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Tim Pool: Trump bans ‘critical race theory’ seminars in Federal agencies

Written By | Sep 6, 2020
Tim Pool, critical race theory

Tim Pool opines on Trump’s banning of “Critical Race Theory” indoctrination in Executive Branch agencies. Screen Capture of YouTube video.

WASHINGTON – In a long overdue move, President Trump stepped up to the plate late this week, striking an enormous blow against the Marxist “cultural revolution” that’s nearly wrecked the United States (which was its intention all along). Trump, through the Office of Management and Budget, has banned the further teaching of hard left “critical race theory” and “white privilege” seminars in Federal agencies. We first caught this story in a YouTube video posted by the remarkable Tim Pool.

Brave reporters, sites lash out at “critical race theory,” “white privilege” subversion

Numerous other websites have joined in with more information on this absolutely critical executive action. Among them:

  • A short, executive summary-style article in Real Clear Politics
  • A slightly longer Red State article by “Bonchie,” offering a few more observations and details, including the fact that taxpayers are footing the multimillion dollar bill for “critical race theory” indoctrination of Federal employees. This is, BTW, a major reason for the massive expansion of this catastrophic “philosophy.” Taxpayers are buying the rope that Antifa / BLM intends to hang them with. But the taxpayers never knew. They do now
  • Another good piece by The DC’s Marlo Safi, providing some source material that proves Trump’s Friday move was far from impulsive
  • A surprisingly positive short piece by PowerLine’s generally #NeverTrump (but otherwise conservative) Paul Mirengoff, explaining possible reasons why it took President Trump so long to get to the “critical race theory” issue and why cleaning this up is going to be a lot easier said than done
More key articles
  • “The War on America,” Kevin Portteus’ lengthy and highly detailed history and summation of the left’s Long March Against the (American) Institutions via The American Mind
  • A slightly earlier American Mind piece by Matthew J. Peterson entitled “The Racial Marxism of BLM,” which provides critical details of the real backstory and aims of this avowedly Marxist terror movement
  • A short but important Ronn Bitzer piece posted at Fox News in July, detailing the disastrous result of allowing mega-wealthy Communist George Soros to literally “buy” the Blue State DA’s who now refuse to enforce the law when it comes to fake race-based riots, agitation, arson, violence and, lately, murder
  • UPDATING: Here’s another from the Post-Millennial. Pull-quote: “[T]here is bound to be fierce resistance to [Trump’s] common sense decision… Those engaged in the mass reeducation of Americans do not want racism to end. They need racism to be an issue so that they can continue to make money off of claiming they want to eradicate it. In fact, their jobs depend on it. Diversity and inclusion is not simply an altruistic undertaking; it is a way of life for many whose careers and livelihooods depend on it. It is fuelled by massive amounted of money.”The average salary for a diversity and inclusion officer in the US is above $90,000….”
Tim Pool’s YouTube video gets to the heart of the matter

Tim Pool’s surprisingly detailed and easy to understand YouTube video takes the cake here. Its callout is quite specific and accurate:

Trump Bans Leftist Ideology From Government In BIGGEST Victory For Conservatives In The Culture War

In just over 25 minutes, Pool provides a short, easy-to-understand explanation as to why this issue is of critical importance to all Americans and why Trump absolutely must succeed. The fact that Pool moves from the early origins of today’s cultural revolution to the endgame itself with considerable detail shows that this up-and-coming video reporter and personality didn’t just go with hearsay, as do the overpaid and under-brained morons of NBC, MSNBC and CNN.

This is complicated stuff – perhaps one reason why most research of this nature is either fluffed off, ignored, canceled or shadow-banned in social media. But somehow, Pool makes it pretty easy to understand, particularly for his fellow millennials, who may be encountering this hidden history for the very first time as they watch the video.

Watch Tim Pool’s video here. Before it gets banned

And you can watch his video right here. At least until YouTube finds it’s interfering with The Revolution’s violent finale and takes it down. Pool describes his video content as follows:

“Trump Bans Leftist Ideology From Government In BIGGEST Victory For Conservatives In The Culture War. Trump has ordered Critical Race Theory and “White Privilege” training banned from federal agencies.

“These ideas are major underpinnings of the far leftist ideology on race and are a major component of the antifa BLM riots sweeping this country.

“Democrats have for too long negotiated with, entertained, or outright adopted this fringe and dangerous belief system. Joe Biden has been accused of being a direct line from the Democratic establishment to the far leftists with many Democrats agreeing with the fringe ideology.”

So let’s go to the video.

Tim Pool (for now) has left the party that actually left him

What makes this video even more unusual is Pool’s own background as a left-liberal reporter / commentator who briefly worked for the left-wing Vice Media. I started watching Pool’s videos a year or two ago, and was drawn in by his fascinating, relatively balanced reporting and commentary. While distinctly left-of-center (and, in 2016, pro-Bernie), Pool nevertheless generally refused to reflexively trash President Trump and those on the right.

