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Sanity4Sweden: A conservative Swedish nationalist – Who knew?

Written By | Dec 23, 2020
Sanity4Sweden, Stefan, Swedish nationalist

YouTube video screen grab via Sanity4Sweden.

WASHINGTON –This article, highlighting video commentary by “Sanity4Sweden,” is the last installment in our current series on unusual conservative-to-libertarian video sites. (Alternative video and posting sites will be up next.) Each of the video sites we’ve highlighted in this series offers candid, sobering, but often funny commentary that logically and sometimes in too much detail contradicts the MSM “narrative.” Today’s site, regularly updated by an English-speaking Swedish Nationalist, named Stefan, is, in my opinion, a real find.

Unfortunately, this critical honesty is also getting them banned, shadow-banned, demonetized, or even ousted from video kingpin site YouTube. That “service” seems to double down either weekly or monthly with deplatforming non-MSM sites. This rigorous extermination of “forbidden” viewpoints would make Uncle Joe Stalin proud. That’s why all these sites are at least provisionally transitioning to alternative sites that will, I predict, rise to effectively counter the faux Marxist MSM and social media giants in a massive internet #Resistance campaign of their own over the next several years. But that’s for a future article.

Before we begin today, BTW, don’t forget to look back at my earlier articles on the alternative news world here, here and here. Previous article on Mark Dice and Bill Still videos links here.  Previous article on Tim Pool here. You won’t see very much on these independent holdouts elsewhere. Nobody wants you to know they exist. But I do.

Sanity4Sweden: A rare peek into today’s globalist Eurozone mess by a Swedish nationalist

One longstanding problem with US media “news coverage” is it extreme insularity. The so-called MSM has little interest in what’s going on in foreign countries, unless it’s to heap praise on the latest developments in Cuba’s workers’ paradise. Part of this is due to ignorance, and part is due to the severe cutbacks all MSM organizations have imposed on foreign news offices, which is something they all used to have.

So it was refreshing a couple of years back to stumble upon a YouTube video site entitled “Sanity4Sweden.” This is a simple, down-to-earth, no-frills site run by an obviously conservative-to-libertarian guy named Stefan. (No last name that I can see. But given the vilification any non-communist gets today from an army of Russian and Chi-com bought and paid for trolls, I completely understand.)

Stefan provides the following background info at his Swedish nationalist channel

“My own country Sweden is not like it was when I grew up. I have lived in Sweden all my life and in the last ten years or so I have seen a dramatic change. This nation is rapidly becoming more and more violent, unsafe and unpleasant. On this page and in my video blog I will speak about the things which I think is causing this and present solutions to this bizarre and awful situation.”

He provides even more details on his secret origins in the following 2017 video. It was recorded in his old house.

Going off grid in not-so-sunny Sweden

Stefan does at least one video per day, usually from the still-under-reconstruction rural farmhouse. He moved there roughly a year ago. The Reason? To escape the increasing duress of living in a large Swedish city – likely Stockholm. He’s generally seated in a large chair in front of the immense wood pile he uses to heat his home during Sweden’s long and harsh winters.

He’s a Swedish patriot and nationalist, and clearly despises the way his current and ongoing “woke” government oppresses Swedish citizens while allowing hordes of unassimilated radical Islamist “asylum seekers” to run rampant in Swedish cities, robbing, raping, pillaging and whatever they like even as the Swedish cops are ordered to “stand down.” (Sound familiar?)

A unique site that should appeal to American supporters of Donald Trump

Interestingly, Stefan has been a huge fan of Donald Trump. Trump, he assures us, actually serves as a beacon of hope for fellow nationalists across most European countries. That’s a truth that our own MSM has never, ever told its credulous fans. Trump fans, in fact, are surprisingly passionate in Europe, and there are a lot of them. Bet you never knew. It’s mostly the wealthy Eurocrat elites that hate him.

Stefan speaks in near-perfect, American-style English. That makes him easy to understand. His delivery of his news and commentary, however, might strike American users as rather laconic. But he’s a guy who generally sticks to just the facts, and the news items and commentaries he offers are to the point.

The wrap…

Sanity4Sweden is not for everybody. That seems particularly true for those seeking primarily for entertainment. But Stefan offers daily newsbriefs and commentaries that keep his subscribers in touch with the rest of the world. A world they never hear about. (By design.) Even better, he’s definitely not a Communist, unlike most of today’s wealthy faux Marxists who fervently believe in their own bizarre style of top-down Communism.

So what’s not to love about hearing the truth from a straight-talking Swedish patriot who’s dealing with the same nonsense we are? There are many who agree with him. But move along, peons, nothing to see here.

FYI, Stefan, like the others in this series, finds himself running into monetization and censorship problems with the YouTube Thought Police. So, like many others, he now has an alternate channel over at Bitchute. That and other alternative sites daily become more like a virtual Galt’s Gulch for ex-YouTube refugees. Check him out via the links below, even though the YouTube link could disappear without notice.

You can also find Stefan’s videos on Parler via this link.

– Headline image:YouTube video screen grab via Sanity4Sweden.


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