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Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) meets Instant Karma Fail!

Written By | Sep 23, 2020
Trump Derangement Syndrome, Twitchy, Instant Karma Fail

Tweet plus video. Screen capture of Twitter video still capturing an out-of-control example of Trump derangement syndrome.

WASHINGTON – Covid-19. The Supreme Court. The Senate-Biden Report. Potential riots in Louisville. Soros- and Bloomberg-funded election meddling and payoffs. Mail-in ballot fraud. These are hot topics in the buildup to Election 2020. But for a little humor, you can’t beat unbridled demonstrations of Trump Derangement Syndrome – aka TDS – by Democrats and rich Democrats and commies gone completely psycho. On Tuesday, Twitchy posted a wildly entertaining Twitter video of Trump Derangement Syndrome that swiftly encounters Instant Karma Fail.

The result: An instant laff riot! It’s already gone viral.

Twitchy tosses the first pitch.

“We’ve officially watched this video about 25 times now ANNND we laugh harder every time. When your TDS is this bad it might be time to seek professional help.



Instant Karma Fail

According to Twitchy,

“This is a whole new level of TDS.”

The deranged female in this video (purposely blurred out at one point) has gone so exquisitely batshit crazy flipping the bird at Trump supporters that she forgets she’s in city traffic. Not only are the results of this utterly hysterical madness a foregone conclusion. Unnoticed in her fury, a couple of “blue lives” that matter are right behind her. Justice is swift. The Trumpkins in the background are beside themselves with laughter. Nice to know that some TDS sufferers do occasionally earn a just reward for their efforts.

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This Twitter video is currently so deep in the viral zone that our version here may or may not run for you. My old version of Safari won’t complete the link. But up-and-coming browser Brave ran it just fine. It’ll probably run OK on Chrome or Firefox as well.

But if our video above just doesn’t run for you, you can link to the Twitchy thread here on most browsers and indulge in a typical Twitchy bonus: reading an endless string of karmic humorists that follow on down the page. You gotta love the psycho projection out of these Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers.

Do it now.
Trump Derangement Syndrome, TDS, Instand Karma Fail

Vintage movie poster for “Witchfinder General,” an American International horror pic starring Vincent price. Lo-res version of the poster from Wikipedia entry on the film. Fair use for satirical purposes.

Somehow, I’m thinking that the nonpartisan censors at Twitter will fail to see the humor here. Subsequently, they’ll find some pretext to pull it down. Like “community standards,” that never apply to vicious lefty Tweets and videos.

Which is why we included the opening shot as our headline image. It offers proof that this video exists. Or existed until Twitter’s Witchfinder General pulls it down.

This one made my day. Hope it makes yours, too. We could all use some sunny spells during these dark days of ruthlessly enforced Coronavirus panic.


– Headline image: Screen capture of Twitter video entry capturing an out-of-control example of Trump derangement syndrome. 


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