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Michael Seewald takes a pro-life stand for Jessa Duggar

Written By | Oct 11, 2014

WASHINGTON, October 11, 2014 – Social media and liberal pro-abortion advocates have put Jessa Duggar into the crosshairs for her comments following a visit to the Holocaust Museum after which she expressed her strong anti-abortion.

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Jessa’s personal beliefs, that sex is post-marriage, means she cannot contemplate the need for a safe, legal abortion any more than she can think that a fish will need a bicycle. Jessa is now inviting the haters with her social media post linking to the article Does Radiometric Dating Prove the Earth Is Old? by Mike Riddle on October 4, 2007on all her social media accounts, asking the question “Does radiometric dating prove the earth is old?”

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Radiometric dating is how science is able to figure out how old rocks are, which has proven the earth is billions of years old. According to a literal reading of the bible, the earth is just thousands of years old, not billions. Jessa and the Duggars are very conservative Christians creating a little conflict of fact and Biblical theory.

Jessa Duggar has as much of a right to her beliefs, both earth creation and anti-abortion beliefs, as any other woman.

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And she has the right, given to her via Constitutional protections of freedom of speech and religion, to express and live those beliefs.

Many people came out to defend Miss Duggar. She is not the first to make this analogy. Mom Michelle Duggar has made a similar statement.

And its not just Jessa’s statements being censored.

On a recent episode of  19 Kids and Counting, one of the boys has on a pro-life T-shirt  that reads “I Survived Roe vs. Wade, Roe vs. Wade Will Not Survive Me.” The shirt was censored by the TLC network.

Now Michael Seewald, Jesa Duggar’s future father in law has spoken out in defense of those comments:

In Hitler’s Germany there was legal discrimination against Jews. In our society we may legally discriminate against our own children and eradicate them. Tell me how this is not the same thing. They may protest and say that the preborn are not fully human as the Jew’s [sic] are, but even making that assertion makes them more like the Nazis than they want to be because that was how the Nazis viewed the Jews.

While some may be at a loss as to why Jessa Duggar believes in what she believes, I am at a loss as to why media cares. But it is fun to watch.

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