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Who Killed Kenny? The South Park Post COVID Thanksgiving Special

Written By | Nov 28, 2021
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Screen shot of Dr. Kenny McCormick

WASHINGTON: Over the Thanksgiving, Holiday Paramount+ released a new “South Park Post COVID” special that pretty much-mocked everything we know about the Covid-19 pandemic. The new animation takes on pandemic fatigue, Covid variants, anti-vaxxers, and capitalism run rampant with words such as “prime”, “max”, “plus”, and “new”, to name a few.

This new animation special follows last October’s “Pandemic Special” and last March’s “Vaccination Special.” As always, South Park stories call on us to self-reflect on “our especially trying times.” as we put our country on blast for its abhorrent pandemic response, while taking a hard look at the show itself.

South Park is an American adult-oriented animated comedy series that has aired on the cable network Comedy Central since 1997.

The series won Emmy Awards for Outstanding Animated Program in 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2012. South Park also aired on FOX back in the day.

This new one is clearly adult content as the youngsters who grew up watching South Park are now adults themselves as are the characters of South Park Post COVID. LANGUAGE WARNING!

“Stan Returns to South Park – SOUTH PARK: POST COVID”

South Park was created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone and developed by Brian Graden for Comedy Central.

This animated show parodies current events in the news. It began in 1997 and continues to this day though not so much full-season shorts as occasional longer specials. The animated series revolves around four boys growing up. Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick are followed around the imaginary town of South Park, Colorado, as their exploits are covered growing up. South Park became infamous for its profanity and dark humor that satirizes a wide range of topics toward a younger audience. It has received both critical acclaim as well as critical criticism. To be blunt, if you are a snowflake hell-bent on judging others for their political incorrectness, this show is probably not for you.

Paramount+ has contracted Parker and Stone to produce 14 specials over the next few years for $900 million. This special is the first of that new contract and effort. The second one is to drop next month.

A running gag of South Park was one of the young elementary school boys, Kenny, who wore an orange hoodie. He was always getting killed off in the early episodes but he always returned somehow. “Oh my god, they killed Kenny!” is a trademark gag used in many early episodes of South Park. The creators kind of got tired of this gag though and stopped it in about 2005.

As of the start of this year, Kenny McCormick has died a grand total of 131 times throughout the entire South Park seasons and episodes!

This new hour-long special begins decades after the four main characters have stopped talking to one another

The Covid pandemic was the crux in the last two specials of last October and this past March. Stan Marsh is an online whiskey expert in a relationship with an Alexa hologram. He receives a call from Kyle Broflovski that Dr. Kenny McCormick has died (for real this time, really).

Meanwhile, Kenny had grown up to become a well-known millionaire scientist and his death was looking like no accident.

Everyone who knew Kenny is affected by his death which includes Jimmy, a late-night talk show comedy talk show host (because so many of them are named Jimmy). Jimmy proclaims himself the new king of woke humor but then becomes so upset he cancels his first booked guest, “First Lady Tom Kardashian”.

“We have lost an innovator and visionary. Kenny was so brilliant that most of the time we couldn’t even understand what he was saying.”  

At the funeral, all kinds of people of South Park residents, past and present, show up to pay their respects to Kenny. Eric Cartman shows up as a converted Jew who is now a rabbi which puts him at odds with Broflovski. The irony is not lost as Cartman was an anti-Semitic bully in his youth.

How did Kenny die this time? (Spoiler Alert)

Stan Marsh discovers Kenny’s research led back to Tegridy Farms. Kenny’s cause of death was ruled to be caused by a new strain of Coronavirus called “COVID Delta+ Rewards Program Variant”. Since only one person in South Park is shown to be unvaccinated everyone is forced in South Park is forced to quarantine.

Clyde is to blame. Classmate Clyde is another running gag in the series as his last name keeps changing; Clyde Donovan, formerly Clyde Goodman and Clyde Harris. Clyde does not want to get vaccinated because he is allergic to shellfish so if anybody touches him who has recently had contact with shellfish he could be sick.

An example of the dark humor of the series is when the military surrounding the town enforcing the quarantine spots someone trying to escape. A soldier yells out, “WE GOT A RUNNER!” A sharpshooter who takes aim at the escapee with a rifle with a scope and takes the man out shooting him in the back. Could this happen in the Biden/Pelosi/Schumer America? Yep.

Kenny’s well-hidden clue

At one point in the special Stan receives a phone call from Kyle who informs him his elementary school classmate Kenny has put a computer flash drive up his butt. That flash drive may contain crucial information which they reluctantly retrieve.

A video on the drive shows Kenny was trying to time travel back in time to prevent the COVID pandemic. He also blames Covid for the collapse of society.

He blames the problems of the world on his “three d*ckhead friends, Stan, Kyle, and Cartman.

Kenny recorded that they

“Ruined everything when they let COVID break up their friendship and become argumentative, combative, pessimistic a**holes.”

His true motivation was to travel back into time to restore their childhood friendships.

Did Kenny die from Covid? (Spoiler Alert)

Kenny states a malfunction in his technology zapped him to another era. When he reappeared, he was infected with a deadly COVID variant, the “COVID Delta+ Rewards Program Variant”.

The three friends are heartbroken as they come to the realization, “Let’s face it guys, we killed Kenny.” They conclude the pandemic served as a test where they all failed miserably.

Chaos or Chaws – Tomato or Tahmato

The special episode concludes with a return to the South Park Mental Asylum Plus. Where Kenny’s right-hand man Victor Chaws is a resident. But when we see his door nameplate in the background, “CHAOS, VICTOR” we realize it isn’t Chaws after all. Some speculate this character is really the former childhood character of Butters (Leopold “Butters” Stotch) another former student at South Park Elementary School. Butters had been seeing a shrink as a child was diagnosed with multiple personalities.

The special ends as Stan and Kyle vow to finish Kenny’s work and figure out time travel so that they can fix the future and their friendship. Cartman also agrees to help but instead slips away from the lab to his family, where he tells his family he does not want the future fixed and flees with them.

The future of South Park is portrayed as truly bleak and yet like any bad train wreck, we cannot look away.

If you watch this Paramount+ special be prepared to roll in laughter, be totally appalled, or both!


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Mark Schwendau

Mark Schwendau is a Christian conservative patriot and retired technology professor (CAD-CAM and web development) who prides himself on his critical thinking ability. Schwendau has had a long sideline of newspaper editorial writing where he used the byline, “- bringing little known facts to people who simply want to know the truth.” Mark is on alternative free speech social media platforms after lifetime bans from Facebook and Twitter and shadow bans from Instagram and Fox News commenting. His website is www.IDrawIWrite.Tech