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Right-minded websites: The final five of our Top 10 conservative sites

Written By | Jan 14, 2018

WASHINGTON, January 10, 2018: In our previous column, we highlighted the bottom five in this year’s Top 10 list of right-minded websites. I should note that all 10 are well worth bookmarking. But some are consistently more useful than others. That means that our Final Five are the best of the best conservative websites for 2018.

5. Instapundit. Unlike most of the right-minded websites on this list, the indispensible Instapundit – like Drudge – is more of a blog and news aggregation site than it is a direct news source. But in many respects, it’s the granddaddy of many conservative websites. Its Fearless Leader, University of Tennessee law prof Glenn Reynolds, regards himself as more of a libertarian than a conservative. Instapundit entries generally consist of a very brief comment first, followed by a clickable headline link to relevant stories on other sites. In recent years, Reynolds and a growing cadre of honorary instapundits, have been adding substantial story excerpts after providing the links. Meanwhile, the once-obscure Reynolds has become a regular conservative-libertarian columnist writing for USA Today and other big-circulation publications as well. More attractive yet to the general reader, Instapundit doesn’t just follow conservative political material. Reynolds’ and his associates’ tastes are wide-ranging, and topics often include health, science, academic and social science topics as well. This one is the first site I go to every morning to catch up on relevant news and links. Its writers and its links always hook you up with well-written, well informed news, information and commentary.

4. Power Line. Like Instapundit, this is another one of our favorite right-minded websites whose original writers – John Hinderaker, Scott Johnson and Paul Mirengoff – were (and still are) attorneys based either in Washington, D.C. or Minnesota. Relatively brief daily columns and follow-ups are phenomenally well-written and also refreshingly well-reasoned, given that these guys are legal eagles with an excellent knowledge of constitutional law as well as being on a first name basis with colleagues who are even deeper into arcane legal matters. Thus, if some constitutional or state legal issue is the day’s or the week’s top topic, these are your go-to guys. The original gang was joined a few years back by scholar-writer Steven Hayward who adds a little more opinionated pizazz to the site. One caveat, however. Paul Mirengoff is clearly a closet never-Trumper. While he generally supports the President’s policies, he can scarcely conceal his distaste for the President’s frank and colorful comments and Twitter ripostes. I find this an irritating tic in an otherwise great conservative site.

3. Legal Insurrection. Another venerable site, this one was fired up many years ago by William A. Jacobson, a longtime, quite conservative law professor at Cornell University of all places. In fact, that’s the one incongruity of this site. How could any conservative professor of anything survive the 24/7 hard left academic environment at Cornell. At any rate, Jacobson does. Similar to Power Line, Legal Insurrection generally brings us articles that explicate, in plain English, arcane areas of politically relevant law that are distorted and misreported by the partisan leftist hacks in Congress, media, the arts and pretty much everywhere else. Two further items are notable via this site. First, a sister site, linked by a tab, entitled College Insurrection. In this invaluable website, you’ll find the anti-free speech outrage of the day that’s perpetrated by one or more leftist professors on campuses across the country that you and I are supporting with our tax dollars, no less. The second bonus: Hilarious, topical and very conservative cartoons by Branco.

2. Judicial Watch. The legal eagles who write for and maintain this key site are perhaps America’s greatest unsung heroes. Singlehandedly, they’ve been slogging through the Clinton-Obama Swamp in Washington, D.C. for years. Perhaps the most dogged of our right-minded websites, Judicial Watcher attorneys have relentlessly requested reams of potentially damning documentation from the FBI, DOJ and the Department of State via FOIA requests. Thwarting their efforts – again for years – the largely Obama-appointed hacks, particularly in the first two precincts have been stonewalling these requests for years, just as they’ve stonewalled the same or similar requests from the currently Republican-led Congress. Fortunately, both Judicial Watch and Congress are finally getting hold of these documents. In my opinion, these documents are 95 percent likely to show that the real Russia-gate scandal is on the heads of Obama, the Clinton Crime Syndicate and all their Deep State friends. Whether it will all come out in the end and cause some real perestroika in Washington remains to be seen, however. The opponents in this crucial battle for continuing American independence are tough, wily, deeply dug in and will not give up their Soros-funded drive to destroy the U.S. without inflicting a terrible cost on the country. Judicial Watch web material is sometimes thick and difficult to read. But this site offers primary text on the American Revolution, Part II.

1. Daily Caller. For nearly 95% reliable daily political news, this is the go-to site for conservatives, libertarians and assorted deplorable types across the country and around the world. Initially founded by Fox News’ current star personality, Tucker Carlson, this site is still run with an eye toward news and objective truth. An occasional column is off the wall. But generally, this top scorer among our list of right-minded websites, along with the lone beacon of Fox News, is the closest thing you can get to real news today in a media environment that’s almost completely controlled by ruthless, Marxist-loving Democrat hacks. Each story is short, to the point, and backed up with facts, just like real, old-fashioned shoe-leather style journalism once was. With a nod to commercial expediency, a few infomercial stories do show up amidst the real news – clearly labeled, however. There’s also usually at least one “girly” story a day, i.e., some bit of fluff that provides the excuse for a photo of a scantily clad young lady. In light of current media and political scandals, however – none whatsoever attributable to the Daily Caller, BTW – the site seems to have cut back on the London tabloid-like material in recent weeks.

That’s it for our 2018 Top 10 Conservative web sites. We’ll check the list early in 2019 and see if there are any additions or deletions.

*Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Legal Insurrection.


Terry Ponick

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