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Tarl Warwick: Styxhexenhammer666 videos upset political stereotypes

Written By | Dec 11, 2020
Tarl Warwick, Styx, Styxhexenhammer

Splash page logo found at Styxhexenhammer’s Bitchute link. I have no idea what it means, but it looks very cool.

WASHINGTON —  Our previous article in this series presented an interesting red pilled once-traditional liberal named Tim Pool. Kudos to Tim for giving up the poisoned left-wing Kool-Aid, at least for Advent. We suspect there are a lot more like him who, like Reagan, discovered their party, the Democrats, left them rather than the other way around. Today’s article highlights another unusual figure, libertarian and occultist Tarl Warwick, aka “Styx.”

Like Tim, Styx is not the kind of guy you’d generally find at a conservative cocktail party. But, in an almost counter-intuitive move, the populist wing of the GOP that Donald Trump essentially invented, is now the Party of the Big Tent, as opposed to today’s Democrats. They still make that claim. But Democrat Party 2020 is now closed to all who are not “woke.” And to all who actually have to work to make a living. Like the cowardly GOP RINOs, most Democrats no longer represent the average guy or gal in America. They wish we’d all just die and save them the trouble of having to do the work.

Thus, it’s the Trump wing of the GOP who’d be most likely to invite Styx into the party. And he’d probably enjoy staying, for the most part. Until he didn’t. But that’s called freedom of choice, something the left has abandoned entirely.

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Now, let’s get into it.

Tarl Warwick, aka, Styxhexenhammer666:
Libertarian and pro-Trump via the occult and elsewhere

Tarl Warwick is probably the most unusual individual in our ongoing series highlighting unusual independent video creators. He’s better known to his growing subscriber list of conservative-to-libertarian Internet and video fans as Styxhexenhammer666. Styx, for short, according to a late 2019 bio-sketch by Brian A. Woods. The grammar and punctuation on the excerpt below is Brian’s, not mine.

“Tarl Warwick [is] A YouTube personality that goes by the moniker Styxhexenhammer666, his fans just call him Styx. Before I get a thousand e-mails asking; yes that is his real birth name, and yes it is spelled correctly, and no he is not a devil worshipper. The handle derived from his early YouTube videos about different historical or even relevant occult cultural beliefs around the world and his work editing early historical occult books and re-releasing them for sale on the internet.”

Warwick seems to have begun his video career largely as a devotee of the occult. He seems to have departed that realm to embrace a a uniquely right-leaning, or perhaps populist brand of libertarianism. That, in turn, has led him to become a surprise defender of current President Donald Trump and of Trump’s equally uniquely positive approach toward conservative-to-libertarian Americans who seek to support American capitalism and the US Constitution, as written and intended by our Founding Fathers. And including the First and Second Amendments in particular.

The dialectic can move both ways

RationalWiki” provides this interesting quote from Styx, which seems to encapsulate his political development.

“The alt left has gone too far and I am going to join forces with the further right. You have awakened a sleeping giant, you soy suckers. –Tarl Warwick, awakened giant”]

Unfortunately, the rest of this slanted biography is dominated by the usual smears and slanders directed toward anyone who strays from Marxist dogma.

In the current political battlescape, Styx stands with real American patriots against the communist takeover of America and American capitalism. At the same time, he seems to acknowledge he has little realistic hope that the refs in this contest will intervene to save what’s left of the American Republic.

We can all relate to that. Or at least most of us can.

An unusual ally. But a rational one…

As for Tarl Warwick / Styx… Should any genuine conservative take a look at one of his current videos, he or she may be immediately put off by Warwick’s, umm, casual appearance. He looks a bit like a refugee from Woodstock or Altamont, and often arrives these days in a bright, red bathrobe. (Symbolism here?) He also uses a fair amount of what Mr. Spock called “colorful metaphors” in the Star Trek “Save the Whales” film. So your average conservative viewer’s immediate reaction to my recommendation might be: “WTF??!!”

But hang in there.

In some ways similar to the occasionally over-verbose Tim Pool, Styx tends to meander a bit. But when he gets down to the point, you soon discover he’s much sharper than any of the NBC/CNN/MSLSD blow-dries. He’s well-versed in logical argumentation. And, best of all, he’s fiercely independent in a way that only a true Deplorable can truly respect. He’s a bit weak on the fine points of the law, but he freely admits this. Yet that said, he can hold his own and puts most lefties to shame in this regard. He still understands the power of logic and reason. That’s good enough for me in a country where today, it’s harder and harder to find genuinely free-thinking political allies who no longer subscribe to our failed binary model of politics.

A political blogger in exile?

Warwick’s now uploads his videos in exile in the Netherlands rather than from his former home base in Vermont. His current videos are mostly political and highly supportive of President Trump. Ditto the President’s battle to reclaim the most spectacularly stolen election in the history of modern democracy. (And perhaps the most unexpectedly stolen. Are we already a Banana Republic?)

Styx clearly defines the issues and are well worth watching. You will encounter occasional video on the occult, home remedies, etc. Plus additional progress reports on his so far quite successful migration out of YouTube and into friendlier online realms. Sadly, it’s a Trail of Virtual Tears that all the headliners in this serious are being forced to follow, given the increasing fascism of one-time popular sites like YouTube.

Business-wise, standard issue social media owners have morphed into pure idiots

But what the hell? If these idiots want to give up half, if not more, of their current audience, fine. Let them commit financial suicide. The Deplorables will all go somewhere else. And why stay at YouTube, BTW, which now randomly inserts ads into videos they’ve had the gonads to demonetize. That’s a healthy lot of chutzpah for sure. Maybe it’s time to cut these clowns out of the loop entirely.

The fact is that Warwick’s persecution and demonetization on YouTube is a problem he shares with Tim Pool and many others who dare to deviate from The Narrative. These hardworking political reporters and bloggers have been systematically demonetized, deplatformed, suspended, or otherwise silenced and censored by the woke Fascists now in charge of Silicon Valley and most of social media land. Like Maoists, The Combine clearly doesn’t want the average American  to learn the truth about the ever-extending reach of the Deep State and the mega-wealthy New Feudalists who aim to take our world back to the Dark Ages. It’s time for America’s real intelligentsia to head for the current version of Galt’s Gulch.


Styx’s algorithmically demoted YouTube video story:

Where to find the many facets of Tarl Warwick:







— Headline image:  Splash page logo found at Styxhexenhammer’s Bitchute link.
I have no idea what it means, but it looks very cool.

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