday weekend by taking a moment to remember the more important things in American life and history, like the guys and gals of past and current generations that actually loved this country enough to sacrifice their lives to preserve our precious freedoms. Let’s hope we can step up to the plate like them when the time comes to more vigorously defend America against the idiots currently running the joint. Before it’s too late.

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