In recent months, however, Tim Pool clearly experienced a real sea-change in his thinking, largely spurred on by the realization that the current iteration of the Democrat Party is now nothing more than a front that either directly or tacitly supports the building Marxist revolution that’s tearing America apart.

Many decades ago, Ronald Reagan, then a Democrat and a union leader himself, informed America that “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The Party left me.” That seems to be what has recently happened to Tim Pool. Today’s Democrats are not the party Pool once thought he was supporting. His outrage at this betrayal is impassioned, yet remains reasonable. He can no longer affiliate with a party that wants to destroy America. So he’s become at least a temporary Republican affiliate. At the moment, what other reasonable choice is there?

Our own executive summary on the background of Trump’s decision

The Marxist rot of “critical race theory” and “white privilege” indoctrination has infected college and university faculties for decades. It lies at the heart of a cultural revolution first outlined by Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci. This much-quieter cultural revolution (at least in its earlier stages) aims to topple major capitalist countries (i.e., the USA) from within. It does this by gradually taking over and rotting their major legal, educational and communications entities.

The goal: To utterly change the country’s legal and cultural philosophy and replace it with a non-capitalist, Marxist dictatorship.

Also Read: 2020: The year America’s long-hidden Marxist Revolution was launched

The subversion has been going on for a long, long time

I actually studied this and other earlier anti-US subversive activities like Stalin’s 1930s “Popular Front” movement. During the early 1970s, I researched left-wing literary works as a graduate student in English and American Lit. While, for various reasons, I decided to give up on trying to find a decent tenure track position in my field, I never stopped studying the Popular Front and Gramsci-ite influence on American literature and arts. I discovered this has been more pervasive than anyone seems to realize. That realization finally got me off the liberal-to-left train to hell.  It’s the same one that’s doomed perhaps millions of young minds over the years.

As a result, for decades I’ve tried to alert readers to the insidious and ever more serious inside Marxist cultural revolution that’s now responsible for polluting the youthful minds of at least the last two generations. Its current twin pillars are “critical race theory” and the phony doctrine of de facto “white privilege.”

But now, with violent Communist organizations terrorizing everyday Americans on a regular basis – spurred on by obvious support from wealthy individuals, foreign enemies of the US and, unfortunately, by the hierarchy of an unhinged Democrat Party, long somnolent American citizens, who normally have better things to do, are waking up to the horrific terrorism that’s now threatening to literally pound on their doors and demand submission.

The time to act is NOW

As just noted, numerous articles now examine the fake science of critical race theory and white privilege.  They appropriately zero in on specific elements of the Marxists’ planned takeover of the United States. Specifically, they plan to sow chaos in this fall’s Presidential election. They plan to undermine the results no matter who wins. Should Joe Biden (or his proxy) win, they plan to run the next administration from the shadows. Still blind Democrat supporters fail to realize they’re electing a secret Marxist cadre, not Biden.

But pay no attention to those Commies behind the curtain.

If the winner is Donald Trump, however, the problem could worsen considerably. The current Marxist movement, while numerically small, controls the courts, the media, and, obviously, several Blue States. They’ll use this control to launch a “permanent” revolution should Trump win. And even another Election 2000-style Supreme Court decision won’t stop them. In the resulting chaos, the hard left plans to install a perpetual one-party rule. Theirs. Nominally represented, at present, by the permanently hijacked Democrat Party.

And don’t think they’re kidding when they trot those stylized guillotines through the streets. They remain eager to chop off the heads of their enemies: all of us. What happened in France in 1989 appeals to their increasingly ghoulish minds. It’s clear they also admire Stalin’s ruthless slaughter of tense of millions of his own countrymen. This is where critical race theory and the fake white privilege myths are taking us.

A grim future ahead?

The small but violent Antifa and BLM hordes also like and admire Mao’s Red Guards. They like China’s violent, murderous  “Cultural Revolution” even more. Proof? They’re using it in test cities like Seattle and Portland as their model for what’s to come. Which might more closely resemble Pol Pot’s killing fields more than the “Workers’ Paradise” Marxism has always promised but has always failed to deliver. Tim Pool is sensing this today. So am I. And so are others. And so are an increasing amount of awakening American patriots. Let’s hope we’re not too late.

white privilege, critical race theory, Tim Pool

A few of the millions of skulls left behind by Maoist mass murderer Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. Is the United States next? Image “photographed and uploaded to English Wikipedia entry on Pol Pot by Adam Carr. Additional link to Adam Carr is here. Image is in the public domain by the photographer’s choice.

— Headline image: Screen capture of Tim Pool’s superb video. It explains Trump’s move to root out Marxist indoctrination seminars on “critical race theory” and “white privilage” in the Federal government. Many Federal agencies contract outside organizations for these  seminars at taxypayer expense.

Note: Tim Pool’s alternate channels:

Second Channel –

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