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Riots, death and mayhem got you down? Ricky Rebel sings a happier tune

Written By | Sep 7, 2020
Ricky Rebel, riots

YouTube video still. Ricky Rebel’s irrationally exuberant MAGA video, recorded 08/22/2020. Fair use.

WASHINGTON – Whatever their political persuasion, the constant parade of riots, death, mayhem and the sheer violence of deranged Antifa / BLM leftists has got most Americans down in the dumps. Continued coronavirus terrorism doesn’t help, either. Well, surprise! Los Angeles-based “American singer-songwriter, dancer, musician, and recording artist” Ricky Rebel has the uplifting answer to all our problems or most of them. At least for today.

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Ricky Rebel, riots

Ricky Rebel. Image by Koptme via Ricky Rebel Wikipedia entry. CC 4.0 license.

About Ricky Rebel

According to Wikipedia, “Ricky Godinez, known by his stage name Ricky Rebel (born December 2, 1980), is [also] known for being pro-Donald Trump and advocating for LGBT rights.”

Notably, Rebel is openly gay himself, a decidedly unusual position for this entertainer, given the city and state in which he resides.

A chance encounter with good news

In making our morning rounds of conservative (and occasionally liberal) blogs and news sites on this Labor Day 2020, we came across a short entry by PowerLine’s John Hinderaker, alerting us to a YouTube video uploaded by Ricky Rebel & Co. on Saturday, September 5.

Hinderaker noted that this Ricky Rebel video had logged nearly 1 million page views. As of 2 p.m. ET on Labor Day, that number has increased to just under 2 million pageviews, vs. a total of 117 thumbs down. (I’d expect YouTube to eventually game these numbers.)

Ricky Rebel introduces his video

“On AUG 22, 2020, a violent #BlackLivesMatter mob swarmed the Trump Unity Bridge in Beverly Hills. The Trump Unity Bridge responded to #BLM with a DANCE OFF to their unifying theme song MAGA / YMCA!”

Hinderaker adds the following observation.

“I don’t think those are precisely the conditions under which the video was filmed, but it is irresistible. It nicely contrasts the happy exuberance of the right with the vicious hatred that emanates from the left every day.”

We essentially agree. The compare and contrast exercise is a delightful surprise, a real Labor Day antidote to the nasty, depressing Marxist nihilism and the resulting riots and death spreading across our country today. This seemingly pointless mayhem long ago ceased to have anything to do with the death of George Floyd. Floyd’s death was just the convenient trigger that liberated Antifa / BLM to launch their long pre-planned attempt to use violent “protests” to impose “revolutionary” (Marxist) change on the entire country.

But in his video celebration of M.A.G.A., Ricky Rebel cleverly turns this Marxist violence on its head and reminds us of who we were, mostly still are, and can be tomorrow.

Additionally, with its sheer irrational exuberance, this Ricky Rebel video highlights the essential decency and joy of the average pro-Trump “Deplorable” American. Most of this country embodies the polar opposite of the clichéd and vicious caricature that Democrats and the corporate media push down our throats and eyeballs 24/7.

Let’s go to the video

So if you want to push the hate and destruction away from your ears and field of vision for a few delightful moments, let’s go right to the video.

Selected comments via YouTube

The following random comments following the video are unedited. We’ve also deleted pix and IDs of the commenters. This should lessen  (somewhat) easy opportunities for doxxing by the usual suspects.

  • When conservatives protest, they create parades. When liberals protest, they riot.
  • Oh look how violent us President Trump supporters are……..
  • One side is full of hate and the other is trying to unite America.
  • President Trump is going to win BIG in November!!! Trump 2020
  • #MAGA2020!!!! I am in LA.  When the hell was this?  I should’ve showed up damnit!
  • The only scripted characters out there was the MAGA parade the two people dancing for the camera and the cameraman, the rest are just normal people feeling free to join in the fun 👍 Trump 2020 is gonna be fun, and Democrats just M.A.G.A., Y.M.C.A., need to accept and join in to make America great again
More comments
  • A stark difference between MAGA people and the other side.
  • The cops were overwhelmed with singing and dancing…instead of rioting and looting. They weren’t ready for all the love around them Lol. Good to see a positive video for once.
  • That’s how we protest baby no burning down car dealerships
  • You’d literally never in a million years see this kind of stuff from a BLM protest
  • This is brilliant! And they say Trump is anti-Black, anti-Woman, and anti-Gay!
  • We, most Korean people also like President Donald Trump, & thank America. M.A.G.A !!
  • Note to viewers: No humans were harmed during the taping of this event, no police cars were overturned, no store windows were smashed and no fires were started. Thank you for your attention.  S. Ricky–You’re FABULOUS!
  • You know when Los Angeles supports Donald Trump either you’ve been abducted by aliens or you died a long time ago and you’re seeing this from a big smoggy cloud somewhere over Culver City MAGA 2020
  • The un- represented voices of Californians!
Final comment

Obviously, as Ricky Rebel duly notes, this is fair use, video parody of the Village People’s hit song, Y.M.C.A.

Have a great Labor Day holiday!

– Headline image: YouTube video still. Ricky Rebel’s irrationally exuberant MAGA video, recorded 08/22/2020. Fair use.


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