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‘The Amazing Race’ takes off for a 29th season

Written By | Apr 3, 2017

LOS ANGELES, April 2, 2017 – The show that pits teams against each other on a 36,000-mile adventure with the ultimate goal of winning a million dollars has begun its 29th season.

“The Amazing Race” pairs contestants up with complete strangers, which is a twist in previous seasons, in which the paired teams were family members, married couples, members of the military.

The race began in Los Angeles, where beloved host Phil Keoghan gave the teams their first task. They must find a suitcase with a Panama flag tag on it. The small snag, there are dozens of suitcases with flag tags on them which look similar to each other.

All the teams manage to retrieve the right suitcase, which leads to Phil allowing No. 1 to pick his partner, No. 2 is next, and so on.

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Team 1 is Seth and Olive, also known as Team America. Seth is a police officer and Olive is a female firefighter. Team 2 is Matt and Redmond, also known as The Boys. Matt is a gold-medal X-Games winning snowboarder. Redmond is a Navy corpsman, who has a prosthetic leg. Team 3, consists of Shamir and Sara and is known as The SandSExpress. Shamir is a banker and Sara is a real estate agent.

Shamir’s hidden talent is he can speak Spanish, which could help him throughout this race.

Team 4 is Becca and Floyd, also known as Team Fun. Becca lives in Boulder and Floyd goes to the University of Colorado at Boulder. Team 5 is Vanck and Ashton, who are known as Team Van and Aston. These two are nerds, who can think in mathematical terms. This pair could do well when it comes to numbers, but unsure about the strength and endurance challenges that lay wait for them.

Team 6 is Tara and Joe, who are known as Team Mom and Dad. Tara is an Army officer and Joey is a police sergeant. Unfortunately for the team, Joe comes in last after the first challenge. Team 7 is London and Logan, who are known as Team LoLo. London is a street artist and Logan appears to be someone who can get away with anything by just smiling.

Team 7 is Jenn and Kevin, the Asian duo who are known as Team Long Hair Don’t Care. Team 8 is Michael and Liz, and have taken the name Team Liz and Mike. Michael is a butcher with a very thick red beard. Liz is a lady who lives the farm lifestyle and wears cowboy boots on the first day.

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The final team is Jessie and Francesca, their team name is Swole Sisters. Jessie is a K-9 police officer and Francesca is a U.S. Army soldier. Because they were not able to pick a partner, Phil will drive them to LAX himself before the next challenge.

Their first challenge lands them in Panama City, where Team America struggles communicating with the locals.

And this is just the start of what promises to be an Amazing Race!

Larry Lease

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